It was never part of my plan to start up a new blog. Until this year, I was very happy to write for others.

It might surprise you to know that the suppression of free speech and information by the media isn’t the sole domain of the left. Although conservative media does a very good job of exposing the hypocrisies of the left, fear has crept into the equation. 

Due to the explosion in the number of fact checks, lawsuits, demonetizations or cancellations over statements deemed to be racist, censorship by editors of many right leaning blogs has become a reality. 

Over the past year, I’ve seen large portions of my posts cut out entirely or watered down to insignificance by conservative editors. A few posts were deemed too controversial to publish.

One reader who noticed the weakness in my recent content wrote, “I was reading your articles and thinking that they appeared a bit anemic compared to the older ones. I didn’t have the heart to say so by email and kept watching for the return of the ‘glory days.’ :-) That they were whittled away to within a few words of their life explains their state.” 

This is a dangerous time in history. We’ve witnessed events we never dreamed possible in the “land of the free.” We now fully understand the meaning of the phrase “whatever it takes.”

Our nation is in crisis and Americans need to hear the truth about the left’s plan to turn our constitutional republic into a socialist country.

I hope to be one of the voices who speaks that truth. 

And I encourage my readers to participate in the respectful exchange of ideas this website provides.

Elizabeth Vaughn