Stuck in the Middle

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Wow, I am starting to feel like my old self, spring in the step, walking into a big box store to buy stakes for my new Thompson seedless vines, all the while leaving my mask in the car. Dare I risk it?

The governor says it’s okay to show my face now; but he is a former ice cream store owner/operator, so I am not sure he really gets anything other than trying to look and act conservative in a state that is quickly turning purple. (Another guy born with his finger in the air, under the sign of the God Janus.)

I look around me as I, for the first time in a year (?), venture about maskless, Crazy Nancy’s ‘spark of divinity’ evident upon my radiant face as I smile at those other shoppers and employees who are the real reason I shop where I shop. Got my mojo back? The fourth first lady is having a difficult time catching up as I am moving quickly towards the goal of my shopping mission – those manly, metal stakes that will soon support my beautiful red and green seedless bombs of sugar and love. I realize that even if my vines flourish, they still won’t yield anything close to a Sauvignon Blanc, but one can dream. …

Mr. Narrator (interrupts): “Richard Edward, snap out of it. Put your mask on. Most everyone else in the store is wearing one. Why do you think you are special? You want to cause a problem? You might cause a riot or even worse, drive complaints to Karen, the store manager. You really want that?”

Richard Edward: “Hey Mr. Narrator, chill, okay? The governor said I don’t have to wear one anymore. He said that COVID is defeated. He said that it’s up to the store to decide about the efficacy of mask wearing. So, if the store makes the decision about wearing the mask, it’s really not about science anymore, it’s about how safe one feels.”

Mr. Narrator: “That’s the problem Richard Edward, your feelings. You have none. How can you be so callous towards your fellow man? Walking about unmasked, an existential threat to all you pass in the isles of capitalistic excess. You may want to live dangerously, but others around you, those who actively seek safe spaces, don’t feel the same way. Your unmasked countenance scares them. What if you breath on them? Your halitotic exhale could mean their death? Are you really that inhumane?”

Richard Edward: “But science…. I’ve had COVID, Mr. Narrator. My doctor said I have the antibodies. No one talks about those of us who have been sick and recovered, only those who have the vaccine and those who don’t. I can’t infect anyone because I can’t get this again, at least not so soon after my recovery. I am the safest guy in the hood to be around. I am not vaccinated, but I am not contagious, either.”

Mr. Narrator: “Richard Edward, you are worse than a pair of Tony Fauci flip flops worn under a mask and tie. You can’t be safe if you are not vaccinated. Dr. Tony didn’t say you are safe, so you can’t be. Are you one of those who might have herd immunity? No one in authority talks about ‘you’, the deplorable, ‘recovered-survivors’ tribe. Your people have been ignored. Dude, you either got the jab or you didn’t.”

Then it hits me, I am neither hot nor cold, fish nor fowl. I am once again the forgotten man, one of those who got the disease, recovered and is now simply a hidden statistic. I am stuck in the middle. Deep, or as deep as is possible in my brain, the music rises, a familiar melody surfaces from my pre-mask life.

Trying to make some sense of it all
But I see it makes no sense at all.
Is it cool to go to sleep on the floor?
I don’t think that I can take anymore.

Clowns to the left of me!
Jokers to the right!
Here I am stuck in the middle with you.

Mr. Narrator appears to be correct once again. As much as it pains me, he occasionally makes sense. Yes, I am well and not likely to pass along the dreaded COVID to anyone. Yes, there are antibodies coursing through my body, my bone marrow doing its tireless job 24/7 of keeping me safe.

No, I have no proof to show the store Karens who patrol our aisles of commerce, our passageways of daily life, that I am not a threat.

I don’t want the jab. It’s more dangerous for me than what I have already survived.

So, here I am stuck in the middle of the lingering controversy of the biggest health issue of our decade. The clowns to the left of me insist that I get a vaccination that medicine and science say I most likely don’t need. The jokers to my right appear too afraid to argue the herd immunity case; they don’t want to recognize people like me who have survived and now contribute to the herd’s defense against the disease.

Being stuck anywhere is a drag, but being stuck in the middle is the worst. If you are in the middle like Richard Edward, please leave a comment about the clowns and jokers who are on either side of your life.

