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A Black Woman Mistakes a Mexican Woman for an Asian, Delivers Brutal Beating on a City Bus

Photo Credit: Image by mmi9 from Pixabay

The number of Black on Asian attacks in the U.S. have escalated recently. In the latest racially motivated attack, a black woman began pummeling a 70-year-old Mexican woman and hurling racial insults on an Eagle Rock, California bus. The reason? She thought the Mexican woman was an Asian.

According to KTLA 5, the Mexican woman, who was on her way to go grocery shopping, was left with a concussion, a broken nose, two swollen, black eyes, severely battered face, bruising on her neck and legs and the hair had been pulled out of her head.

The woman’s son recounted the story to a reporter from The Eastsider, a local news outlet. (Both wish to remain anonymous.) That reporter spoke to KTLA in a video which can be viewed here. It also shows photos of the woman after the brutal beating.

She had been grabbed from behind and dragged from the back of the bus to the front of the bus.

The report said the LAPD confirmed that the black woman, Yasmine Beasley, 23, had been arrested and charged with battery. The incident is still under investigation.

Tell me again how blacks can’t be racists.

Suspect arrested after report of 70-year-old woman badly hurt in racially motivated attack on bus in Eagle Rock


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  1. Nth example of what happens when government and media encourage people to blame other people for their problems in life. By creating fake differences and preferential treatment they foster division among the people..the ignorant and weak-minded among us are particularly vulnerable.

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