Over the Top: 100 Corporate Leaders Join Zoom Call to Build Strategy to Fight ‘Restrictive Voter Laws’

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I guess we knew it was never really about thirsty voters in hours-long lines. But it is pretty stunning that over 100 corporate leaders joined a Zoom call on Saturday to “brainstorm” on how they can penalize states for requiring voter ID.

All right Captains of Industry, enlighten us. First, did you finally settle upon an acceptable reason why asking voters to show identification before casting their ballot is racist? Because it’s important that you’re all on the same page. And did you decide on what form this punishment will take?

CBS News’ Ed O’Keefe reported on this astonishing phone call today on “CBS This Morning.”

Before turning it over to O’Keefe, the show’s host said, “In a first of it’s kind gathering, more than a hundred leaders from some of the most powerful companies met virtually on Saturday to talk about efforts by Republicans nationwide to overhaul voting laws. All this comes after a bill passed in Georgia led to allegations of racism and threats of retaliation against companies that oppose it.”

“Threats of retaliation against companies that oppose it?” Did that come out of nowhere? Oh, he must mean the decision by many Republicans to boycott Major League Baseball after its commissioner pulled the All-Star Game out of Atlanta over the law. And the big three airlines, who came out like dominos last week to denounce the Georgia State Legislature for passing the bill.

Anyway, O’Keefe told viewers: “The high-powered Zoom meeting signals a larger move among U.S. companies to oppose voter suppression and signals they won’t fear reprisals by politicians or others when speaking out. It’s something we haven’t seen of this magnitude to date. Attendees included top bosses from WalMart, United Airlines, LinkedIn and AMC Theatres, with some CEOs even chiming in from Augusta, Georgia, the site of the Master’s Golf tournament. The head of our parent company, Viacom CBS, also attended. …”

“The nonpartisan Brennan Center, which tracks proposals across the country today, found lawmakers in 24 states are moving at least 55 bills through state legislatures that would restrict voting access.”

“Keep in mind, many of these bills are based on the lie that the presidential election was stolen. The executives discussed several ways to respond to these restrictive bills including cutting donations to politicians who support them and holding off on investments in those states.” O’Keefe said.

“The meeting came together extraordinarily fast,” he noted. “Organizers tell us they invited 120 CEOs with about 50 hours notice and 90 of them opted to attend. The next test of the voting rights debate will be in Texas where legislators are going to be considering two proposals that observers might ultimately go farther than the new Georgia law.”

This Zoom call signals a new and more dangerous phase in the Democrats war on America. The left is actively organizing against Republicans to throttle us into submission.

O’Keefe made several false and/or uninformed statements.

First, the Brennan Center is one of America’s most far-left think tanks.

Next, the refusal of judges and elections officials to even hear any of the evidence doesn’t mean the election was not stolen.

I would ask what Washington, D.C. attorney Marc Elias, who commissioned the Steele dossier on behalf of the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC in 2016, is currently doing in Arizona. The Arizona state Senate was poised to begin an in-depth ballot by ballot audit of the results in Maricopa County, which accounts for nearly two-thirds of the votes in the state. Elias, backed by the Democratic machine is trying to prevent it from happening.

As for “holding off on investments in those states,” at a certain point, CEOs need to remember they are charged with maximizing shareholder value. Shareholders will quickly become angry, for example, by a CEO’s political decision to avoiding doing business in, say Texas, opting instead for a less business-friendly state, whose only attraction is that they don’t require voter ID, and will quickly force them out of a job.

It’s an unwise strategy for many reasons. These business leaders are forcing Americans to pick a side. Considering that voter ID laws are supported by over 70 percent of Americans, it will be an uphill battle.

People know why Democrats oppose voting reform. Because it handed victory to the pathetic, feeble politician who now occupies the White House. Even in his heyday, he never gained any traction in either of the presidential primaries he participated in. He never even made it into the top tier of candidates. In 1988, Biden was pressured to withdraw from the race after he’d been accused of plagiarizing a speech by Neil Kinnock, then-leader of the British Labour Party. It was also reported at the time that he had been accused of plagiarism while a student at the Syracuse University School of Law in the 1960s.

Few, if any, have ever regarded Biden as a strong leader. He was a gaffe-prone buffoon who had simply remained in Washington for so long that people grew used to him, comfortable with him.