— Richard Edward Tracy

Blogger Notices Interesting Trend in Total US Death Rate Because of COVID

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Noticing that most Americans who died of COVID were either extremely elderly or else had a preexisting condition, Powerline’s John Hinderaker had an interesting theory. Even if COVID had never arrived on our shores, many or most people who died from the virus were so ill and/or so elderly, they would have died anyway within months or certainly within the next year or two.

With this idea in mind, Hinderaker wondered if he would find a lower than normal total U.S. death rate going forward (because so many of those whose deaths would have been recorded within months or a year or two had already died.)

He combed through a stack of death certificates of individuals who died of COVID in Minnesota which he defined as any certificate that contained the word COVID. “When you look at the conditions from which most covid victims suffered, it seems remarkable that they were still alive,” he noted.

Hinderaker found that his theory was, in fact, correct. The following CDC chart shows the weekly number of deaths in the U.S. soaring through the pandemic, peaking in early January, well above the level of normal death projections. Then, the line begins to fall at a steady rate.

At some point in March, the number of weekly deaths crosses the “upper bound threshold for excess deaths” line and continues to drop. As of May 1, weekly deaths are well below projections.

It will be interesting to see if this rate remains low or lower than projected deaths. Of course, within one to two years, we would expect projected deaths and actual deaths to converge once again as the COVID effect exhausts itself.

Hinderaker concludes:

So in a sense, those Wuhan deaths are now being made up.

I think the mortality statistics over the next couple of years will confirm that in most cases, people who died with “covid” on their death certificates would have died, in any event, in a matter of months or perhaps a year or two. This is why we are now seeing mortality dip below demographic norms: people who otherwise would have died in April 2021 died in, say, October 2020 instead. If this is the case, it will expose the irrationality of devastating the lives of younger and healthy people through shutdowns, school closings and mask mandates, while those who were at meaningful risk were almost exclusively those who, as one doctor put it, had one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.

Photo Credit: CDC website


California Teacher to Students: ‘I am so sick to my stomach of parents trying to tell educators how to do their job’

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This California teacher is not happy about having to return to the classroom soon. In fact, she told students, “I am so sick to my stomach of parents trying to tell educators how to do their job.”

San Marcos High School English teacher Alissa Piro was recorded by a family member of a student in one of her remote classrooms. It was turned over to a private Facebook group of parents who are fed up with the refusal of teachers to return to in-person learning.

The incendiary video was turned over to Fox News and, needless to say, it has since gone viral.

According to Fox, Piro is upset about a lawsuit filed by a parent group against against Gov. Gavin Newsom and six North Country school districts who want their children back in school.

In the video below, Piro is heard, sounding more than a little bit like an angry valley girl, saying, “If your parent wants to talk to me about their profession and their opinion on their profession, I would love to hear that…”

“However, if your parent wants to come talk to me about how I’m not doing a good enough job in distance learning based on what you need as an individual? Just dare them to come at me. Because I am so sick to my stomach of parents trying to tell educators how to do their job.”

A student asks Piro about a “white student union.” She sharply rebukes him saying, “You don’t need a white student union, Jake. You get everything,”

At the end of the video, she appears to realize that making these remarks on Zoom is not a particularly smart idea. Her tone changes and she apologizes. “I’m sorry. I am going off. I’m sorry. This is my go-off period.”

Too late.

Students in the San Marco school district have been away from in-person learning now for over a year. An agreement has been reached for them to return two days a week.

Fox reports that the local union has “reportedly voted to keep the hybrid model for the duration of the school year, outraging parents and students anxious to return to in-person instruction.”

The mother of one of Piro’s students spoke to Fox News:

She brought the videos to the attention of the school principal Adam Dawson several weeks ago. Dawson agreed that Piro’s behavior was “inexcusable” and vowed to address it, but failed to follow up. Dawson did not immediately return Fox News’ request for comment.

“She’s a bully,” the mother wrote in the “Open SM Schools” private Facebook group. “These rants were so often my child said he “tuned her out” and was just trying to get thru the class…this is exactly what’s wrong with education and if the school district sweeps this then they are just as responsible.”

The mother said she “cried” after the video was sent to her by her child while at work.

