Biden Fails to Recognize D-Day, Tweets About 1921 Tulsa Massacre Instead

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Sunday, June 6, was the 77th anniversary of D-Day, the most significant date in the history of World War II. The Allied invasion of Normandy was the largest amphibious assault ever carried out. It marked the start of the two month long Battle of Normandy which ultimately liberated France from the German occupation.

Historians have calculated the number of confirmed Allied fatalities on that first day alone to be 4,415, according to the National D-Day Memorial. Total Allied casualties are estimated at nearly 10,000. Codenamed “Operation Overlord,” the D-Day landing involved “over 5,000 ships, 11,000 airplanes, and over 150,000 service men.”

Allied heads of state have traditionally marked this day of remembrance by honoring the brave men who sacrificed so much on the shores of Normandy so that we may enjoy freedom today.

Two years ago, then-President Donald Trump delivered one of the most powerful speeches of his presidency on the anniversary of D-Day. He even drew praise from critics such as MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and CNN’s Jim Acosta.

Not so for President Joe Biden, who neglected to acknowledge the momentous occasion at all. Instead, he chose to pay tribute to the survivors of the 1921 Tulsa Massacre.

My intention is not to minimize the atrocity which occurred on May 31, 1921 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is arguably the single most tragic day in the history of racial violence in the U.S. I posted about the National Black Power Convention held last weekend in Tulsa to mark this sad chapter in history here.

For those who may be unfamiliar with this event, in the early 1900s, a large number of African Americans settled in the Greenwood district of Tulsa.

According to, the neighborhood “grew and flourished as a Black economic and cultural mecca—until May 31, 1921. That’s when a white mob began a rampage through some 35 square blocks, decimating the community known proudly as ‘Black Wall Street.’ Armed rioters, many deputized by local police, looted and burned down businesses, homes, schools, churches, a hospital, hotel, public library, newspaper offices and more. While the official death toll of the Tulsa race massacre was 36, historians estimate it may have been as high as 300. As many as 10,000 people were left homeless.”

The events that took place 100 years ago in Tulsa were heinous. No one is denying that.

But Biden had already acknowledged the anniversary. He traveled to Tulsa last Tuesday to commemorate the occasion.

He spoke to survivors. His comments ranged from the ludicrous to the downright dangerous. Please read my post “Biden Managed a Trifecta of Stupid in His Tulsa Massacre Speech” to see for yourself just how disturbing his remarks really were.

The Tulsa Massacre anniversary rated a trip to Oklahoma, but the memory of D-Day, a date that changed the course of world history, didn’t elicit even a mention from the President of the United States.

Biden’s failure to recognize D-Day tells us, and our foreign adversaries, a lot about his and his administration’s priorities.

During his speech last week in Tulsa, Biden said, “According to the intelligence community, terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today. Not ISIS, not Al Qaeda, white supremacy. That’s not me. That’s the intelligence community.”

On Sunday night, former Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, now a Fox News contributor, concluded his new Fox News program by posing a question to those who can’t answer, those who sacrificed their lives on D-Day. A visibly emotionally Gowdy asked: “Was it worth it?”

“Was it worth it to the men and the women who were killed serving, protecting and defending this country?, Gowdy asked. ” … You might frame the question differently, you may ask, ‘Are we worth it?’ Are we now, as a country, what you sacrificed for us to be? Are we worth, as a country, worth what you gave up? … ”

He continued: “I do wonder sometimes what those women and men who died on behalf of this country would say. … When we reflect on the state of our politics, was it worth dying for? When we reflect on what has become of our first amendment, was it worth losing your life over? When we reflect on the divisions in our country, these divisions that seem so intractable at times, was it worth dying for? … ”

“Have we become the country you imagined we would be when you fought and fell for us? Is this the America you dreamed of when you were taking your last breath? … ”

If you were an eighteen-year-old boy traveling aboard a “Higgins boat” headed for Normandy, nauseous from the rough seas, frightened out of your mind because you knew you might lose your life in the next few hours, would it be worth it?

Perhaps five months ago, when we had a patriotic president who loved America, the answer might have been yes. But what if they were shown a clip of Biden or House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spewing their stupidity? Desperately trying to take away our liberties for the sake of political power? Or Dr. Anthony Fauci conspiring with his cronies in the world scientific community to turn the lab leak theory into a conspiracy theory? What if they were shown a clip of Rep. Adam Schiff trying to impeach a president over what he knew to be lies? What would they think about H.R. 1, the Democrats’ latest attempt to consolidate power for years to come?

The answer might be no. Because they would see that the most dangerous threat America faces today is our own government.

Will Biden Accept Xi Jinping’s Olive Branch or Will He Put America First?

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It appears that Chinese President Xi Jinping feels the chill.

Did it finally dawn on him that other countries got a little ruffled after China unleashed a pandemic on the world and then lied about it? They also got a little touchy when China sent an aircraft carrier task group and warplanes to simulate a siege on their mutual ally, Taiwan, in April and then forced an overhaul of Hong Kong’s electoral system. Perhaps they’re also upset about the human rights abuses against the Uyghurs and, of course, the theft of their valuable intellectual property.

And about a thousand other reasons.