His 2020 candidacy was on life support after coming in fifth in the New Hampshire primary. Fortunately for him, the Democrat machine decided that the socialist senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, could not lead the ticket and went into high gear.

The explosion in mail-in voting afforded by the pandemic and the lax standards of verifying ballots and I believe, the outright fraud committed by Democratic elections officials, and even some Republicans, delivered the White House to Biden.

Democrats know there is no valid reason to oppose voter ID requirements. It doesn’t matter that voting in some states is the only thing that can be done without an ID today in America.

But they also know that their ostensible reason doesn’t matter. However ludicrous it is, politicians will keep repeating it, Democratic PACs, think tanks and the media will repeat it and now it appears that corporate CEOs have hopped aboard the train.

I don’t see how this fight can end well for them.

Biden’s Dementia Aside, We Really Have to Question The Wisdom of a President Who Singles Out an Entire State

Photo Credit: Image by David Mark from Pixabay

I was surprised that a U.S. president would even suggest that MLB commissioner Rob Manfred pull the All-Star Game out of Atlanta. But I was gobsmacked when he opened the door to moving the Masters out of Georgia and then went on to cite the state’s new Jim Crow laws in his response. What do we make of a president who singles out an entire state?

Even before dementia began taking its toll on Joe Biden, he was never what one might consider a smart man. Nor was he ever a particularly honest man. But the ease with which he has embraced the radical left’s agenda is stunning.

On Tuesday, a reporter asked, “Mr. President, do you think the Masters golf tournament should be moved out of Georgia?”

“I think that’s up to the Masters. … It is reassuring to see for profit operations and businesses are speaking up about how these new Jim Crow laws are just antithetical to who we are. … The best way to deal with this is for Georgia and other states to smarten up. Stop it. Stop it.”

Um. Didn’t The Washington Post just give him Four Pinocchios for these precise comments last week?

Biden is well aware that he owes his victory to the explosion in mail-in voting and the lax oversight of absentee ballots in November. We get that he’s trying to discourage other states from strengthening their voter ID requirements, but he’s the President of the United States. And he’s lying through his teeth.

He has singled out the state of Georgia. A state in which top Republican officials, including anti-Trumpers Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, were key to his victory.

Biden’s remarks influenced the decision of the MLB commissioner to pull the All-Star Game out of Atlanta, a city which has a black population of over 50 percent. As a result, the city will lose approximately $100 million in expected revenue.

The game will now be played in Denver, Colorado, which has a black population of 9 percent. The state also requires voter ID.

The candidate who campaigned on uniting the country after “the divisiveness” of the Trump Administration, has become the most divisive president we’ve ever had.

But, from the President to the MLB commissioner, they all keep spouting the lies.

What is new (sort of) is that we’re seeing corporations joining the fray. Last week, Delta, American and United Airlines all condemned Georgia for passing election reform legislation.

University of Tennessee professor Glenn Reynolds, better known to conservatives as “Instapundit,” appeared on Fox News’ “Primetime” on Tuesday to make some sense of this.

Host Mark Steyn asked Reynolds, “Why has the business world suddenly turned super Bernie Sanders, AOC left?”

Reynolds explains: “The thing you have to understand first is none of this has anything to do with justice or fairness or concern for the well-being of black people or anyone else. It’s all about power.  Woke politics is the state religion of the corporate oligarchs now and they use it to enhance their own power and to suppress their opponents. That’s all it’s about. Everything else is noise. And that’s why it doesn’t make sense, because it’s not meant to make sense. It’s just meant to procure compliance. They hope you’ll just be afraid.”

“How do you push back against it? If you’ve got American, United and Delta all going woke, what do you do? Boycott them and take the Greyhound?” asked Steyn.

“Honestly, you should do what the left does which is you make life unpleasant for their CEOs and other corporate officers. Don’t waste your time with economic boycotts. Send buses full of protestors to the CEO’s house and go to their shareholder meetings and make a big stink and you generally do stuff that reduces their quality of life. The left has done this and it’s worked for them. I think the right is starting to do that and Republican governors are starting to really push back on this in a formidable way for the first time really,” Reynolds said.

In short, we need to start using their tactics against them. We can make a difference. We already have.

(The relevant portion begins at 15:30.)