DemoCats and Other Radical Creatures

Photo Credit: Image by mjimages from Pixabay

Lately, it’s been getting crowded in my house or at least it seems like it. At first, it was just me and the fourth First Lady. Then, and almost without fanfare, I noticed that an alter-ego had arrived. Not too inconvenient, but he (for those of you who care, Mr. Narrator’s pronouns remain officially undeclared) did impinge upon my time and was seen to be taking up space in the landscape of my thoughts. Okay, still a livable arrangement and the fourth first doesn’t seem to mind. But ‘it’ eventually happened. After a  year of two of skirting the issue, the fourth first popped the question: “Since your allergies are under control, can we get a cat? All Russian households, at least ‘real’ Russian households, have a cat.”

Panic. Last time I checked the atlas (for you younger readers, it’s a book of maps – not a god or a bodybuilder), Arizona isn’t anywhere close to Russia. Okay, we’re not a Russian household but the fourth first lady is Russian and that trumps all other geographical arguments. (Did I mention that Russians tend to be somewhat intransigent personalities?)

Renewed panic. If forced to declare a preference, I am a dog person. Conservatives are dog people. How do I know? Dogs are loyal, affectionate, smart (sometimes) and (mostly) reliable. Some of them are even classified as ‘working’ dogs, dogs that can even carry alcohol in kegs under their chins. How much more ‘conservative’ can you get?

Cats, ugh. Cats are the animals of the 1%. The ones with which I am familiar have been distant, dispassionate, aloof, elite, distrusting, self-interested, the kind of animal that never gives back, a creature that only takes …

Mr. Narrator (interrupts):  “Richard Edward, stop. You are denigrating an entire species of animal. It’s unfair and unsubstantiated, too. Additionally, you are anthropomorphizing, painting an entire species of animal with the broad brush of ‘identify’ classification. Don’t you realize how racist, how divisive and polarizing that kind of process appears?”

Richard Edward: “Mr. Narrator, wait, wait.  Zoologists always use the classification system when talking about animals. That’s what I learned in school. It is how we can discuss wonderful animals in general and then those other animals, like cats, in particular.”

Mr. Narrator: (sighs) “Richard Edward, you are so ‘not woke’. Critical Race Theory teaches us that everything you learned in school, every value you were taught to respect, everything in your everyday life is simply based in white privilege and formulated to support white supremacy. You think dogs are okay and cats are so-so? Racist! Why is the love of dogs racist? Dogs were used to hunt down escaped slaves. See, I am sure that’s why you like dogs. On the other hand, cats have independent attitudes, are owned by no one. Cats exhibit the ultimate anti-slavery, anti-racist animal attitude. Your white supremist attitude is really why you don’t like cats.”

“Your assignment of negative, humanlike traits to cats is nothing more than your effort to marginalize a noble species. You are so mired in white privilege that you cannot see beyond your white schooling and the old, white-designed scientific methods, promulgated by dead, white-guys with science degrees.”

Mr. Narrator is considerably younger than I and his school experience more recent. I’ll have to take his word that what is being taught in schools is quite different than my old curriculum. How in the blazes did this newfangled thinking get introduced into our culture and quite honestly, who is crazy enough to believe it?

Then it dawns on me. This is simply an extension of what I’ve been reading about in the news. White privilege is everywhere and it’s responsible for everything that is wrong.

Of course, with power like that, why wouldn’t CRT be used for framing our daily experience? Got to go to the doctor? Don’t worry about making an appointment. You will be seen, not in the order of your arrival at the office but based upon your race. My colleague Elizabeth Vaughn has written about the proposed new medical triage process.

Think its only happening here? If you are white, just try to get a vaccine appointment in the city of Hamilton, Ontario in Canada. Maybe that trip across the border needs to be delayed.

The new-think of CRT demands that white, privileged people remember their place at all times and in all circumstances. Don’t believe me?

Take sports (yes, please take them, especially football). The NFL, where the top four highest paid players (quarterbacks) are black, is now racist, according to some sport analyst. Why? Maybe white quarterback prospects are being scouted and drafted ahead of players of color because of the racist owners and team management. Really?