“These poor kids have endured so much. I held onto the video for 3 months and hardly told a soul fearing retaliation…I shared it with some of my close friends a few weeks ago when I saw her behavior was continuing this term and I felt awful for not standing up for these kids sooner.”

A different mother posted that Piro had previously taught her daughter at a High Tech elementary school but that she was eventually fired and appears to have “gone down hill” since then.

The most egregious aspect of this whole maddening episode is how little these teachers care about the effects of the lockdowns on their student’s developing minds and well-being. Aside from the adverse academic effects on students, it will take years for the negative impact of being isolated from their peers for such an extended period of time to be felt. For some, it could result in lifelong social development issues.

I’m willing to bet that there are a lot of Alissa Piros out there. Why all of these teachers were not fired and replaced with individuals who would welcome these jobs is beyond me.

Thought Biden’s Vaccine Passport Was Bad? Here’s What Citizens Returning to Canada Can Expect

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In an effort to discourage Canadians from traveling abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has imposed a new set of requirements that must be met upon their return. The government is taking these measures because, of course, it wants to keep its citizens safe. If you thought the idea of a vaccine passport was draconian, read on.

First, in true authoritarian style, he tells Canadians that “now is not the time to travel. If you have plans to head somewhere for the long weekend, cancel them.” Got it?

If an individual must travel, they are required to show a negative PCR test result before boarding their return flight. The U.S. has just adopted this measure as well.

However, Trudeau is requiring Canadians to take a second PCR test upon landing. “When you land, you’ll need to take another PCR test,” he says. “You’ll then have to wait at an approved hotel, and at your own expense, for your results to come back.”

If the test result is negative, you may go home to complete your mandatory quarantine. If it’s positive, “you’ll need to immediately quarantine in designated government facilities. This is not optional.”

He runs through similar requirements for those returning to Canada by land.

Finally, he wants his people to know that he’s doing this for the common good. He writes, “These border measures are some of the strongest in the world – and they’re in place to keep you, your loved ones, and your community safe.”

Yes, dear leader.

‘Right Now, I’m Scared’; Emotional CDC Director Says She Has a ‘Feeling of Impending Doom’ About COVID

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An emotional Dr. Rochelle Walensky, head of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, spoke at a White House briefing on COVID this afternoon.

Walensky said she promised two months ago that she would tell Americans the truth and today, in particular, she hopes we will listen.

Apparently, the number of new cases of COVID in the U.S. have ticked up over last week and she is concerned about a fourth surge of the virus. According to The Washington Post, the “U.S. seven-day average hovered at about 60,000 daily cases — a 10-percent increase compared to the prior seven-day period. Hospitalizations have risen, too. The seven-day average death rate, which typically lags behind cases and hospitalizations, increased by 3 percent.”

Walensky said she had a feeling of “impending doom” about the situation.

“I’m gonna pause here. I’m gonna lose the script and I’m gonna reflect on the recurring feeling I have of impending doom. We have so much to look forward to, so much promise and potential of where we are and so much reason for hope. ”

In a very emotional voice, she adds, “Right now I’m scared.”

Walensky’s predecessor, Dr. Robert Redfield, never spoke like this, not even at the height of the pandemic.

Impending doom? Our CDC director is near tears and tells us she’s scared?


A 10 percent week over week increase doesn’t strike me as crazy. If this became a trend, perhaps there might be more reason for concern. But considering the rate has dropped for ten straight weeks by a total of 77.2 percent, this shouldn’t drive our CDC director to tears.

Without looking at the breakdown of where the cases are the highest, it’s hard to know the reasons behind the increase.

We know that the Biden Administration’s disastrous decision to allow throngs of illegal immigrants into the country, many of whom are infected with COVID could be a factor. Biden’s unwise resurrection of the Obama era policy of catch and release has allowed infected illegal immigrants to move freely about the country, on buses and airplanes and everywhere else.

In the meantime, Americans returning to the U.S. from abroad are required to show a negative COVID test result from within 72 hours of boarding their flight before they are allowed back into the country.

So, what might be the reason for Dr. Walensky’s feeling of impending doom?

