Less Is Certainly More

Photo Credit: Image by sergei akulich from Pixabay

I was just reading the news, or at least all of the news I can ingest without experiencing an equal and opposite intestinal reaction, and noticed a highly impactful story from our friends at Fox News about a 47-year-old woman who disappeared last year, only to be “found” by sheriff deputies. She survived a winter in the Utah front range, not exactly the Hilton of outdoor experiences.

How she made it alive through the winter without tons of necessary gear is a mystery (and a great potential embarrassment to any and all professional preppers), but I am guessing that she had some level of physical, mental and emotional preparedness.

The Fox article reports that the woman wasn’t crazy:

Although the woman had struggled to find an adequate food supply over winter, [Sgt. Spencer] Cannon commended her resourcefulness in foraging grass and moss.

Cannon added that the woman’s campsite was well maintained and organized. He also shared that the woman is “very intelligent” and “has held highly respected jobs.”

With apologies to Charlotte (one of my favorite literary characters); my delicate, woven web message would be “some woman”.

Why she attempted it, to me, is the bigger question. The Fox news article explained that “Her motivation was, in part, for solitude and isolation,” Sgt. Spencer Cannon told Fox News in an email.

Wow.  I’ve driven by the Spanish Fork area on several occasions – it’s beautiful and if you would pick a place to starve to death or perish from the elements, you couldn’t find a more perfect landscape.

My lizard cortex jumps to the forefront of my brain and takes control. … Running from? Running to? Running away? Running towards?  Running, running, r.u.n.n.o.f.t. (Oh Brother, extra credit if you remember that line).

Mr. Narrator (interrupts):  “Richard Edward!  Stop! Deep breath! This woman wasn’t running in fear. Read the statement from Sgt. Cannon. She was running towards a better place, a more sane and serene place. She was running towards health and well-being.”

Richard Edward: “Okay, Mr. Narrator. I’ll consider your opinion. … But why risk death and/or being eaten by a bear for a little solitude? C’mon man, there are spas for that kind of thing, aren’t there? Does getting away from it all have to be a death-defying act? What ever happened to quiet and essential oils?”

Mr. Narrator: “Why do you really think she was running, Richard Edward? You think she was looking for just for a little solitude? Look around you and tell me what is happening. I think maybe she was looking for less. Yes, less of the following things.”

“Critical Race Theory is encroaching on every aspect of our lives. If you are white, you are the worst thing since spam was invented. Not guilty about being white? You should be. Just ask any race hustler who is working their corner.”

“Illegal immigrants are now the disadvantaged people of choice – they’re treated better than U.S. citizens. They’re more deserving of government help in difficult times. Just ask the Biden administration. Break the law to get here, no worries, come on down!”

“Mask up, dude! Every local governmental official below the office of county dog catcher governor is exercising their appropriated power to tell you what to do and how to behave in public.”

“Drug addled thugs from Minneapolis are celebrated as heroes. Cops who risk their lives everyday are the new Brownshirts of our society. Is this law and order you can count on to keep you safe?”

“Felons are released back into the community without so much as an overnight stint in the local jail, much less required to post bail. Local DAs are practicing a catch and release program. No chair to sit on when the legal music stops? No problem, just keep playing the game, we’ve got your felonious back.”

“I could go on Richard Edward, but answer me honestly, do you think this woman was comfortable walking the streets of her neighborhood, living daily life in her home, encountering her woke neighbors, the shopkeepers in her community, the roving activists with megaphones bellowing that Black Lives Matter, interacting with any level of her government representatives for assistance while constantly having to be aware of her skin color and supposed privilege?”

Richard Edward: “You mean she was running toward a life without ‘woke’ standards? A lifestyle that used to value people as people, and not as generalized identities based upon skin color and political views?

Mr. Narrator: “Yes Richard Edward. She was running towards sanity. She was running towards a life of truth. She was running towards a life of value, not virtue signals.”

Richard Edward: “We don’t have that kind of community any more. We can’t escape the all-encompassing theory of Critical Race Theory. The woke brigade now rules the planet and our daily behavior.”

