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Ain’t Nobody’s Fault But Mine

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Phew. … What a long day. Working outside, doing nothing important but harvesting oranges from the lovely trees in my backyard. So, a day away from real life or a day in real life?

Sitting in my office, reading my news and information sites and after digesting a couple of stories, discovering that my initial reaction to new stories is becoming stunted, almost ambivalent. Same old Democrat/radical left stuff, different day … same old GOP reaction (we’re fighting for you) … yada yada yada.

Mr. Narrator (interrupts):  “Richard Edward, are you saying that you have become numb, immune to the assault on your freedoms, your constitutional rights, the personal freedoms that you have so cherished throughout your lifetime?”

What, how can that be? I read about outrage after outrage perpetrated upon me and my fellow citizens, and my reaction is ‘meh’? Is this happening? Am I experiencing outrage fatigue?

OMG (now I find myself am using popular cultural abbreviations where I never used to).  … Could Mr. Narrator be right? (Really, I mean to say ‘correct’. I know Mr. Narrator’s political persuasions, even as his preferred personal pronouns are still unknown.)

I pull out my checklist of radical left outrages, just to ‘check my outrage privilege’, limited only to one day of examination. I see those headlines that I never would have imagined I’d see.

Child abuse in the form of support of fluid gender identity, specifically: Arkansas House votes to override governor’s veto of bill preventing use of surgeries and hormones on ‘trans children’

The beginning of the fight (finally) against the loss of our personal freedoms, especially freedom to move about and assemble: BREAKING: Texas Governor signs executive order banning vaccine passports

Okay, I am only two articles deep into my daily consumption, and already I want to stop. This is too much for any rational mind to bear. I want to pull the covers over my head and ignore the absolute chaos being introduced into American culture. Where is it coming from? Who is so dedicated to destroying this country? Why would they want to? When and why did ‘trans’ rights become so important to society? Are the 20 or so folks in America who are cursed with this gender identity disorder important enough to make this a mainstream issue? Are you telling me that I might not be able to go to an entertainment venue without a ‘vaccine passport?” Will a brownshirt ask me for my papers at the next Cactus League game?

Mr. Narrator (interrupts again): “Richard Edward, I already asked you for your personal position about what is going on in America. What say you? Are you ignorant or are you just ambivalent?

Just to spite him, I’d like to reply ‘I don’t know and I don’t care,’ but I realize that’s not true.

I do care about what is happening in America. I do care about my neighbors. I care about myself and my family. What can I do? What effective actions can I take? Do I march on DC and if I do, what do I demand when I arrive?

Mr. Narrator: “Richard Edward, take a deep breath and relax. No one is asking you to take out your Sub2000 and lock and load.”

Richard Edward: “Does it have to be me, doing something?”

Mr. Narrator: “Richard Edward, focus and listen to me. It’s your choice to act or do nothing. Let me remind you that you have one of your all-time favorite gospel tunes sitting right on your computer. Don’t remember? A bunch of blind kids from an Alabama orphanage achieved fame by singing the praises of our creator and reminding us about the overriding influence of personal responsibility in our lives – remember that ‘free will’ thing, Richard? You want a better America Richard Edward? Then find a way to make it better. If all of us go to Hades in a Democrat handbasket, whose fault will it be?”

Mr. Narrator points to the lyrics of the tune he referenced on my computer:

Nobody’s fault but mine.
Nobody’s fault but mine.
If I die and my soul be lost,
Ain’t nobody’s fault but mine.

It’s nobody’s fault but mine.
Nobody’s fault but mine.
If I die and my soul be lost,
Ain’t nobody’s fault but mine.

You may not be ‘blessed’ with a Mr. Narrator in your life, but the good Lord has decided it should be my fate. Okay, Mr. Narrator, I get the message. Salvation is the goal in the long pull and our beautiful America is the goal for the present. If America disappears from history as a fallen empire, spirals into the snake pit of radical liberal values, it won’t be anyone’s fault but mine (well, and folks like me, too).

It is becoming evident to me that my journey isn’t over yet. I am now realizing that as a conservative, my odyssey is just beginning. (I never claimed to be the sharpest knife in the drawer).

I thought I could just cast my ballot, sit back and watch. Dr. Evil, one of my favorite movie characters, asked, “How about no, Scott?”  It occurs to me that I have miles to go before I sleep. I suppose that all people with conservative values do.

I hate it so when Mr. Narrator is right. From here on in, the idea is: Do what you can, when and as you can. Contribute to those whom you trust. Knock on doors for causes/candidates whose platforms you agree with. Write letters/emails to your elected officials. Speak out and proudly defend your faith and your values. Encourage your neighbors in their support of traditional American values.

Conservative commentator Candace Owens made the very practical suggestion that we stop donating to our alma maters because they’re turning our children into social justice warriors. We’re supporting the far left by doing so.

The point is, there are actions we can take to fight the left’s agenda.

Remember, if our country be lost, its nobody’s fault but ours.

If your own ‘Mr. Narrator’ shows up in your life, don’t blame me. I am just an opinion blogger (supported by the world’s best editor).

If you think it’s time for all conservatives to get to work to avoid an American Crisis, please leave a comment for us to ponder.

— Richard Edward Tracy

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