COVID was used as a control mechanism by many government officials, elected and appointed. Because it went on for so long, many of them, Democratic governors in particular, grew accustomed to their new power and are reluctant to give it up.

Frankly, I have no idea why the numbers increased last week.

Or even if the numbers increased last week.

Because I find it hard to trust anything this administration tells us.

Sneak Preview of CNN Interview with Former CDC Director Reveals His Opinions on COVID-19 Origins, Timeline

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Now that he’s no longer a government employee, former CDC Director Robert Redfield can freely express his ideas about how and where he thinks COVID-19 originated and, equally interesting, when it originated.

Worldwide, 2.77 million deaths have been attributed to the coronavirus, nearly 560,000 of those have been in the U.S.

Speaking to Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s chief medical correspondent, Redfield said, “If I was to guess, this virus started transmitting somewhere in September, October in Wuhan. That’s my own feelings. And only opinion. I’m allowed to have opinions now.”

“I still think the most likely ideology of this pathogen in Wuhan was from a laboratory, escaped,” he told Gupta.

“The other people don’t believe that,” Redfield noted. “That’s fine. Science will eventually figure it out. It’s not unusual for respiratory pathogens that are being worked on in a laboratory to infect the laboratory worker.”

He added, “I am a virologist. I have spent my life in virology. I do not believe this somehow came from a bat to a human and, at that moment in time the virus came to the human, became one of the most infectious viruses that we know in humanity for human transmission.”

The full interview will air on CNN on Sunday.

The Daily Mail published a comparison of China’s official timeline, which shows Dec. 8, 2019, as the “earliest date that China has acknowledged an infection,” versus new evidence that indicates the virus was present months earlier than China admits.

There have been reports from Italy and Spain that the virus was detected in tissue samples taken in September and October of 2019.

The Mail reported that in September 2019, “blood samples” were “taken in a lung cancer screening trial in Italy which later test[ed] positive for coronavirus.”

Around two months ago, the World Health Organization sent a team of scientists to Wuhan to investigate the origins of the virus. The team spent time at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Dr. Peter Daszak, a British zoologist on the WHO team, told Sky News at that time, “They are sharing data with us that we have not seen before – that no one has seen before. They are talking with us openly about every possible pathway. We really are getting somewhere and I think every member of the team would say that.”

After all the lies from Chinese officials and the agency that has repeatedly provided cover for them, it’s difficult to entirely believe that. In addition, over a year had elapsed since the pandemic had begun.

Unsurprisingly, WHO-led team concluded that the virus “most likely jumped from one species to another before entering the human population and is highly unlikely to have leaked from a laboratory,” according to The Wall Street Journal.

The WHO team on Tuesday said it was also possible that the virus may have been transmitted to humans through imported frozen food, a theory heavily promoted by Beijing. But the team said the most likely scenario was one in which the virus spilled over naturally from an animal into humans, such as from a bat to a small mammal that then infected a person.

Does anyone really trust these conclusions?

California Gov. Newsom Blames Recall Effort on Right-Wing Extremist Groups


California’s Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom appeared on ABC’s “The View” on Tuesday to discuss the state’s recall effort against him which he blames on right-wing extremist groups.

Brings back memories of Hillary Clinton calling rumors of her husband’s affair with Monica Lewinsky a vast right-wing conspiracy.

Co-host Joy Behar asked Newsom, “So Governor, you say that this recall effort has ties to the same extremist groups that stormed the Capitol, but organizers claim more than a third of signatures are from Democrats, Independents and unaffiliated voters mad that your pandemic policies shuttered businesses and schools. Are both true?”

“Well, the chief proponent of this, and forgive me, this is just objective truth. The chief proponent of this recall petition supports putting microchips into migrants, into immigrants,” the governor replied. “The other proponents, the chief, the top ten proponents, the people that are behind this are members of the Three Percenters — the right wing militia group, the Proud Boys, supported the insurrection, are folks that quite literally enthusiastically support Qanon conspiracies, and so that’s the origin here.”

“Am I worried about it? Of course, I’m worried about it,” Newsom continued. “The nature of these things, the up or down question, the zero-sum nature of the question is challenging and vexing. So we’re taking it seriously. I have to do my job every single day, but I’m going to fight this thing because I’m going to fight for California values and the things I hold dear, and I think the vast majority of Californians regardless of their political stripes hold dear.”