Race is certainly taken front and center stage in what’s left of the mind of the President of the United States, resulting in his comments about equity in the administration of COVID vaccines between white seniors of those seniors of color. Not to be outdone in the vaccine race (pun intended), the President is pushing for grants, through his department of education, that would fund the teaching of CRT in American schools. As reported by Fox news:

The rule would funnel federal grant money to help schools teach the New York Times’ controversial 1619 Project by controversial essayist Nikole Hannah-Jones and Boston University Director of the Center for Anti-Racist Research Director Ibram Kendi’s book, How to Be an Anti-Racist into K-12 school curriculums.

Wow, identify politics and race has seeped into the very fabric of our lives.

Mr. Narrator: “Be careful Richard Edward, you just made another racist reference; ‘cotton’, the material that commercially used to be known as the ‘fabric’ of our lives.  Remember who used to pick that cotton, Richard Edward. Now do you see how complete CRT can be? All you have to do is submit to seeing everything through the lens of race and assume that anything you know or understand is evil, and you really don’t have to go to school to learn this, all you need is attitude.”

Richard Edward: “Mr. Narrator, how do we unwind this? I know in my knower that the values I was taught are not bad, that my commitment to view people’s character instead of the skin color is the proper way to treat my fellow human beings. We’ve got to stop this crazy indoctrination.”

Mr. Narrator: “I am glad you asked Richard Edward. Once again, your editor and colleague Ms. Elizabeth is out in front on this. We are finally seeing a sane politician and geo-political entity pushing back on having this nonsense taught in our communities. You won’t be surprised or disappointed that it’s a red state. Who knows, maybe some other bastions of rational thought won’t be far behind once they see how Idaho fares. (Arizona, Governor Ducey, looking at you).

Richard Edward: “I hope the law passes Mr. Narrator. I want to see equality of opportunity in my beautiful America. I don’t like the radical actors in the U.S. pushing these irrational theories on everyone, trying to negate traditional conservative values, values of faith.”

So, as I sit back and ponder the sad state of race theory that’s undermining my beautiful America, the attack on my neighbors and fellow citizens by those who would divide and destroy based upon the insane radical theory of white supremacy and white privilege, I see from the corner of my eye my new cat walk by on her way to her food bowl, glancing disdainfully back at me from over her shoulder, slowly sauntering by my office, taking in the entirety of her new kingdom. Well, at least one of us in the house understands the concept of privilege.

If you think that the ideas of white supremacy, white privilege, CRT and other race-based politics are causing an American Crisis, please leave me a comment.

—  Richard Edward Tracy

Arizona Tracy and the Virus of Doom

Photo Credit: Image by Ed Zilch from Pixabay

I am sitting at my work station, contemplating the state of my State and more largely, my beautiful America. Did we have a real State of the Union address this year? Does it matter, either way? Where are we when we contemplate the matter of the health of the American culture? So many aspects of my life seem so different than they did a mere 18 months ago. But not just slightly different, they feel irreparably changed. Will I ever be able to go outside without a mask? Will I ever be able to walk the streets of my hometown without being an assumed racist, simply because of my gender, ethnicity and skin color? Will I have to continue to live with the new, woke concepts of intersectionality and diversity, along with the word salad that is used to define them? Will it ever again be morning in America?

I am on a quest to find hard news, not just some radical left-wing interpretation of events accompanied by a screed telling me how I should feel about said interpretation. In that process, I’m continually confronted by ledes, headlines and proclamations from the elected (and non-elected) elite that remind me just how precarious my life situation really is.

President and CEO of Levi Strauss & Co. Chip Bergh said Friday on CNN’s “Newsroom” that his company is advocating for so-called gun control because “gun violence is ripping this country apart.”

Wow, an internationally known jean-maker who thinks guns are evil and that America is being ripped apart because of them. Is there anything guns can’t do?