Chinese state media outlet Xinhua News Agency reported that Xi would now like to project a “credible, lovable and respectable China” to the world.

In what the South China Morning Post called a “study session of the Politburo,” Xi told senior leaders the country needs to “make friends extensively, unite the majority and continuously expand its circle of friends with those who understand and are friendly to China.”

The Post acknowledges that “negative perceptions of China [are] at record high levels in many parts of the world” and says the Chinese President hopes “to repair the country’s coronavirus-hit image and win a battle of narratives with the US and its allies.”

The BBC reported that Xi called on the Communist Party news agencies to send the message that the government wanted “nothing but the Chinese people’s happiness and good fortune.”

The article noted that Xi’s remarks amount to a “rare admission of Beijing’s isolation.”

Perhaps the fact that the world has now opened their eyes to the lab leak theory has something to do with it. Because it may be impossible to ever prove that COVID originated from the lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology without China’s cooperation, their refusal to provide that information should prevent any country from trusting them again.

Does Xi believe that the world will instantly put aside the tremendous damage that China has caused in the last year and a half and the belligerence with which they have acted? Unfortunately, as far as the spineless, conflicted President Joe Biden is concerned, he may be right.

It will be hard to forget the defiant and cutting tone of the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian in the early months of the pandemic. Zhao was behind the conspiracy theory that the virus was brought to Wuhan by the U.S. Army when 300 soldiers traveled there in mid-October 2019 for the Military World Games. On March 12, 2020, Zhao sent the following tweet:

Or his sarcastic successor, Hua Chunying. Below, she taunts a State Department official on Twitter with a reference to George Floyd.

Or the unbelievably undiplomatic treatment of U.S. diplomats at the March meeting in Alaska by the Chinese Director of the Office of the Central Commission for Foreign Affairs Yang Jiechi.

Or top Chinese General Xu Qiliang’s refusal to acknowledge Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s three attempts to contact him in May.

The international friendships Xi claims to seek should only be possible after some form of amends. Perhaps some ownership of the pandemic, for starters.

However, some nations, dependent on China for trade, may accept his olive branch. Other nations, with weak, possibly compromised leaders like Joe Biden might also fall in line.

This is precisely the type of situation that many of us had feared prior to the election. We were concerned that his son’s, his brother James’ and possibly his own past business dealings with China would prevent him from putting America’s interests first, making him a national security risk.

Will Biden give China a pass? Unfortunately, he might.

Putin, Lavrov to Biden: Sure We’ll Talk About Human Rights: Let’s Start With the Jan. 6 Rioters

Photo Credit: Image by Michael Siebert from Pixabay

President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold a summit in Geneva, Switzerland on June 16.

During a Memorial Day Service at Veterans Memorial Park in Wilmington, Delaware on Sunday, Biden pledged that he would press his Russian counterpart on human rights issues.

Biden said, “I’m meeting with President Putin in a couple weeks in Geneva making it clear we will not, we will not stand by and let him abuse those rights,” according to Reuters.

On Monday, Agence France Presse reported that Putin and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov are delighted to discuss human rights issues with the American president. They plan to question Biden about the rights of the Jan. 6 Capitol rioters, some of whom still remain incarcerated.

Speaking to reporters, Lavrov said, “Of course, we will be ready to discuss everything, including problems that exist in the United States.”

He said, “Putin could raise the January 6 protests in support of Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump.” Lavrov noted that the Russian government was monitoring the “persecution” of the Jan. 6 protestors and the “protection of opposition rights” in the U.S. “A lot of interesting things are happening there.”



A good day for Biden is being able to read a speech off of a teleprompter without a serious blunder.

I don’t think he’s capable of matching wits with Vladimir Putin.

Aside from his waning cognitive abilities, Biden fails to grasp that he has lost the moral high ground. For over four months, he and his party have ignored the Constitution and stomped all over the Bill of Rights. He doesn’t get to lecture Putin about human rights.

The Democrats’ portrayal of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot as an insurrection and the FBI’s subsequent overzealous efforts to hunt down those who “stormed the Capitol” with unwarranted and often dramatic arrests to bolster their false narrative is seen clearly by the rest of the world. Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping, in particular, recognize authoritarian tactics when they see them.

The Department of Justice told CBS News that as of May 6, there had been 440 arrests and they were planning 100 more. According to CBS:

More than 125 defendants have been charged with assaulting, resisting or impeding officers or employees, and at least 35 of those were charged with using a deadly or dangerous weapon, the Department of Justice said. About 140 officers were assaulted during the attack, according to a Justice Department spokesperson.

More than 350 were charged with entering or remaining in a restricted building or grounds, and more than 35 were charged with entering the Capitol with a dangerous or deadly weapon, the spokesperson said.

Just as Chinese diplomats proved that China had neither fear nor respect for Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his team at their March talks in Alaska, Putin will show he has neither fear nor respect for Biden when the two meet in Geneva.

Putin intends to humiliate Biden at this meeting just as he did the last time they met. The occasion was Biden’s 2011 state visit to Moscow.

This little known episode was not reported by the press at the time. Most of us only learned about it after former White House stenographer Mike McCormick published a book about his six years (2011-2017) spent at Biden’s side as he met with world leaders, delivered speeches and interacted with members of the media. The book is entitled “Joe Biden Unauthorized: And the 2020 Crackup of the Democratic Party.”