According to ABC Los Angeles, several “bureaucratic checkpoints” must be cleared before the secretary of state’s office can schedule the recall election. The petition must be submitted to the agency on March 17 with at least 1.5 million signatures. They currently have two million.

County election officials will then have until April 29 to validate the signatures.

On Monday, it was reported that Newsom had set up a committee called “Stop the Republican Recall” to raise money to “defend his seat.”

Naturally, the article says that Newsom and his supporters are “calling the campaign a Republican power grab driven by supporters of former President Donald Trump and extremist groups.”

Or maybe Californians are tired of his severe lockdown restrictions, paying the highest taxes in the U.S., of the 151,000 homeless people who live on their streets, of his failure to enforce immigration laws, his prioritization of illegal immigrants over U.S. citizens, his release of dangerous criminals, and they’re simply concerned with protecting the state’s future.

Calls for Cuomo’s Resignation Ignore Nursing Home Scandals, Focus Only on Sexual Harassment Allegations


Over the past two weeks, seven women have come forward with sexual harassment allegations against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. The most recent woman to accuse him of misconduct said he had groped her at the governor’s mansion last year. The floodgates have most definitely opened and many of his longtime allies have abandoned him as people often do in situations like this.

On Friday, Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand issued a joint statement in which they called for Cuomo to resign. It read:

Confronting and overcoming the Covid crisis requires sure and steady leadership,

We commend the brave actions of the individuals who have come forward with serious allegations of abuse and misconduct. Due to the multiple, credible sexual harassment and misconduct allegations, it is clear that Governor Cuomo has lost the confidence of his governing partners and the people of New York. Governor Cuomo should resign.

Prior to their announcement, the majority of House lawmakers from the state, including Reps. Jerry Nadler and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, had called on Cuomo to quit.

Even the editors of the New York Times are on board. In a Saturday op-ed, they wrote:

The governor has lost his political allies and the public’s confidence. … The reality is that Mr. Cuomo has now lost the support of his party and his governing partners. The Democrats who control the State Legislature appear willing to impeach him, to say nothing of the Republicans. New York’s congressional delegation and city leaders, key to his base, have called on him to resign.

Undergirding these specific accusations is the widespread description of his administration by many former aides as a toxic workplace in which Mr. Cuomo and others ruled by fear and emotional abuse — and drew women whom Mr. Cuomo saw as attractive closer into his orbit, actively encouraging them to wear heels and dress in tightfitting clothing whenever he was around. In New York politics, Mr. Cuomo’s bullying style was an open secret. But the public caught only a glimpse of the dangers of Mr. Cuomo’s behavior recently.

Certainly I agree that if these allegations are true, Cuomo should step down. However, in my opinion, the far worse charges against the Governor involve his handling of the COVID-19 crisis.

A man who would put women in such uncomfortable positions, especially when several of them were his subordinates, is disrespectful, rude and quite simply a pig. But a man who would force nursing homes to take COVID-infected patients into their facilities, knowing how vulnerable most residents were and how easily the virus could be spread, is in a whole different league.

The fact that the media is only reporting on the allegations of sexual harassment while skating over the far more egregious charges against Cuomo is disturbing. California Rep. Tom McClintock, a Republican, joined Fox Business News’ Elizabeth MacDonald on Friday to offer his thoughts.

“The left applauded his actions when he was packing nursing homes with COVID infected patients and imposing one of the most brutal lockdowns in the country,” said McClintock. “While the truth is finally emerging that it’s cost thousands of lives and did nothing to slow the spread of the infection. Now, they [the left] can’t acknowledge that truth without admitting they were complicit.”

But, with the sexual harassment charges, “well, they can rid themselves of their Cuomo embarrassment without admitting their own duplicity and stupidity by endorsing his disastrous policies for nearly a year. So, I think it’s just a natural reaction of politicians CYAing.”

MacDonald noted that House Oversight Republicans are calling for Cuomo to testify. She asked McClintock, “Do you want to get a crack at Cuomo?”

