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Arizona AG: Biden Policies Have Enriched Cartels by $1 Billion and Will ‘Put a Felon in Everyone’s Neighborhood’

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Americans are aghast as they look at photos and videos of the humanitarian crisis unfolding at our southern border. As disturbing as this coverage is, the U.S. is only beginning to feel the effects of the Biden Administration’s far left policy decisions on illegal immigration. According to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, Biden has already unwittingly put $1 billion into the hands of the dangerous cartels, and that alone, will change this country forever.

Brnovich appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” on Friday night to discuss this madness. Hannity begins by telling viewers that Brnovich recently sent a letter to Vice President Kamala Harris inviting her to tour the border with him to which she has yet to respond.

It was a great letter.  Here’s how it began: “Recently, you stated, ‘You have to see and smell and feel the circumstances of people to really understand them.’ With that in mind, I formally invite you to join me for a tour of the southwest border in Arizona later this month. It will provide firsthand insight into what Arizonans, law enforcement officials and migrants are experiencing.”

Brnovich told Hannity: “What is happening is Arizona will affect this entire country. The Biden Administration has essentially decriminalized and incentivized border crossings and as a result, there is a five year high in sex offenders being apprehended. We know that the cartels make about $4,000 to $9,000 per border crossing. If you look at the border patrol’s own numbers, we are talking literally about a billion dollars that they’ve put into their pockets as a result of these crossings.”

“So, they are enriching themselves, you have felons coming into this country. … and make no mistake, this is going to affect all of us,” he explained. “Think about this Sean. In the 1960s, JFK put a man on the moon. Now, in the 21st century, Joe Biden is going to put a felon into everyone’s neighborhood.”

Discussing the number of apprehensions at the border, Hannity said that “a year ago, it was 30,000. It’s nearly 200,000 in the month of March. … Also, we’re looking at maybe 2.5 million people this year. … Stay in Mexico policy worked. Building the border wall worked. Getting rid of catch and release, that worked too. There are answers that we know work.”

Former Trump advisor Stephen Miller, also on the panel, weighed in. “What you are seeing right now, Sean, is the worst border crisis in U.S. history. It’s not just that the numbers are the highest that they’ve been in 20 years. It’s that you have the largest number of illegal immigrant youth and trafficked children ever. You have catch and release. Twenty years ago, you didn’t have catch and release.”

“The people that are being apprehended are being resettled into U.S. communities at taxpayer expense. But it gets worse,” Miller said. “Border Patrol reports that, in addition to the thousands being caught and released, 1,000 per day are getting into the country without being caught at all because our border agents are being pulled off the line dealing with this humanitarian crisis.”

“That means criminals getting in, that means drugs getting in, that means weapons getting in, that means contraband getting in, that means sex offenders getting in.”

Attorney General Brnovich has filed a very important lawsuit “and I applaud him for it,” Miller said. “In addition to the disaster on the border, Joe Biden has shut down ICE. ICE is now disabled from removing most criminally convicted illegal immigrants that they were removing under the Trump immigration. So, you have an open sieve at the border and you have unfettered criminal conduct inside this country. It is a travesty and Republicans should talk about this every single day.”

Hannity asks Brnovich, “Isn’t the Biden Administration aiding and abetting, facilitating law breaking?”

Brnovich brings up the lawsuit that Miller mentioned earlier. In that lawsuit, “we allege that he [Biden] is violating federal law. It’s clear in Title 8, it says you shall be deported when there’s an order – there’s 1.2 million people in this country right now with deportation orders that they refuse to deport. … We point out that there’s a recidivism rate of 53 percent of people in ICE custody in Pinellas County. That means these are people that have already been convicted of crimes like assault and robbery and drug offenses, so our system is being overwhelmed by the Biden Administration’s inaction.”

Hannity emphasizes the “long term impact this is going to have on our communities. Because right now, this is a catastrophe … It’s an unmitigated disaster. But it is going to be a tragedy. People are going to die as a result of the Biden Administration policies.”

Hannity says that we now have 8,300 border workers who are COVID positive. Thirty of them have died. “Is it directly related to this? I would say, probably … because of the high COVID positivity rates of those that have been entering illegally.”

Miller summed things up: “The southern border is the single greatest superspreader event in this whole country and a voluntary choice by this administration. Under the Trump Administration, you did not see a single news story about a COVID outbreak in our facilities because we were returning people quickly. We had record low numbers of people in custody and we had agreements that worked. Joe Biden ended all of that and he put the health and safety and sovereignty of this country under siege.”

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