Mr. Narrator:  “Richard Edward, you will someday wake up and realize that less truly is more. Less critical race theory, less government rules and regulations, less illegal immigration, less leniency to convicted felons, less government spending, less taxes, less politics, less of everything that steals your individual American rights. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was considered to be an architectural genius and his Bahus style of design influenced generations of architects. He is synonymous with ‘less is more’. Minimal intrusion, by architecture, on lifestyle.“

Richard Edward: “I get it now. This woman who ran away to a Utah campsite in Spanish Fork is more than an architectural genius. She didn’t run away to build a minimalist building, she ran toward liberty and self-reliance. She ran away from a life in the popular culture gulag and toward a life of independence. She ran toward freedom.”

If you think that a life in the wilderness could be better than a life in the Democrat-controlled matrix, please leave Richard Edward and Mr. Narrator a comment about why.

— Richard Edward Tracy

Babylon Bee: CIA Replaces Waterboarding With 12-Hour Lectures On Intersectional Feminism

Photo Credit: Image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay

On Wednesday, I posted about the completely over the top new CIA recruitment ad which must be seen to be believed.

I wrote that the left has taken their “woke” identity politics way too far and have now entered parody territory. They’ve become so unreasonable in fact, I suggested we launch a ridicule campaign against them which, according to the late radical “community organizer” Saul Alinsky, is one of the most effective tools in politics.

Rules for Radicals No. 5:  “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.”

In that spirit, I present to you a little parody from the Babylon Bee:

(Watch) Black Man Asks D.C. Cop ‘Are Y’All Gonna Kill Me Like Ma’Khia Bryant?’; Gets the Smackdown he Deserves

Photo Credit: Image by mjimages from Pixabay

Police were called to the parking lot of what looks to be an apartment building in Washington, D.C.

A black man called out to one of the officers, “Are, y’all gonna kill me like Ma’Khia Bryant? F**k.”

The officer (who is black) replies, “Are you gonna stab somebody like her?”

The agitator was stunned by the officer’s clever comeback and  said, “No. She, but she called y’all for help. F**k is you talking about? Get your goofy a–, I can’t. And you just said that on camera! This sh*t going viral! This…”

Officer, “That’s fine.”

Well done, officer!


Truth-Teller in Chief?

Photo Credit: Image by Alexandra A life without animals is not worth living from Pixabay

How often do you read or listen to the radio, television or an internet news publication and then almost immediately stop and think to yourself, “What the heck, are they serious?” In my case, it’s usually ‘Whaaaa?,’ followed by my internal monolog of ‘I’ll take ‘Things that Didn’t Happen for $200, Alex’.

This surprise at the facts seems to be happening to me with ever increasing velocity. Lately, I read about untrue race hoaxers with increasing regularity, those graduates of the Al Sharpton School of Inflammatory Lies; people like Twanna Brawley, Jussie Smollet, Dauntarius Williams (as reported by the Wichita Eagle) or the yet-to-be-named idiot who single-handedly shut down the Albion campus, reported in the American Crisis. I just shake my head in disbelief. Why, how, who benefits?

Nasty stuff and it turns out its even nastier when false. Even if we find out it didn’t happen, it’s always investigated and reported as a hoax way too late; the lie about what didn’t happen is already embedded into the lexicon of popular culture and could be fueling the next round of those ‘mostly peaceful’ protests.  Damage done.

The ‘news’ organizations?  They seem to pass on as much uninvestigated dreck as those who start the falsehoods. Two plus years of Russian/Trump campaign collusion sound familiar? Good little lad Treyvon Martin vs. that awful white-Hispanic George Zimmerman, anyone?

Government spokespersons? Ever force yourself to sit through a White House press briefing? Hard to tell what’s worse; the implied narrative ‘question’ that rambles on longer than a broken Biden synapse or the dog’s breakfast of tangentially related factoids of an answer from the spokesperson at the podium.

I think to myself, where is that unvarnished source of truth that we so desperately need? Where can we go to get the facts, and nothing but the facts, about the events of the day? Didn’t we used to have a place like this?