CDC Director Declares Racism a Serious Public Health Threat; Actually Wokeness is a Bigger Threat

I thought COVID (or maybe morbid obesity from the lockdown) was supposed to be my worst health fear?

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Mexican Cartels Control the U.S. Border, Says Rep. Chip Roy

The ongoing immigration crisis is caused by Mexican cartels and the federal government is turning a blind eye, Texas Congressman Chip Roy argues. “The most important thing for the American people to understand is that cartels control the border,” Congressman Roy said.

Lawless gangs/cartel thugs in charge of the US southern border? What in blazes? Now what?

Wait, is that a song I hear, low down in the place where my memories are supposed to reside?

Mr. Narrator (interrupts): “Richard Edward, you’re just hearing things again. There is no one here but me.”

Richard Edward: “No, no Mr. Narrator, I hear something. It sounds like country music. Listen, you’ll recognize it sooner or later, just like I will. Reach way, way back in your memory to the days when television was still popular.”

There it is again, but this time it’s louder, a catchy little tune:

Gloom, despair and agony on me.

Deep, dark depression, excessive misery.

If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.

 Gloom, despair and agony on me.

Ah ha, I remember it now. This was a skit, a funny poke at all the ‘sad sacks’ of the day, moaning about their fate in life when as things weren’t going their way.

Then I think about this memory a little more. Why does this not feel very funny? Funny? This little ditty is now a downer. Why do I feel like this is the prevailing mood over much of the country? Are things really this bad, or am I just being told that my world is garbage by a media that competes for eyeballs with ledes that bleed?

Mr. Narrator: “Richard Edward, you’ve been reading too much news. Just because President Biden signed some meaningless EO’s about firearms and some CEO of a large successful American corporation said that gun violence is ripping the country apart doesn’t mean it is. Look at the actual FBI stats. … Not true.”

“Just because a high-ranking CDC official is purporting that racism is a serious public health threat doesn’t mean you will catch it and die a horrible death, attached to a anti-racist ventilator and diversity IV drip….”

“Just because a US Congressman is telling us that the illegal immigrant surge at the southern U.S. border is being controlled and leveraged by Mexican gangs…well, okay, maybe they have one side of the border under control. It’s just too bad that we can’t seem to do the same for our side, but it’s not a permanent condition. Remember how it was under President Trump?”

Richard Edward: “Mr. Narrator, still, isn’t this all horrible? I feel like America is reeling like a prize fighter in the 10th round, one who has been pummeled unmercifully during the previous nine. How can we continue on when we can’t even enjoy life without the fear of guns appearing out of nowhere, the racism health risk hovering about, just waiting to pounce on us when we demask and — ”

Mr. Narrator (interrupts, again): “Richard Edward, full stop. If anything is infecting you, it’s the woke radical left’s virus of doom. This virus is spread by media’s inaccurate reporting, by radical left’s woke talking points that haven’t been scrubbed by the light of truth and by the ignorance of those who believe that they will find comfort in the arms of socialists and their authoritarian governments.”

“Richard Edward, think! Who controls your ultimate destiny?  Who created the heavens above and the earth on which you stand?  Who knows the count of the hairs on your head even as in your case, Richard Edward, His job being a little more difficult as you lose more and more of them every day?  Who has the power to deliver you from the lion’s den, from the Pharaohs in DC and from this proposed hell-on-earth, a socialist democrat work-in-process?”

Richard Edward: “You are so right. Why do I despair? I know my eternal future and I know that He can deliver me from circumstances that seem overwhelming. I need to quit being afraid. I need to stop focusing on the negative and I need to start being positive, spreading truth. Encouraging lawful and civil behavior. I need to stop believing that everything I read in the media is fact-based. To paraphrase one of my favorite presidents, Don’t Trust, Always Verify.”

Our world hasn’t been perfect since we left the Garden. I sometimes (too often) forget that a fallen state is our normal state. In my desire to have and see things better than they are, I forget that we are supposed to be salt, here to preserve the good as we find it. If we are here to be salt, goodness must need preserving. If you agree that our beautiful America is worth preserving, please leave us a comment.

