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Candace Owens: For the Biden Administration, It’s Not a Border Crisis, But a Border Plan

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President Joe Biden’s refusal to call the debacle which is unfolding on our southwest border a crisis has been an outrage. Despite the photos, the recordings and the reports that come to us on an hourly basis, neither he nor his lady in waiting, Vice President Kamala Harris, have visited to see firsthand the misery their policies have led to. But what if, rather than a denial that the crisis exists, it’s all part of the administration’s plan to import a new class of voters?

An examination of the Democrats’ historical strategy with black Americans provides a clue into their current objectives.

Conservative commentator Candace Owens joined Fox News’ Mark Levin to discuss the Democratic Party’s total betrayal of America and the strategy behind it. (This episode of Life, Liberty and Levin originally aired on March 28. It can be viewed below. Owen’s segment begins at 17:30.)

Owens begins with an explanation of how the Democratic Party, which claims to help blacks through all of their social programs, has actually suppressed them. While it may appear on the surface that Democrats have supported blacks by providing for them financially and rhetorically, their “largesse” has actually been a mechanism designed to hold them back, preventing them from taking the reins and succeeding, from breaking out of the cycle of poverty. Most blacks see only that Democrats are more generous than Republicans and have loyally supported them at the polls for decades. Many of us have known this for a long time.

Owens larger point, however, is that the black population has not grown fast enough for the Democrats. So, they are now “importing” a new class of voters. Democrats will ensure these people receive health care and that they are housed, fed and even educated. The party will see to it that the illegals now flooding into the U.S. from Central and South America in record numbers will become completely dependent on them for their survival.

Just as the majority of blacks continue to vote Democratic, so too will the Hispanics. The cycle of poverty will repeat itself.

“Everyone keeps calling this a border crisis Mark. This isn’t a border crisis, this is a border plan,” Owens tells Levin.

“They are trying to import a new class of voters. They are trying to say to the Mexican-Americans, to the South-Americans … ‘we will help you, we’ll give you free stuff like we gave black Americans free stuff after Jim Crow ended. We’re gonna welfare-ize you. We’re gonna give you handouts, we’re gonna marry you to the government like we married black Americans to the government.’ It’s pure evil.”

Levin spoke about the media’s coverage of the recent mass shooting in Atlanta, Georgia, that left eight people dead (including six Asians) and the Boulder, Colorado grocery store shooting that left 10 ten dead. In each case, the media racialized the stories. Levin says, “They’re racializing these issues. Of course, they’re only racializing it in one direction. These people in the media, these people in the Democrat Party are tearing this country apart, don’t you think?”

“With intention, with pure evil intention, they are tearing this country apart because they realize that race gives them power. Because people get emotional about race, right? They don’t even know the facts of the story, but if they say, ‘this was a white supremacist attack,’ they know that black Americans will instantly get angry and that’s how they need them. They rely on emotion, because it suspends rationality,” replied Owens.

“They don’t want people thinking rationally, they don’t want them thinking clearly, they don’t want them actually pursuing the facts,” she said. “They don’t want them looking at the data.”

This culture of racism, Owens explained, “was not created by black Americans, that culture was created by Democrats. Systematically created by Democrats – by Lyndon Baines Johnson who is hailed as a hero in textbooks when he was anything but. He was an avowed racist who sought to make sure that black Americans were programmed, that their families were destroyed and that they turned to the government for every single answer. And that is why we have a rotten culture in black America today. It was orchestrated by the people that always were the racists and continue today to be the racists and that is the Democrat Party.”

Biden and Harris are very well aware of conditions at the border. From their perspective, everything is moving ahead according to plan. They knew it would be a little “messy” in the beginning. But as always with Democrats, and this is especially true for today’s Democrats, the end justifies the means. The (roughly) two million illegal immigrants who will likely flow into our country this year will be added to the millions more who preceded them.

(Note: No one knows how many illegals are currently residing in America. I have seen figures ranging from 11 million to 29 million. My guess is the true number is closer to the latter,)

Democrats are hoping to preside over a repeat of the same cycle of dependency that worked so well for them with black Americans from the 1960s on. They will meet their every need and taxpayers will foot the bill. They will grant amnesty and provide a path to citizenship for them.

They expect members of this demographic group to become loyal Democratic voters who will help cement their power for as long as possible. In the end, the story may play out differently with Hispanics than it did for blacks, but that’s fodder for a different post. The point is that the Democrats are not in denial, it’s all part of their larger strategy to ensure one-party rule in America for generations to come.

April 7: Video taken down by Youtube. It can be viewed here.

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  1. I for one will not go quiet. We are a democracy and that’s now it needs to stay. The whole lot of them need to be run out of this country. Its to bad that the election went the way it did, because a lot of us could see this coming. I’m all for Trump again, but the only thing that screwed him last time was. He can’t stay away from social media. If he would keep his mouth shut. He would be the lead now. Not the joker who couldn’t run an ant farm.

    • Yeah, his mouth definitely hurt him. But I still have my doubts about who actually won. I am not convinced this was a free and fair election. … If you go to about the 25:20 mark in the video above, Owens and Levin have a conversation about what Americans can do to take the country back. It runs for about five minutes. Everybody needs to do something or America as we knew it, is done.

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