It’s important to remember that, contrary to Biden’s current frail condition, he was at the top of his game in 2011. But even in his prime, Biden was never considered a formidable or even a particularly strong leader. Putin’s lack of respect for the U.S. Vice President was unmistakable, even then.

Ahead of the meeting, McCormick notes that Biden’s staffers had “made a big deal about how Putin really dominated the conversation [with] Obama” during his visit to Russia. They were sure that Biden, because of his “decades of Senate foreign policy experience,” would never allow that to happen.

During a joint news conference with Putin, Biden “launched into a soliloquy about his visits to Russia during the Cold War,” McCormick told The Free Beacon. Suddenly, Biden’s microphone was cut off. Then “the press lighting was switched off, and Putin’s aides ushered the media out of the room.”

Biden was saying, “I’ve been around a long time. The first time I was here…”

“And… cut.”

“Joe Biden got about one sentence further into that spiel when off went his microphone, off went the lights for the TV cameras, and stern Russian voices were commanding the press to leave. And leave they did,” McCormick wrote in a March article about the incident.

He added, “They went out quickly and efficiently, with videocameras popping off of tripods. Equipment snapping shut. Portable lights clattering down retractable poles. No one spoke, and no one dared linger.”

Putin had “publicly humiliated” Biden.

“He basically got body-slammed by Putin, really. I mean, I don’t know how else to describe it,” McCormick told the Beacon. “To me it was like, here’s our great foreign policy expert and he just got punk’d. And Vladimir Putin just had no fear or respect for him.”

Unsurprisingly, news of this very public, very deliberate indignity “never made it into media coverage of the trip.”

Recounting this moment in his book, McCormick wrote: “[Putin’s] message was unmistakable: I’m in charge of the room, I’m in charge of my country, and I’m in charge of the reset. As you might imagine, the vice president’s staffers were furious with the Russians. I was instructed to have the transcript reflect how the vice president had been cut off in mid-sentence.”

The official White House transcript reads: “VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: There’s a reason, Mr. Prime Minister. Mr. Prime Minister, I’ve been around a long time. The first time I was here — the second time I was here, I was meeting with President Brezhnev. We were trying to pass SALT II — END”

McCormick described the scene in the immediate aftermath of the snub in his article. “This was Putin in all his KGB ruthlessness. Whether by some prearranged signal or simply an undisclosed time limit, he had pulled the plug and done the unthinkable: he’d stolen Joe Biden’s audience and rendered him speechless. Shut him down in mid-sentence with the flick of an invisible switch.”

“Across the table,” he wrote, “I could see Vice President of the United States Joe Biden, in the now dimly lit room, looking as duped as an exhausted fish in the bottom of a boat. No protest, no complaint. No, hey, I wasn’t finished. Nothing. He was humiliated.”

“To me, the revelation was the premeditated precision of the snub. Putin or his team had likely plotted this all out. They knew exactly what bait to use, exactly how Joe Biden would take it, and then when he did, they reeled him helplessly in.”

“The most powerful man in Russia had neither fear nor respect for Joe Biden. He had just played with him for sport.”

Ten years have past. The two will be together on the world stage. Biden is much diminished and Putin is as sharp as ever.

I don’t imagine this will end well.

Huge ‘Trump Won – Save America’ Flag Displayed at Yankee Stadium … Briefly

Photo Credit: Image by StudioLabs from Pixabay

Two men displayed an oversize flag from the second deck at New York’s Yankee Stadium which said, “Trump Won – Save America” on Thursday night.

A pretty audacious thing to do, I would say!

Unfortunately, the shining moment didn’t last long. According to a report in The New York Post, many in the crowd reacted with boos and security guards were seen escorting the men out of the stadium, one of them in handcuffs.

I wonder if, just as those who dared to mention the Wuhan lab leak “theory” were labeled as conspiracy theorists until about a week ago, those who talk about the “Big Lie” will be vindicated one day. It’s looking more possible by the day.


In the Facebook video below, the crowd is shown cheering as the men were escorted out of the stadium.

Man Poses as Pro-Hamas Activist on College Campus; Finds Overwhelming Support Among Students

Photo Credit: Image by DEZALB from Pixabay

Ami Horowitz is most definitely a conservative. He is known for conducting “man on the street” interviews to gauge public sentiment on the issues of the day.

Horowitz, a modern Orthodox Jew, traveled to Portland State University in deep blue Portland, Oregon, to film his most recent video, “Watch me raise money for Hamas to kill Jews.”

Posing as a pro-Hamas activist, he approaches students, tells them he’s seeking donations to destroy Israel and the students, amazingly, are completely receptive. They tell Horowitz: “Okay awesome!” and “Hey good luck.”

In the brief course of the video, he explains to numerous students that: “We’re raising money for American Friends of Hamas. … We’re not your father’s terrorist organization. We’ve kind of evolved beyond that. … We’ve kind of rebuilt and rebranded ourselves.”

“Hamas is where it’s at. We’re raising money to do what we do as Hamas. We want to fund operations against Israel,” Horowitz tells a pair of students. “The types of attacks we’re talking about are – cafes and schools, you know, soft targets. … Make em feel it.”