“Well, I’d certainly like to hear his justification for policies that destroyed, not only the lives of thousands of people in nursing homes, but the lockdown policies.” he answered.

He continued, “Nationally, we’re seeing 192,000 excess deaths last year that cannot be explained by COVID or natural mortality. I’m afraid that’s the butcher’s bill for these lockdowns. Suicides, domestic homicides, drug and alcohol related deaths, delayed health screenings, delayed health treatments, poverty related deaths. There’s a lot the left has to answer for, so it doesn’t surprise me they’re trying to sweep all that under the rug by looking over here at the sexual harassment charges against Cuomo involving several women.

It was on January 28 that New York State Attorney General Letitia James’ shocking report appeared in The New York Times.

I posted about this news in The Western Journal, a conservative publication. I was surprised at how little interest there was in the story. James had accused the Cuomo Administration of “severely undercounting” the number of COVID-19 deaths among those in nursing homes by as much as 50 percent and very few people cared – on the left or on the right.

A month later, however, when the allegations of sexual harassment began to emerge, people paid attention and before too long, the calls for Cuomo’s resignation began.

As my WJ colleague C. Douglas Golden wrote on Sunday, “It’s kind of amazing that the number seven has made us forget about the number 12,743.”

There’s One Thing that Scares Robert F. Kennedy Jr. More than COVID, That’s Losing his Constitutional Rights


I’ve never been a fan of the Kennedy family.

However, I’ve just watched an hour-long podcast of a conversation between Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and liberal author Naomi Wolf, a one-time adviser to former President Bill Clinton, that I found riveting. And “riveting” is not a word I use lightly.

Kennedy’s podcast, called “Truth,” was recorded earlier this week. It can be viewed here.

Recounting an experience he’d had at a recent political rally in Berlin, Kennedy said, “I was shaking hands and I wasn’t wearing a mask. Nobody was. There were a million people there and no one was wearing a mask. An NBC crew came up and said, ‘Aren’t you scared of getting the coronavirus?’ I said, ‘There’s something I’m more fearful of.’ They asked, ‘Like what?’ ‘Like losing my constitutional rights.'”

He continued, “The American Revolution took place because you had people who were willing to die for the Constitution. Not lose their rights. The Constitution was not written for easy times or popular speech. … It was built for emergencies and to protect the speech that was unpopular, that was dissenting government policies. … For hundreds of years, our government protected that right religiously. You get to say things that offend other people.”

Recalling the occasion when a group of neo-Nazis demanded the right to march in Skokie, Illinois in 1978, Kennedy said, “Most liberals in this country came down on the right side of that.” Although we may not like the ideas they espouse, he feels strongly that “we need to fight for these groups to be able to express themselves. We need to win our issues in the marketplace, on debate and ideas, and not by silencing people.”

“Especially when it comes to medical issues, censorship has no place. Authoritarianism has no place.”

Both Wolf and Kennedy have lost friends over the past year because they’ve chosen to speak out against the “encroaching tyranny” that threatens to engulf our once (relatively) free society.

Wolf sees a growing “biofascism” and said “it’s led by Dems. I wish it wasn’t true.”

“The tech bros and Pharma to some extent have close ties with Democrats. … This cabal is investing new powers at the state level and at the federal level so that under the guise of a medical emergency, they can continue to burn and shred our Constitution.”

Elaborating on this point, Wolf said, “You have to not have human community. You have to give up freedom to assemble. You have to give up freedom to worship. You have to give up property rights. You get to watch small businesses get crushed. People selling their assets at fire sales. You have to watch a massive transfer of wealth. And you have to do all of that because the fear of this virus is so pervasive.”

“This narrative has been so unscientifically sold. I’m not surprised that people I love who only read the New York Times and listen to NPR believe this. It’s breaking my heart. The fear is so great that people give up all their rights in order to be safe from the fear.”

The truly fascinating – and terrifying – part of their  discussion addressed the collaboration, the “giant tangle of corruption” between the government, wealthy businessmen like Bill Gates and big corporations, specifically Big Tech and the pharmaceutical companies.

Certainly the Kennedy family is wealthy, but their fortune is dwarfed by those of the Big Tech oligarchs. Kennedy told Wolf to imagine the lawsuits he could file and the friends he could buy with a billion dollars and then multiply that by 133 to understand the influence of Bill Gates.