—  Richard Edward Tracy

Daily Beast Writer Wants You to Know that America Is No Longer #1 – By Any Metric


The Daily Beast’s David Rothkopf has written an illuminating article in which he delivers the bad news to his readers that the U.S.A., a country which was once great by every measure, is no longer #1 – in any category. Although I’ve been around long enough to know one can make statistics say anything one wants them to say, I’ll take Rothkopf at his word.

The problem with Rothkopf’s piece is that he appears to be pleased that America has fallen from her perch.

This will give you the gist of it:

This past week has seen two new studies that have got to cut flag-waving Uncle-Sam-has-abs-of-steel boosters to their jingoistic quick. In the latest World Happiness Report, America ranked 19th. In the most recent Freedom House World Democracy Rankings, the US plummeted to a position right behind Argentina and Mongolia and on a par with Panama, Romania and Croatia…

Now look, there’s no shame in being in the top 10 percent of countries. But that’s not how we have been selling ourselves for the past century. “We’re number 19,” just doesn’t have the same ring, does it? It’s going to be darned hard for Toby Keith to turn that into a song lyric, isn’t it? Gonna be hard to thump our chests about the legacy of the Founders when we now have a system of government on a par with places like Mongolia and Romania, countries that began their marches to democracy barely two decades ago.

Right now we may reconcile ourselves to the fact that we are now something like a jumbo-sized Luxembourg—doing fine but hoping that some day we may be Norway (which does very very well on a lot of these lists, as does much of Scandinavia). Or we can ignore the data and what actually works on this planet and settle for being the Jared Kushner of nations, arrogant and clueless about what we have inherited, or we can get to work maintaining and building upon it.

This man is taunting us. Like a bully on a playground might. He’s even cut us to our jingoistic quick.

At first, I wonder why any American would find joy or even satisfaction from this data. Maybe he’s not American. He is.

But I’ll risk ruffling his feathers to explain the reason why.

When a military decides to invade a country, they first try to soften the target through a series of airstrikes. The invader’s preliminary objective is to hit as many military targets, known weapons storage facilities, runways or other critical parts of the country’s infrastructure as possible to weaken its defenses. This preparation is invaluable, for it makes the final phase of the invasion faster and easier.

This is precisely what Democrats have been doing for years now. Well aware that their goal of one-party rule was just a pipe dream even ten years ago, they have worked systematically to soften the U.S.

Rather than airstrikes, their weapons have been propaganda and the fraud that was made possible through propaganda. The unholy alliance of the Democratic Party, Big Tech and the establishment media has weakened us, exposed our vulnerabilities.

Now that Democrats control the White House and both chambers of Congress, they are preparing for the final invasion which they expect will be fast and easy due to the years they’ve spent softening the target.

In fact, the only obstacle that stands between Democrats and the realization of their ultimate goal is the legislative filibuster.

The Democrats have become more and more brazen in the last five years. They no longer even try to hide their agenda, no matter how ridiculous they look.

As the truth about their coordinated effort to frame then-President Donald Trump for colluding with the Russians to win the election began to trickle out, we learned that Democrats deliberately tried to sabotage a U.S. president through a fraudulent scheme and that they were all in on it.

Former President Obama, then-FBI Director James Comey, then-CIA Director John Brennan and so many more all knew that Hillary Clinton had hired an opposition research firm to create a fraudulent dossier about then-candidate Donald Trump to hurt his campaign and to distract voters from her growing email scandal. When you delete 33,000 emails that were under subpoena, you’ve got to do something drastic.

Even President Joe Biden was in on it. He was the one who recommended charging Gen. Michael Flynn for violating the Logan Act, a law under which no one has ever been convicted.

Evidence surfaced of a meeting during which top FBI officials brainstormed about the best way to set a perjury trap for Flynn.

Corruption, right?

But, after the whole fraud was exposed, only one low-level FBI attorney was convicted of a crime and even he didn’t serve a day in jail.

That’s when it became clear the Democrats controlled Washington. They tried to set up the President of the United States of America and no one paid a price.

