Cardi B’s Obscene Performance at Grammys Lauded as ‘Sex Positive’, But Pepe Le Pew, Dr. Seuss Get Canceled [Watch]

Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, better known as American rapper Cardi B, provided the entertainment at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards ceremony.

Along with fellow rapper Megan Thee Stallion, the former stripper performed a steamy rendition of their 2020 hit single “WAP.”

In announcing the performance, the show’s host, comedian Trevor Noah, joked, “If you have small children in the room, just tell them it’s a song about giving a cat a bath.”

Billboard describes the spectacle below:

After a mini concert from Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B came out with a coterie of dancers to deliver her new single “Up” before segueing into “WAP.” Dressed in a metallic silvery outfit straight out of Jane Fonda’s Barbarella, Cardi B strutted across stage to do a pole dance on the ten-foot-tall stiletto of a giant platform heel. Dollars floated down from the sky, painted dancers pranced around her – it was a sci-fi strip club fantasia.

When Megan rejoined her on stage, Cardi took her to bed – literally, the two delivered their verses while crawling and gyrating around what looked like a queen-sized bed for giants. It was insane and incredible.

CNN’s Chloe Melas wrote: “They gloriously twerked and strutted and owned the stage in Barbarella-esque outfits, referencing female empowerment, sexual pride and delivering undoubtedly one of the most memorable Grammy performances of all time.”

There was nothing at all about this revolting display that suggested “female empowerment.” In fact, it was the opposite.

Apparently, millions of viewers disagreed with my assessment. Every review of the event was wildly enthusiastic.

And I’m about to show my age here. Most of the accounts said the performance was “sex positive.”

I had to text my millennial daughter to ask about this term. She wrote: “I think I’ve heard of it – my understanding is it’s some millennial BS to justify acting/speaking/dressing like a total whore. Because now we are “empowered” to live our sexuality out loud.”

There you have it!

Anyway, it’s hard to reconcile the cancellation of Dr. Seuss and Pepe Le Pew, the horny skunk, with the accolades for Cardi B’s repulsive performance.

Readers, what do you think? Edgy or just plain gross?



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  1. I’m not surprised by the “popular” response in a world that is fighting to make insanity sane. I’m also not sorry I missed it. It’s sad.

  2. If Brietbart was correct and politics really is downstream from culture, I fear the current political cycle of the radical left Biden administration is going to be a total horror show, getting worse than we have begun to see.

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