Gates, according to Kennedy, has used his wealth to wield enormous power. Specifically, he claimed that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has “neutralized once-independent media including The Guardian, NPR and public television through financial gifts.”

There’s been a trillion dollar transfer of wealth over the last year. “It is not the pandemic that’s caused it, it’s the lockdown.” Millions of small businesses have gone bankrupt and “60 percent of black-owned businesses will never reopen.”

The corruption between government health agencies and pharmaceutical companies runs deep, according to Kennedy. He cited many examples.

(Note: I have not verified this information.)

In 2020, 1.8 millon people in the world died from the coronavirus. Kennedy compared this figure to the 1.6 million people who die annually from tuberculosis. “It’s an airborne respiratory infection. Why aren’t we having lockdowns?” he asked rhetorically. “Because there’s already a vaccine and it costs two dollars a shot and there’s no patent on it and nobody can make money.”

On the other hand, (inaudible, however, based on the context, I believe this was a reference to patents on high profit drugs) $48 billion and Bill Gates owns half of them and Tony Fauci, whose agency owns the premier ones. NIAID [National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases] owns half the patent for the Moderna vaccine. Six of Tony Fauci’s [Director of NIAID] top aides own royalties to that. … So, people in Fauci’s agency collect $150,000 in royalties on that vaccine.”

The government put a $150,000 cap on the amount these officials can earn from royalties. There had been no cap prior to 2002.

At that time, Kennedy said, an HHS (Department of Health and Human Services) investigation found that Fauci had prevented information on very serious side effects from a drug called Interleukin 2 from being included in the product brochures. It turned out that Fauci owned the patent for the drug. Up until 2002, he was allowed to collect unlimited royalties. He agreed as a result of that investigation, informally … that he would give any money he made in royalties to charity. To Kennedy’s knowledge, nobody ever followed up on it.

He called Fauci the J. Edgar Hoover of public health. “He’s been there for 50 years and the only way that you last 50 years is by being in the tank with Pharma.”

“Fauci controls global medical policy and as we have seen,” he said. “It gives him more power than any politician in history. He shut down the global economy.”

The CDC owns 58 patents and Kennedy estimated that NIAID owns over one thousand.

“Money is currency for these people, but it’s the currency of power. It purchases power over other human beings.”

Wolf described what happens to people when they accumulate tremendous power. “Their own weird psyche starts to get played out on populations. Like you see it with Stalin, you see it with Mao, and now we’re really seeing it again. I’ve seen so many financial ties between Fauci and Bill Gates.”

The two went into some depth on the massive influence that Gates has been able to purchase with his enormous wealth.

Finally, they addressed the strategies and the goals of this cabal of elites. Kennedy explained that “one of the strategies, clearly, of the totalitarian forces is to keep us all divided. … It’s called the bourbon strategy, the strategy that was used in the old South to divide poor people from each other to keep the plantation owners in power.”

Wolf has studied the “closings of democracies.” She spoke about this in an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show last month.

I’ve been writing…for months and months about what I see as the terrible crisis that we’re in, that we have to recognize. Under the guise of a real medical pandemic, we’re really moving into a coup situation, a police state situation and that’s not a partisan thing, That, as you say, that transcends everything you and I might agree or disagree on that should bring together left and right to protect our Constitution. We’re absolutely moving into what I call step 10.

I wrote a book in which I pointed out there were 10 steps that would-be tyrants always take when they want to close down a democracy. Whether they’re on the left or the right they always do the same 10 things and now we’re at something I never thought I’d see in my lifetime. … It is step 10 and that’s the suspension of the rule of law, that’s when you start to be a police state and we’re here, there’s no way around it.

… once I realized New York State had emergency powers, I know from history that no one gives up emergency powers. They always drag it on and drag it on…

Nowhere in the Constitution does it say this can be suspended if there’s a bad disease…never has there been months and months and months of emergency powers when we weren’t fighting a war. 

It is not hyperbole to say this is an American Crisis.