To others, he adds, “Hospitals … Shopping malls … Civilian populations … Places of worship. This is the kind of stuff we’re talking about.” They understand completely.

“This is the only way you can fight back really. Suicide bombers are all we’ve got. It’s the poor man’s F-15.”

“Right, right,” replies a student.

“We’re essentially the logical extension of BDS. It’s like BDS, the next level, that’s what we’re doing. We’re like BDS plus.” Heads nod in complete approval.

“We’re looking to wipe Israel off the map. We’re looking to destroy Israel. We don’t want just Gaza. We want to have all of Israel,” Horowitz says.

The student totally gets it because, “I’ve actually been learning about it, in this last school year, about everything that’s going on over there. I like the sound of what you’re doing. It sounds like a great thing to do.”

“We just want to get rid of Israel. It’s for the Palestinians. … If you feel like donating to help the cause, that’d be great.”

“Definitely,” the student answers.

“This is all about peace and love. We’ve got to fight back against the oppressors. To get peace, you’ve first got to destroy some stuff, you know.”

They know.

Each of the students Horowitz spoke to were completely on board with his “worthy cause.” Donations ranged from $5 to $27. The young woman who agreed to give $27 said that’s what she had donated to [Sen.] Bernie [Sanders].

None of the students expressed opposition which doesn’t necessarily mean they all agreed with Horowitz.

He could have chosen to exclude exchanges with students who pushed back, but I tend to doubt that. By doing so, he would risk harm to his reputation.

Some of the students may have either not known enough or, in some cases, anything about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but went along because they felt intimidated or simply wanted to avoid confrontation. Others may have even disagreed with Horowitz completely, but acquiesced for the same reasons.

Additionally, Horowitz chose a university located in one of the most liberal cities in the country. However, I don’t think his video would have been dramatically different had he gone to any other college campus in the U.S.

The point of this video is that a large number of college students were perfectly willing to donate to a man who tells them he’s planning to destroy Israeli civilian areas.

While we weren’t paying attention, our children were being indoctrinated with leftist ideologies in our schools and universities.

This is a problem because the students of today will be influencing U.S. policy in the future.

In recent weeks, we’ve witnessed pro-Palestinian groups attacking Jews in major U.S. cities. We’ve seen Democratic members of Congress express solidarity with Hamas.

In his inimitable style, “The Great One,” Fox News host Mark Levin, delivers a fiery rebuke to President Joe Biden, whom he calls “the human pandemic,” and to others in his party who have remained silent as the “poison” of anti-Semitism has grown within the Democratic Party.

Levin begins: “[Rep. Rashida] Tlaib [D-MN], who in my opinion is an out of the closet anti-Semite, and she’s joined by 20 or 30 others of the hard, Marxist, Hamas wing of the Democrat party. You have Omar and AOC and Pressley and Bush. You have Bernie Sanders … The Democrats in the House of Representatives voted unanimously against sanctioning Hamas last week during a time when Hamas was firing 4,000 missiles into Israel.”

He cites the unprecedented attacks on Jews and the vandalism on synagogues and other injustices and calls out Biden, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the attorney general, the DHS director and other administration officials for their silence. He asks, “How about the FBI director who says white supremacy is the great danger in this country. Is he blind to what’s happening? … Biden had to be lobbied by liberal Jewish groups and finally on Saturday, he put out a statement. … This is frightening.”

This is “happening all over the world,” he says, “but to be happening in the United States of America is absolutely appalling.”

Levin blames the Democratic Party, “because the Democrat Party is stirring this stuff up.” He mentions their bigoted and anti-Semitic social media posts.

He points out that “Arabs in Israel have more liberties, more due process rights, more property rights, more legal rights than Jews do in any country in any Arab or Muslim society, which means they have none.”

“And at the same time this is going on, you have Democrats embracing Black Lives Matter, which is a hate America, Marxist, anarchist, violent that is also anti-Semitic and backs the BDS movement.”

Watch the video:

The increase in anti-Semitic sentiment since Hamas began firing rockets into Israel two weeks ago is unmistakable. Even The New York Times recognizes it, which is saying something. On Wednesday, an article entitled, “U.S. Faces Outbreak of Anti-Semitic Threats and Violence,” said that, since the hostilities began, “synagogues have been vandalized and Jews have been threatened and attacked.” Although it’s clear whose side they’re on, at least they acknowledge what’s taking place.

Will our President acknowledge this? How about his Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, who encouraged U.S. embassies to fly Black Lives Matters flags on Tuesday, the one-year anniversary of “American hero” George Floyd’s death.

Will they do anything to stop it?

Afraid of What You Might Find? Stop Looking; Biden Ends Trump Admin Probe Into Covid Lab Leak Theory

Photo Credit: Image by Prawny from Pixabay

CNN reported that the Biden Administration has ended a Trump era investigation into the origins of Covid-19, according to “three sources familiar with the decision.” The inquiry was opened by former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo “last fall” and was recently closed because administration officials were concerned about the “quality of the evidence.”

CNN explained:

Those involved in the previously undisclosed inquiry, which was launched last fall by allies of then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, say it was an honest effort to probe what many initially dismissed: that China’s biological weapons program could have had a greater role in the pandemic’s origin in Wuhan, according to two additional sources.