No one was held responsible for the biggest political hoax in America’s history.

Democrats learned they could get away with anything. They didn’t even have to worry about creating an elaborate scheme. Consider the ease with which House Democrats were able to impeach President Trump – twice. They knew the media would have their backs.

Next, they used the pandemic to force states to adopt mail-in voting and other practices which swayed the election to a man whose campaign had been on life support, who came in fifth in the New Hampshire Democratic primary, who needs to be propped up by his handlers before he can appear in public.

Rothkopf is correct. America has declined. If Democrats find a way to abolish the filibuster, America will be in freefall which will make us a soft target indeed.

The country is facing an existential crisis. And it’s every bit as serious as our fight against Nazi Germany and radical extremism.

This time, however, the enemy comes from within. And currently this enemy has the power to set policy, tax us, spend our money and take away our civil liberties.

If Republicans fail to act, America’s time as a democratic republic will be over.

That would please Mr. Rothkopf. It’s what he’s hoped for all along, isn’t it?

Biden: The Invisible Man or Where’s Waldo, part deux….


My morning caffeine injection was complimented by an article I found on Fox News.

“Biden hits 50-day milestone of going without a formal news conference as president”

The article details how “unusual” this is for a modern-era president:

President Biden has been in office for 50 days, but he has yet to schedule a formal press conference.  Former President Trump waited 28 days into his presidency to hold a press conference, former President Obama waited just 21 days before holding one, and former President George W. Bush waited 34 days before taking questions from the press in a formal setting.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has repeatedly covered for him and defended his lack of accessibility. Here’s what she told reporters on Monday:

The president takes questions several times a week. He took questions actually twice yesterday. We look forward to holding a full press conference. We’re working on setting a final date for that and as soon as we do we will let you all know.

This president came in during a historic crisis. I think the American people understand that his focus, energy and attention has been on ensuring we secure enough vaccines…and pushing for an American rescue plan.

Immediately after having snorted my remaining coffee through my nose I asked myself, seriously? Is the President really that busy with vaccine logistics? Don’t presidents have people to handle those things for them?

To any sentient American, if Biden were devoting that much time to “ensuring we secure enough vaccines,” it would clearly indicate he is nothing more than a ‘one-trick dog-faced pony soldier. Personally, I’d like to think that the leader of the free world is capable of focusing on more than one issue at a time.

So, I am not buying Psaki’s explanation. Why would anyone? Consider all of the initiatives that President Biden (I know, it pains me to write it) has presented to the American electorate in his first two months in office. C’mon man, he’s been a busy guy. Look at all of these “achievements.”

  • Essential re-opening our southern borders to COVID infected aliens (by limiting restrictions on illegal alien handling processes put in place by former President Trump.)
  • Killing high paying jobs in the oil/natural gas/pipeline industry. (Obama had hoped to kill this program and it’s finally dead. Oops, I said the quiet part out loud.)
  • Establishing a White House Gender Policy Council (yes, because it’s crucial that we determine how many genders there are and once we create that problem, we have to figure out what do to about it…government make-work at its finest.)
  • Expanding the U.S. Refugee Admission Program (more is always better, right?)

And that’s only a partial list of all the things he’s done…I could go on to list all 50 hits on the EO roster, but you get the idea.

Joey Robinette has been a busy little bird…unless…maybe he really wasn’t very busy at all.

Ask yourself this question. If one trick pony Joe has been so highly focused on ensuring we secure enough vaccines and pushing for an American rescue plan, then who’s been working on everything else?

Biden needs to show himself at pressers and start taking questions about things the American people find important. Otherwise, a rational person just might start thinking that old Joe really isn’t in charge of anything at all. That he has “delegated” the running of the country to (fill in the blank in the comments section with your best guess as to whom is actually in charge), all the while trying to remember Lloyd three sticks’ last name (apologies to General Austin).

If you think that an American president who isn’t in charge of the country is an American Crisis, then please leave a comment below.

—- Richard Edward Tracy