Mr. Narrator (interrupts): “Richard Edward, you know who you are missing. Think a little harder about it and the name will come to you.”

Richard Edward: “Well, I usually say, when I see something that I think is bogus, ‘I’ll take things that didn’t happen for $200, Alex’…..”

Yes! I remember now. George Alexander Trebek, the greatest source of correct answers in the world. You knew in your knower that when Alex gave you the correct answer, there was no way on God’s earth that he was mistaken. Mr. Trebek and his merry band of fact gatherers were the best on the planet. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, FBI, NSA, CIA – you guys don’t have nutin’ on Alex and his gang.

Mr. Narrator:  “I knew it would come to you, Richard Edward. Mr. Trebek was always one of your heroes. His intelligence obvious, his personality engaging and maybe most importantly, his ability to deliver the correct answer to the contestants who got it wrong was always gracious, without condescension.”

Richard Edward: “Mr. Narrator, we really need Mr. Trebek, or someone like him, in our world … especially in the world of news reporting. I need someone whom I can trust when I hear them speak. I want to listen to someone who can deliver good and bad news, without any bias. I want to listen to someone who will raise his or her own eyebrows when they read the news, especially when they themselves find the story suspect. I want someone who can admit that they didn’t know the answer or need more facts before they can give an answer.”

“Mr. Narrator, as I search the net and change channels on my LCD display, I feel like Diogenes, casting about in the world of news anchors and reporters, hoping for success before my candle burns out.”

Mr. Narrator: “Ain’t gonna happen Richard Edward. Nowadays, good news is considered to be fast news, truth aside. If you aren’t first, you lose.”

“No bias? Don’t you know everyone who isn’t a POC is racist? Yep, heard it on the news just last week. Can’t trust a racist, can we?”

“Solid sources? C’mon man, anonymous sources close to the _____ are so much easier to create and quote. You really think anyone is going to go on record in this day of cancel culture, anyway?”

“You want honesty, Richard Edward?  Marry a lie detector operator. You want nothing but the truth? Well, even if a story isn’t completely true, ask any reporter why it’s better to be ‘directionally’ correct, to give the impetus to the narrative – they can always make adjustments for the facts as they appear, weave them into the narrative, at a later date.”

In my ‘knower’, I believe that Mr. Narrator is correct. Facts and truth have become causalities of speed and agenda. Is there any candidate in our culture who can wear the mantle of unvarnished truth giver? (I’ve got two people in mind, but the jury is still out on both and besides that, one of them is a lawyer).

Is that why Mr. Trebek was so popular? I mean, it was just a game show, right? Was it just his pleasing, engaging personality or was it something more? Did he become, albeit in our collective subconscious, our speaker of truth, our trusted voice, the source of fact? Who would you trust more back in the day, Mr. Trebek, Mr. Politician or Mr. Newscaster?

If, like Richard Edward and Mr. Narrator, you feel America needs a new, truth-teller-in-chief, please leave us a comment.  Feel free to nominate someone in your comment and give old Diogenes a hand.

— Richard Edward Tracy

Arizona Tracy and the Virus of Doom

Photo Credit: Image by Ed Zilch from Pixabay

I am sitting at my work station, contemplating the state of my State and more largely, my beautiful America. Did we have a real State of the Union address this year? Does it matter, either way? Where are we when we contemplate the matter of the health of the American culture? So many aspects of my life seem so different than they did a mere 18 months ago. But not just slightly different, they feel irreparably changed. Will I ever be able to go outside without a mask? Will I ever be able to walk the streets of my hometown without being an assumed racist, simply because of my gender, ethnicity and skin color? Will I have to continue to live with the new, woke concepts of intersectionality and diversity, along with the word salad that is used to define them? Will it ever again be morning in America?

I am on a quest to find hard news, not just some radical left-wing interpretation of events accompanied by a screed telling me how I should feel about said interpretation. In that process, I’m continually confronted by ledes, headlines and proclamations from the elected (and non-elected) elite that remind me just how precarious my life situation really is.

President and CEO of Levi Strauss & Co. Chip Bergh said Friday on CNN’s “Newsroom” that his company is advocating for so-called gun control because “gun violence is ripping this country apart.”