But the inquiry quickly became mired in internal discord amid concerns that it was part of a broader politicized effort by the Trump administration to blame China and cherry-pick facts to prove a theory.

The decision to terminate the inquiry, which was run primarily out of the State Department’s arms control and verification bureau, was made after Biden officials were briefed on the team’s draft findings in February and March of this year, a State Department spokesperson said. Questions were raised about the legitimacy of the findings and the project was deemed to be an ineffective use of resources, explained a source familiar with the decision.

First, I think we can stop calling the probability that the coronavirus escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab a “theory.” As the report released last week by Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee indicated, “significant circumstantial evidence” points to a lab leak as the likely origin of the pandemic.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to prove or disprove the Committee’s findings because of the CCP’s obstruction.

Second, as Sen. Tom Cotton points out in the tweet below, if the Biden Administration is so concerned about the “quality of the evidence” from the State Department probe, why haven’t they opened their own investigation?

At the Monday White House briefing, Fox News’ Peter Doocy noted Sunday’s report in The Wall Street Journal which revealed that three researchers from the Wuhan lab had fallen ill in November 2019 and were hospitalized “with symptoms consistent with both Covid-19 and common seasonal illness.”

He asked press secretary Jen Psaki why the Biden Administration was not conducting an investigation into the lab leak theory. She replied: “We have repeatedly called for the [World Health Organization] WHO to support an expert-driven evaluation of the pandemic’s origins that is free from interference or politicization.”

They’re hopeful that the WHO can conduct “a more helpful, transparent Phase II investigation.”

Doocy pressed the issue leading Psaki to say, “I think you’re misunderstanding how this process actually works,” The U.S. can’t be “leaping ahead of an actual international process.”

Well, why the #&*$ not? Over 600,000 Americans have died as a result of this virus.

The WHO is so trustworthy, after all. On Jan. 14, 2020, they told the world, “Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel #coronavirus.”

After former President Donald Trump enacted a ban on flights from China, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus issued a statement which said, “there is no reason for measures that unnecessarily interfere with international travel and trade. WHO doesn’t recommend limiting trade and movement.”

The WHO is in cahoots with China and cannot be trusted.

The CNN article says, “the inquiry also came amid a broader effort by some in the Trump administration to look for ways to blame the Chinese government for the outbreak and deflect responsibility from its own handling of the virus,”

This has become a frequently repeated talking point from the left.

The bottom line is that Americans (and the rest of the world) need to know definitively where this virus came from for two reasons.

The first is to prevent this from ever happening again.

The second, and perhaps more important of the two, is we need to know the role of the CCP in the early days of the pandemic. We need to obtain a precise timeline so that we can compare it to the actions taken by the CCP.

Why did they wait so long to disclose the fact that a deadly pathogen had escaped from the Wuhan Lab? Why did they stop domestic flights into and out of Wuhan, but continue to allow international flights out of Wuhan? Why, it’s almost as if they were trying to spread the virus to the world.

To the Biden Administration, climate change and extremism in the ranks of the U.S. military remain the existential threats to our national security.

Why would they shut down an existing State Department investigation into the origins of the coronavirus? Because they either already know how it evolved or have a pretty good idea.

And if it’s proven that China has acted in bad faith, which is almost certain, they would be forced to hold China accountable.

Yesterday, I posted about Biden’s failure to confront China over the CCP-tied hacking group Hafnium’s major cyberattack on the Microsoft Exchange Server in March. Although the company and other cybersecurity firms who have assessed the breach have attributed the attack to the group, Biden refuses to call them out.

Yet in April, the administration formally blamed the massive SolarWinds cyberattack on Russia’s SVR, the country’s foreign intelligence service in a White House fact sheet. And Biden openly attributed the recent Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack to a hacker group called DarkSide which operates out of Russia.

Biden is a coward.

Simply put, he is afraid of what an investigation will reveal. And the actions he would have to take. For this president, ignorance is bliss.

Biden Includes Russia, But EXCLUDES China from His Cybersecurity Executive Order; Why?

Photo Credit: Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Cybercriminals launched a very serious attack on the Microsoft Exchange Server in March. After assessing the breach, the company’s “Threat Intelligence Center” concluded with “high confidence” the attack had originated in China, from the sophisticated Chinese hacking group, Hafnium, according to the MIT Technology Review. This group is said to have ties to the Chinese Communist Party. Outside cybersecurity experts agreed with Microsoft’s findings.

President Joe Biden signed an executive order on May 12, the purpose of which is “to improve the nation’s cybersecurity and protect federal government networks.” According to the White House fact sheet, “recent cybersecurity incidents such as SolarWinds, Microsoft Exchange, and the Colonial Pipeline incident are a sobering reminder that U.S. public and private sector entities increasingly face sophisticated malicious cyber activity from both nation-state actors and cyber criminals.”

The Washington Examiner’s Jerry Dunleavy finds it very strange that the Biden Administration has yet to acknowledge publicly that China is likely behind the cyberattack on the Microsoft Exchanger Server. He points out that, in April, the administration formally blamed the massive SolarWinds attack on Russia’s SVR, the country’s foreign intelligence service in a White House fact sheet.

