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California Teacher to Students: ‘I am so sick to my stomach of parents trying to tell educators how to do their job’

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This California teacher is not happy about having to return to the classroom soon. In fact, she told students, “I am so sick to my stomach of parents trying to tell educators how to do their job.”

San Marcos High School English teacher Alissa Piro was recorded by a family member of a student in one of her remote classrooms. It was turned over to a private Facebook group of parents who are fed up with the refusal of teachers to return to in-person learning.

The incendiary video was turned over to Fox News and, needless to say, it has since gone viral.

According to Fox, Piro is upset about a lawsuit filed by a parent group against against Gov. Gavin Newsom and six North Country school districts who want their children back in school.

In the video below, Piro is heard, sounding more than a little bit like an angry valley girl, saying, “If your parent wants to talk to me about their profession and their opinion on their profession, I would love to hear that…”

“However, if your parent wants to come talk to me about how I’m not doing a good enough job in distance learning based on what you need as an individual? Just dare them to come at me. Because I am so sick to my stomach of parents trying to tell educators how to do their job.”

A student asks Piro about a “white student union.” She sharply rebukes him saying, “You don’t need a white student union, Jake. You get everything,”

At the end of the video, she appears to realize that making these remarks on Zoom is not a particularly smart idea. Her tone changes and she apologizes. “I’m sorry. I am going off. I’m sorry. This is my go-off period.”

Too late.

Students in the San Marco school district have been away from in-person learning now for over a year. An agreement has been reached for them to return two days a week.

Fox reports that the local union has “reportedly voted to keep the hybrid model for the duration of the school year, outraging parents and students anxious to return to in-person instruction.”

The mother of one of Piro’s students spoke to Fox News:

She brought the videos to the attention of the school principal Adam Dawson several weeks ago. Dawson agreed that Piro’s behavior was “inexcusable” and vowed to address it, but failed to follow up. Dawson did not immediately return Fox News’ request for comment.

“She’s a bully,” the mother wrote in the “Open SM Schools” private Facebook group. “These rants were so often my child said he “tuned her out” and was just trying to get thru the class…this is exactly what’s wrong with education and if the school district sweeps this then they are just as responsible.”

The mother said she “cried” after the video was sent to her by her child while at work.

“These poor kids have endured so much. I held onto the video for 3 months and hardly told a soul fearing retaliation…I shared it with some of my close friends a few weeks ago when I saw her behavior was continuing this term and I felt awful for not standing up for these kids sooner.”

A different mother posted that Piro had previously taught her daughter at a High Tech elementary school but that she was eventually fired and appears to have “gone down hill” since then.

The most egregious aspect of this whole maddening episode is how little these teachers care about the effects of the lockdowns on their student’s developing minds and well-being. Aside from the adverse academic effects on students, it will take years for the negative impact of being isolated from their peers for such an extended period of time to be felt. For some, it could result in lifelong social development issues.

I’m willing to bet that there are a lot of Alissa Piros out there. Why all of these teachers were not fired and replaced with individuals who would welcome these jobs is beyond me.

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