Democrats Just Used Your Tax Money to Bail Out Their Failing Cronies


In October, actress Jane Fonda made headlines when she said the coronavirus was “God’s gift to the left.” That statement has proven true on many levels. Some, including myself, believe that, had the pandemic never materialized, former President Donald Trump would have easily won reelection.

Anyway, the economic devastation caused by the lockdowns has forced the government to pass several enormous COVID-19 relief bills into which the Democrats have been able to tuck away a myriad of wish-list items, the most recent $1.9 trillion aid package being perhaps the most egregious.

On Tuesday, The New York Times reported that the bill passed by the Senate last weekend includes an $86 billion bailout for failing pensions. The article’s subtitle informs readers that “Democrats pushed through a big aid measure for multiemployer pensions whose problems predate the pandemic.”

Actually, I’m surprised the Times reported this.

The Times tells us the $86 billion aid package “has nothing to do with the pandemic” and represents “a taxpayer bailout for about 185 union pension plans that are so close to collapse that without the rescue, more than a million retired truck drivers, retail clerks, builders and others could be forced to forgo retirement income.”

Specifically, “the bailout targets multiemployer pension plans, which bring groups of companies together with a union to provide guaranteed benefits. All told, about 1,400 of the plans cover about 10.7 million active and retired workers, often in fields like construction or entertainment where the workers move from job to job. As the work force ages, an alarming number of the plans are running out of money. The trend predated the pandemic and is a result of fading unions, serial bankruptcies and the misplaced hope that investment income would foot most of the bill so that employers and workers wouldn’t have to.”

Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, a Democrat, said last week, “It goes back to the fact that these workers didn’t do anything wrong. They have earned these pensions.”

Two things, Senator. First, the countless owners of small businesses who were forced to shut their doors because of the lockdowns, didn’t do anything wrong either.

Secondly, the precarious condition of these union pension plans is the result of years of poor management. The state of these pensions was dire long before the pandemic reached our shores.

Republicans have called this provision “a union handout masquerading as pandemic relief.” They do have a point.

Tennessee Sen. Bill Hagerty, a Republican, said last week, “Just to show you how bad this bill is, there’s more money in this to bail out union pension funds than all the money combined for vaccine distribution and testing.”

According to the Times, “Using taxpayer dollars to bail out pension plans is almost unheard of. … The federal government does provide a backstop for certain failing pension plans through the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, which acts like an insurer and makes companies pay premiums, but does not get taxpayer dollars. Currently, the pension agency has separate insurance programs for single-employer and multiemployer pensions. The single-employer program is in good shape, but the multiemployer program is fragile.”

Several conservatives react to the pension bailout in the following tweets.

Frankly, there are far more contemptible provisions in the relief package that have received almost no media coverage. Nor is it a coincidence that they benefit the home city of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the home state of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Republicans argue that due to years of fiscal mismanagement in blue states and cities combined with their longer and more drastic lockdowns during the pandemic, this provision will “disproportionately benefit blue states.”

The stimulus package includes $350 billion to bail out state, local and tribal governments, a provision that has Republicans outraged.

“They want to send wheelbarrows of cash to state and local bureaucrats to bail out mismanagement from before the pandemic,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told colleagues last week, according to USA Today. “They’re changing the previous bipartisan funding formula in ways that will especially bias the money toward big blue states.”

The article quotes Kentucky Rep. James Comer, a Republican, echoing McConnell’s sentiments. He said, “The bill contains a $350 billion bailout for locked-down, poorly managed states with no strings attached. The sneaky formula used by Democrats ensures that most of the money goes to liberals in California and New York rather than to rural communities.”

It’s not surprising that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer disagrees. USA Today reports that Schumer sees this provision as “an American wish list” instead of a “liberal wish list.” He said, “Funding to keep teachers, firefighters, transit workers, first responders in red states and blue on the job. So many of the people affected by this bill are not liberals or Democrats. They may be Republicans, they may be independents, they may be conservatives. But they’re Americans who want some help to get out of this morass.”

The San Francisco Chronicle reported on Tuesday that funding from this bill “will erase the majority of San Francisco’s projected $650 million budget deficit over the next two years, saving City Hall from having to make painful service cuts and layoffs — for now.”

Conservatives will be so relieved to hear that.