Biden openly attributed the recent Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack to a hacker group called DarkSide which operates out of Russia.

That’s why the refusal of Biden Administration officials and agencies to name China as the source of the attack on the Microsoft Exchange Server strikes Dunleavy, actually many of us, as odd.

He is not exaggerating. Below, he describes the runaround he’s gotten from government agencies.

“A spokesperson for the National Security Agency told the Washington Examiner to reach out to the National Security Council. The NSC did not provide a comment. A spokesperson for DHS said to “please contact the FBI for help with this inquiry.” The FBI spokesperson said that “unfortunately, we do not have a comment.” A DOJ spokesperson said they “don’t have anything to share with you on this at this time.” A spokesperson for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency said that “we do not have a comment on attribution.” And the Office of the Director of National Intelligence did not respond to a request for comment.”

At a March White House press briefing, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan was asked if China was responsible for the Microsoft attack.

Sullivan replied, “I’m not in a position, standing here today, to provide attribution. But I do pledge to you that we will be in a position to attribute that attack at some point in the near future. And we won’t hide the ball on that. We will come forward and say who we believe perpetrated the attack.”

Except that they haven’t. No individual or agency within the administration will acknowledge the obvious.

Much of China’s progress been gained through theft.

Though tensions between the U.S. and China didn’t boil over until the pandemic hit, the Chinese have been trying to gain superiority over us for decades. They’ve held their vision of becoming the world’s dominant super power in their collective consciousness for so long, their ill will toward the U.S. has become impossible to hide.

They will lie, cheat, steal, threaten and even kill to reach their goal. They’ve become the bully of the world.

Cyberattacks have become their weapon of choice in recent years. The Week addressed this topic in an article entitled, “The most famous Chinese cyberattacks: How hackers made China one of ‘the world’s pre-eminent cyber players.’”

“Used as methods of espionage, state-sponsored data breaches and server hacks pose a significant threat to global security and public safety.”

“Cybercrime worldwide has risen by 600% during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to research published by business insurance company Embroker. Analysts point to China as one of the main culprits. Even before the virus hit, China had overtaken Russia as the biggest state sponsor of cyberattacks against the West, research has found – although Beijing tells a very different story.”

Yet, Biden refuses to call them out after their massive cyberattack on a U.S. company.

Is Biden afraid of Xi Jinping? It certainly looks that way. What would explain the administration-wide circle of protection around China?

Last week, a video emerged of a renowned Chinese professor who embodies the goals of the CCP.

New York based blogger Jennifer Zeng obtained the video and provided the translation of the professor’s remarks. Ping Chen told the group:

“In 2020, China won the trade war, science and technology war, and especially the biological war. The achievement is unprecedented. This is an epoch-making historical record. So for the liberal, America-worshiping cult within China, their worship of the US is actually unfounded. After this trade war and biological warfare, the US was beaten back to its original shape.”

“So I think Trump’s attempt to restore the declining international status of the US during his four years has failed. This failure is not only the failure of Trump’s personal campaign for re-election as president, but also the failure of the neo-liberalism-led globalization of the past four decades led by the US and the UK. Therefore, the development and modernization model of the US and Europe is not worthy of China’s imitation and repetition.”

Zeng directs readers to Ping’s curriculum vitae and a clip of his remarks.

Biden’s silence in the face of China’s crimes against America is a direct threat to U.S. national security.

Does anyone in his administration care?


This article was previously published by The Western Journal.

Economist/YouGov Poll Reveals Kamala Harris’ Serious Unpopularity; Problematic for Dems Chances in 2024

Photo Credit: Image by chayka1270 from Pixabay

An Economist/You Gov poll conducted in early May shows that Vice President Kamala Harris, whose failure to gain traction in the 2020 Democratic primary forced her to drop out of the race ahead of the Iowa caucuses, remains deeply unpopular.

The results show that 48 percent of U.S. adults hold a very or somewhat unfavorable opinion of Harris, 41 percent have a very or somewhat favorable opinion, and 10 percent don’t know.

As one would expect, a whopping 84 percent of Republicans view the Vice President unfavorably, 12 percent favorably and 4 percent are unsure.

The real problems for Harris are revealed by the numbers from Independents and Democrats. Nearly three out of five Independents, or 57 percent, regard her unfavorably and just 32 percent view her favorably. Eleven percent don’t know.

Among Democrats, 74 percent hold a favorable opinion, 19 percent unfavorable and eight percent don’t know. That one out of every five Democrats view the Vice President negatively, especially this early on in the administration, is problematic.

Although President Joe Biden says he will run in 2024, it’s a pretty sure bet he will be incapable of doing so. Due to the pandemic, he was able to run his 2020 campaign from his basement. Had COVID-19 not been a factor and he had been forced to run a traditional presidential campaign, he likely would have lost the race. As Biden’s cognitive decline continues to deteriorate, a conventional campaign, which would start two years from now, is inconceivable.

Harris very possibly may be the president by that time which is why her unpopularity matters.

Except for that one brief moment of glory during a Democratic presidential debate when Harris performed her well-rehearsed takedown of then-rival Joe Biden over busing and segregation, her numbers languished in the low single digits until she was forced to end her campaign in December 2019.