Wow, an internationally known jean-maker who thinks guns are evil and that America is being ripped apart because of them. Is there anything guns can’t do?

CDC Director Declares Racism a Serious Public Health Threat; Actually Wokeness is a Bigger Threat

I thought COVID (or maybe morbid obesity from the lockdown) was supposed to be my worst health fear?

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Mexican Cartels Control the U.S. Border, Says Rep. Chip Roy

The ongoing immigration crisis is caused by Mexican cartels and the federal government is turning a blind eye, Texas Congressman Chip Roy argues. “The most important thing for the American people to understand is that cartels control the border,” Congressman Roy said.

Lawless gangs/cartel thugs in charge of the US southern border? What in blazes? Now what?

Wait, is that a song I hear, low down in the place where my memories are supposed to reside?

Mr. Narrator (interrupts): “Richard Edward, you’re just hearing things again. There is no one here but me.”

Richard Edward: “No, no Mr. Narrator, I hear something. It sounds like country music. Listen, you’ll recognize it sooner or later, just like I will. Reach way, way back in your memory to the days when television was still popular.”

There it is again, but this time it’s louder, a catchy little tune:

Gloom, despair and agony on me.

Deep, dark depression, excessive misery.

If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.

 Gloom, despair and agony on me.

Ah ha, I remember it now. This was a skit, a funny poke at all the ‘sad sacks’ of the day, moaning about their fate in life when as things weren’t going their way.

Then I think about this memory a little more. Why does this not feel very funny? Funny? This little ditty is now a downer. Why do I feel like this is the prevailing mood over much of the country? Are things really this bad, or am I just being told that my world is garbage by a media that competes for eyeballs with ledes that bleed?

Mr. Narrator: “Richard Edward, you’ve been reading too much news. Just because President Biden signed some meaningless EO’s about firearms and some CEO of a large successful American corporation said that gun violence is ripping the country apart doesn’t mean it is. Look at the actual FBI stats. … Not true.”

“Just because a high-ranking CDC official is purporting that racism is a serious public health threat doesn’t mean you will catch it and die a horrible death, attached to a anti-racist ventilator and diversity IV drip….”

“Just because a US Congressman is telling us that the illegal immigrant surge at the southern U.S. border is being controlled and leveraged by Mexican gangs…well, okay, maybe they have one side of the border under control. It’s just too bad that we can’t seem to do the same for our side, but it’s not a permanent condition. Remember how it was under President Trump?”

Richard Edward: “Mr. Narrator, still, isn’t this all horrible? I feel like America is reeling like a prize fighter in the 10th round, one who has been pummeled unmercifully during the previous nine. How can we continue on when we can’t even enjoy life without the fear of guns appearing out of nowhere, the racism health risk hovering about, just waiting to pounce on us when we demask and — ”

Mr. Narrator (interrupts, again): “Richard Edward, full stop. If anything is infecting you, it’s the woke radical left’s virus of doom. This virus is spread by media’s inaccurate reporting, by radical left’s woke talking points that haven’t been scrubbed by the light of truth and by the ignorance of those who believe that they will find comfort in the arms of socialists and their authoritarian governments.”

“Richard Edward, think! Who controls your ultimate destiny?  Who created the heavens above and the earth on which you stand?  Who knows the count of the hairs on your head even as in your case, Richard Edward, His job being a little more difficult as you lose more and more of them every day?  Who has the power to deliver you from the lion’s den, from the Pharaohs in DC and from this proposed hell-on-earth, a socialist democrat work-in-process?”

Richard Edward: “You are so right. Why do I despair? I know my eternal future and I know that He can deliver me from circumstances that seem overwhelming. I need to quit being afraid. I need to stop focusing on the negative and I need to start being positive, spreading truth. Encouraging lawful and civil behavior. I need to stop believing that everything I read in the media is fact-based. To paraphrase one of my favorite presidents, Don’t Trust, Always Verify.”