Harris’ popularity soared to 16 percent after her ambush on then-former Vice President Biden – only to fall back into the low single digits after she was dealt a fatal blow by rival Tulsi Gabbard, the former Democratic congresswoman from Hawaii.

Note too that, at the time of this debate in June 2019, Biden was still able to hold his own in the public arena. He wasn’t quite his old self, however, he spoke with relative ease and was able to recall legislation he had worked on. Now, two years later, he lapses into gibberish at times and his handlers must orchestrate each of his public appearances. Two years from now, the differences will be stark.

In the video below, Gabbard torches Harris’ record as the attorney general of California. Harris’ support never recovered from that exchange. (Gabbard’s remarks come at 4:00 and 5:40 in the video below.)

Harris is unquestionably a bright, accomplished woman, but she is unlikable and appears to be completely out of touch with ordinary Americans.

Aside from her reputation as a politician who will say or do whatever is necessary to achieve her goals, many find her habit of nervous laughter to be disconcerting.

For example, in March, a reporter asked Harris if she had plans to visit the southwestern border,

Initially, she appeared to be stunned by the question. Collecting herself, she replied, Uh … Um … Not today.” This was followed by laughter. How is that humorous?

Turning serious, she said, “I have before and I’m sure I will again. Yeah.”

I don’t think the Vice President actually finds the growing disaster funny. Her cackle, in my opinion, is a defense mechanism. When she is nervous, when she wants to deflect from an uncomfortable topic, she laughs. The reporter had obviously hit a nerve.

After Biden announced Harris as his running mate last summer, the dutiful media put on a full court press to revamp her image.

Even with all of the positive news coverage that ensued, Harris still remains unpopular. The majority of Americans simply don’t like her. This, combined with the Biden Administration’s radical transformation of America, will be a major challenge for Democrats going forward.

NYT Report: Behind Closed Doors, Biden is Short-tempered and Prone to Outbursts that are Laced with Profanity

Photo Credit: Image by Natalie Kirk from Pixabay

If one were asked to give their impression of President Joe Biden, they might say he’s just good old Joe. Although he’s never been known for his intellect, many view him as genial and conciliatory, a get-along kind of guy who’s always ready with a pat on the back for an ally.

According to The New York Times, that perception would be wrong. Behind closed doors, Biden’s “folksy demeanor” disappears. White House insiders claim he is short-tempered, demanding and prone to outbursts that are often laced with profanity.

It’s worth noting that this form of aggression is commonly seen in those with dementia.

The Times interviewed over two dozen current and former Biden associates for this article. I don’t recall hearing similar reports about Biden during his vice presidency or ever. Frankly, I’m surprised they decided to print it.

Which begs the question, why did they print it? Perhaps I’m reading too much into one article, but the New York Times is nothing, if not deliberate. Might this the first in a string of articles portraying Biden as unhinged, therefore unfit for the presidency? This would give Vice President Kamala Harris the green light to move on in, but I digress.

“Let’s talk plain English here, he will often snap,” we are informed.

“What emerges is a portrait of a president with a short fuse, who is obsessed with getting the details right — sometimes to a fault. … Quick decision-making,” the authors tell us, is not his “style.”

“On policy issues, Mr. Biden, 78, takes days or weeks to make up his mind as he examines and second-guesses himself and others. It is a method of governing that can feel at odds with the urgency of a country still reeling from a pandemic and an economy struggling to recover.”

Before arriving at a decision, Biden “demands hours of detail-laden debate from scores of policy experts, taking everyone around him on what some in the West Wing refer to as his Socratic ‘journey’ before arriving at a conclusion. … Avoiding Mr. Biden’s ire during one of his decision-making seminars means not only going beyond the vague talking points that he will reject, but also steering clear of responses laced with acronyms or too much policy minutiae, which will prompt an outburst of frustration, often laced with profanity.”

However, the authors are quick to note that, “He never erupts into fits of rage the way President Donald J. Trump did.”

Of course not.

The article describes Biden’s deliberative process over how to deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin for interfering in the November election and for their massive SolarWinds cyberattack last year. In late March, he reportedly told his National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, “I have to do it relatively soon.”

Even at that late point, Biden’s “deliberations were far from over,” the report said.

“At one point, Mr. Biden lectured a group of veteran Foreign Service officers and policy advisers on the nuances of Mr. Putin’s personality and tried to channel the Russian leader’s thinking. His conclusion: Mr. Putin wants his rivals to be blunt with him.”

Astonishingly, according to the Times, Biden is planning a 2024 run and he worries about how he will continue to “advance his agenda” if Republicans take back Congress in 2022.

He is right to worry about that.

As Biden prepares for the next day, he sometimes calls his advisors “as late as 10:30 or 11 p.m.” I’m amazed he’s ever up that late.

Several associates said that “Biden was quick to cut off conversations.”

“Three people who work closely with him said he even occasionally hangs up the phone on someone who he thinks is wasting his time.” Wow.

“Most” of those interviewed by the Times said the President had “little patience for advisers who cannot field his many questions.”

Former Biden speechmaker Dylan Loewe said, “You become so hyper-prepared. I’ve got to answer every conceivable question he can come up with.”