Our world hasn’t been perfect since we left the Garden. I sometimes (too often) forget that a fallen state is our normal state. In my desire to have and see things better than they are, I forget that we are supposed to be salt, here to preserve the good as we find it. If we are here to be salt, goodness must need preserving. If you agree that our beautiful America is worth preserving, please leave us a comment.

—  Richard Edward Tracy

VA High School Teacher Rebukes Student Who Refused to See Race in a Photo; Doesn’t End Well for the Teacher

Photo Credit: Image by Hatice EROL from Pixabay

A high school teacher held up a photograph of two girls standing back to back, one of whom was white and the other black. The caption on the photo asks, “What is race?”

He asks his students what they see in the picture. The exchange that follows took place in an advanced English classroom in the very affluent town of Ashburn, Virginia.  It was caught on video and published by Fox News.

One boy replies, “Just two people chillin’.”

“Right, just two people,” the teacher says. “Nothing more to that picture?”

“Nah, not really. Just two people chillin’.”

“I don’t believe that you believe that. I don’t believe that you look at this as just two people,” the teacher tells him.

“It truly is just two people though, is it not?”

“I think you’re being intentionally coy about what this is a picture of,” the teacher replies.

This continues and finally the student says, “I’m confused on what you would like me to speak on…”

I don’t think you are, I don’t know why you do this…You act as if there’s noting noticeable about this apart from the fact there are two people.”

“Well, I’m confused. Are you trying to get me to say that there are two different races in this picture?” the student asks.

“Yes, I am asking you to say that,” the teacher says.

“Well, at the end of the day, wouldn’t that just be feeding into the problem of looking at race instead of just acknowledging them as two normal people?”

“No, it’s not because you can’t look at the people and not acknowledge that there are racial differences, right?

“But, if we’re looking for equality within all this, then why would we need to point out things such as that?

“Because those differences are real things.”


My parent’s generation was very cognizant of race. But as each new generation followed, race gradually began to recede into the background.

When my own children were going through school in the 2000s and beyond, I can honestly say it wasn’t an issue, at least from our perspective.

America had made great strides toward equality and I can’t think of a country in the world that offered greater opportunities to blacks and other minority groups than the U.S. If I’m wrong, please enlighten me.

It was when Democrats decided to use race as a political weapon against former President Donald Trump, and ultimately against anyone who supported him, that it exploded as an issue.

And now everything is racist – from the books we read to our children to the pancake syrup we use.

The teacher in this video is the problem. ‘How can this boy not see what I see? He must be lying.’

‘One girl is white and one is black, see, see!’

Sorry $#&^$%#, he doesn’t see.

The racial divide in America was closing up until liberals took a chisel and pried it open again.

This is on them.

Black Lives Matter Group Marches to Rochester Store Shouting ‘We’re shutting s— down,’ Traps 100 Customers Inside

Photo Credit: Image by Bruce Emmerling from Pixabay

On March 23, 2020, police in Rochester, NY, received a report that a naked man under the influence of PCP was running through town, shouting that he had the coronavirus. When police tried to subdue him, he spit on them which caused them to place a mesh hood, otherwise known as a “spit sock” over his head. The man, Daniel Prude, was placed on the pavement and subdued for two minutes by police.

Prude, who had a history of mental illness, was black.

After Prude became unresponsive, he was resuscitated and brought to a hospital where he died one week later.

“The Monroe County Office of the Medical Examiner ruled Mr. Prude’s death a homicide. The autopsy report concluded he died of asphyxiation ‘in the setting of physical restraint’ and acute intoxication with the hallucinogenic drug PCP,” according to The Wall Street Journal.

In February, a New York grand jury voted against indictment of any of the police officers involved in the case.

Tuesday marked the one year anniversary of this incident, and a group of approximately 200 members of Black Lives Matter gathered for a protest. As they marched toward Wegmans, a popular Rochester grocery store, they shouted, “We have a long walk today. We’re shutting s— down.”

The Washington Examiner reported that, as the group approached the store, the owner locked it down, trapping around 100 customers inside.

The group banged on the glass doors and repeatedly chanted, “Black Lives Matter.”

In a tweet, Rochester journalist and radio host Bob Lonsberry wrote, “Hundreds of people trapped in the East Avenue #ROC Wegmans by this mob, The Rochester Police Department is just watching and letting it happen. I guess fire codes and trespassing aren’t things in Rochester anymore. What an embarrassing day for the city and the PD.”

He continued in a second tweet. “Allowing the mob to shut down the East Ave [Wegmans], trapping at least a hundred people, is an immoral failing by the mayor at @CityRochesterNY and the @RochesterNYPD. To kiss the a– of the mob, the rights of others are trodden, and the city dies even more.”

Rochester based journalist Justin Murphy spoke to one of the BLM protestors who said, “We’re more than just taxpayers in their capitalist system; we’re human beings, and we demand to be treated as such.”

They’re taxpayers? I’ll bet most of them pay little or no taxes. They’re human beings, and they demand to be treated as such? Need I even respond to the irony in that remark?

In the tweet below, Monroe County legislator Rachel Barnhart makes an equally stupid comment. “Reasonable people can debate tactics and messaging. It’s normal to be annoyed or inconvenienced if the grocery store is blocked off by protesters. But I care more about Black lives than Wegmans. The protest will end. The store will reopen. The injustice will go on.”

Barnhart’s comment is even more egregious than Carson’s, if possible. One would expect such an inane remark from a member of BLM. I am not a lawyer, but here’s a county legislator who overlooks the obvious crimes being committed, entrapment and threatening, for starters.

And she views the shoppers trapped inside as being “annoyed or inconvenienced” rather than frightened. BLM has a long history of violence. Any reasonable person in that situation would feel some degree of fear.

America defeated Nazi Germany and Japan’s Imperial Army. How do we fight the enemy from within? Especially now that they control the presidency and both chambers of Congress. The Democratic Party is fast becoming the greatest foe this nation has ever faced.

The Democrats are trying to destroy America. It’s as if they’re in command of our ship and they’re aiming it right for an iceberg at flank speed.

Tell me again how Jan. 6 was the most shameful day in America’s history..

Cardi B’s Obscene Performance at Grammys Lauded as ‘Sex Positive’, But Pepe Le Pew, Dr. Seuss Get Canceled [Watch]


Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, better known as American rapper Cardi B, provided the entertainment at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards ceremony.

Along with fellow rapper Megan Thee Stallion, the former stripper performed a steamy rendition of their 2020 hit single “WAP.”

In announcing the performance, the show’s host, comedian Trevor Noah, joked, “If you have small children in the room, just tell them it’s a song about giving a cat a bath.”

Billboard describes the spectacle below:

After a mini concert from Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B came out with a coterie of dancers to deliver her new single “Up” before segueing into “WAP.” Dressed in a metallic silvery outfit straight out of Jane Fonda’s Barbarella, Cardi B strutted across stage to do a pole dance on the ten-foot-tall stiletto of a giant platform heel. Dollars floated down from the sky, painted dancers pranced around her – it was a sci-fi strip club fantasia.

When Megan rejoined her on stage, Cardi took her to bed – literally, the two delivered their verses while crawling and gyrating around what looked like a queen-sized bed for giants. It was insane and incredible.

CNN’s Chloe Melas wrote: “They gloriously twerked and strutted and owned the stage in Barbarella-esque outfits, referencing female empowerment, sexual pride and delivering undoubtedly one of the most memorable Grammy performances of all time.”

There was nothing at all about this revolting display that suggested “female empowerment.” In fact, it was the opposite.

Apparently, millions of viewers disagreed with my assessment. Every review of the event was wildly enthusiastic.

And I’m about to show my age here. Most of the accounts said the performance was “sex positive.”

I had to text my millennial daughter to ask about this term. She wrote: “I think I’ve heard of it – my understanding is it’s some millennial BS to justify acting/speaking/dressing like a total whore. Because now we are “empowered” to live our sexuality out loud.”

There you have it!

Anyway, it’s hard to reconcile the cancellation of Dr. Seuss and Pepe Le Pew, the horny skunk, with the accolades for Cardi B’s repulsive performance.

Readers, what do you think? Edgy or just plain gross?