Biden lashed out at Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra in a March Oval Office meeting “for failing to have answers to his questions about the agency’s ability to take care of migrant children, according to two people familiar with the exchange.”

Chris Jennings, who was a health policy aide during Biden’s vice presidency told the Times, “He hates blandishing fast-talk that sounds like double speak. Doesn’t trust it, and he’s certain voters loathe it.”

The article discusses a March briefing about the border crisis with his top immigration advisers. He asked if any of them had visited the border. “He was met with silence, which prompted the predictable reaction: frustration. Four days later, the advisers — including the secretary of homeland security, Alejandro N. Mayorkas, and Susan Rice, the director of Mr. Biden’s Domestic Policy Council — arrived at the border to assess the situation.”

The obvious question is why hasn’t Biden himself or better yet, his appointed border czar, Kamala Harris, visited the border to see the consequences of their reckless immigration policies.

After that, the article segues into what Biden eats for lunch and dinner, how he dotes on his grandchildren and other unnecessary minutiae.

Here is what the New York Times actually finds newsworthy:

“Mr. Biden is usually back in the residence by 7 p.m. for dinner with the first lady. The president likes pasta with red sauce, while the first lady prefers grilled chicken or fish.”

“In the vice president’s residence, the staff was instructed to keep the kitchen stocked with vanilla chocolate chip Haagen-Dazs ice cream, Special K cereal, one bunch of red grapes, sliced cheese, six eggs, sliced bread, one tomato from the garden, and at least two apples on hand at all times, according to a preference sheet they kept at the home. Mr. Biden’s drink of choice: Orange Gatorade.”

Finally, “the staff was told not to serve leafy greens at events because Mr. Biden did not want to be photographed with any leaves in his teeth.”

Good idea.

Biden Crashes and Burns as White House Faces Multiple Crises Foreign and Domestic

Photo Credit: Image by Comfreak from Pixabay

A perfect storm is swirling around President Joe Biden at the moment as multiple crises, both foreign and domestic, have all struck at once. To make matters worse, some of them are the direct result of his own administration’s ill-advised policies. Is he even aware of them?

The problems began to snowball on Friday morning, when the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that only 266,000 jobs had been added to the economy in April. Wall Street had expected four times that number. The anemic jobs report reversed the string of steady declines in the unemployment rate, boosting it to 6.1 percent.

At the same time, the country is facing a serious labor shortage. “Help wanted” signs appear everywhere. In fact, the Bureau of Labor released new data on Tuesday which revealed “the number of job openings reached a series high of 8.1 million on the last business day of March.” But employers can’t fill positions because the Biden administration sees fit to pay many would-be workers more in unemployment benefits than they could earn at a job.

The government has created a disincentive to work.

Following the bleak employment report on Friday morning, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President and Chief Policy Officer Neil Bradley issued the following statement:

“The disappointing jobs report makes it clear that paying people not to work is dampening what should be a stronger jobs market. We need a comprehensive approach to dealing with our workforce issues and the very real threat unfilled positions poses to our economic recovery from the pandemic. One step policymakers should take now is ending the $300 weekly supplemental unemployment benefit. Based on the Chamber’s analysis, the $300 benefit results in approximately one in four recipients taking home more in unemployment than they earned working.”

Biden tried to put a positive spin on the story, “Today, there is more evidence our economy is moving in the right direction. This is progress. This is a testament to our new strategy. We’ve got work to do, to state the obvious, we have work to do.”

It certainly would appear so.

Fears that the Biden administration’s excessive spending would lead to high inflation were realized on Wednesday when the Labor Department reported that the Consumer Price Index in April had jumped 4.2 percent from a year earlier. According to CNBC, this was the largest year-over-year increase in inflation since September 2008, the start of the Great Recession.

On Saturday, Biden received the bad news that the Colonial Pipeline, which distributes close to 2.5 million barrels of fuel to states on the Eastern Seaboard, was forced to shut down after becoming the target of a ransomware cyber attack. Many states are experiencing severe gas shortages, causing long lines at the pumps and price increases.

Prior to the pipeline shutdown, gasoline prices were already up by an average of 75 cents per gallon since the Nov. 3 election. Forbes’ David Blackmon attributes this to the energy policies of the current administration.

“The markets clearly see the Biden/Harris administration as one that will work to inhibit U.S. oil production, which will also have the effect of tightening the global market, and traders have responded by driving up the price of crude oil,” Blackmon wrote.

How quickly the U.S. has gone from low gas prices and near energy independence to high prices and likely dependence on foreign oil.

The border crisis continues to spiral out of control. In April, 178,622 illegals were apprehended at the southern border, remaining at a 20-year-high.

Additionally, Palestinian militants in Gaza have fired over 1,000 rockets into Israel since Monday, according to a Wednesday BBC report:

“The deadly exchange of fire … has escalated significantly, with the UN fearing a ‘full-scale war.’ Israel has carried out hundreds of air strikes on Gaza, destroying three tower blocks and killing senior Hamas officials. At least 53 Palestinians and six Israelis have been killed since Monday,” the BBC reported.

Fox News senior editor Jeffrey Koffler reported that Biden is feeling the heat from both the left and the right over the conflict in Israel.

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This article was originally published by The Western Journal.