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Daily Beast Writer Wants You to Know that America Is No Longer #1 – By Any Metric

The Daily Beast’s David Rothkopf has written an illuminating article in which he delivers the bad news to his readers that the U.S.A., a country which was once great by every measure, is no longer #1 – in any category. Although I’ve been around long enough to know one can make statistics say anything one wants them to say, I’ll take Rothkopf at his word.

The problem with Rothkopf’s piece is that he appears to be pleased that America has fallen from her perch.

This will give you the gist of it:

This past week has seen two new studies that have got to cut flag-waving Uncle-Sam-has-abs-of-steel boosters to their jingoistic quick. In the latest World Happiness Report, America ranked 19th. In the most recent Freedom House World Democracy Rankings, the US plummeted to a position right behind Argentina and Mongolia and on a par with Panama, Romania and Croatia…

Now look, there’s no shame in being in the top 10 percent of countries. But that’s not how we have been selling ourselves for the past century. “We’re number 19,” just doesn’t have the same ring, does it? It’s going to be darned hard for Toby Keith to turn that into a song lyric, isn’t it? Gonna be hard to thump our chests about the legacy of the Founders when we now have a system of government on a par with places like Mongolia and Romania, countries that began their marches to democracy barely two decades ago.

Right now we may reconcile ourselves to the fact that we are now something like a jumbo-sized Luxembourg—doing fine but hoping that some day we may be Norway (which does very very well on a lot of these lists, as does much of Scandinavia). Or we can ignore the data and what actually works on this planet and settle for being the Jared Kushner of nations, arrogant and clueless about what we have inherited, or we can get to work maintaining and building upon it.

This man is taunting us. Like a bully on a playground might. He’s even cut us to our jingoistic quick.

At first, I wonder why any American would find joy or even satisfaction from this data. Maybe he’s not American. He is.

But I’ll risk ruffling his feathers to explain the reason why.

When a military decides to invade a country, they first try to soften the target through a series of airstrikes. The invader’s preliminary objective is to hit as many military targets, known weapons storage facilities, runways or other critical parts of the country’s infrastructure as possible to weaken its defenses. This preparation is invaluable, for it makes the final phase of the invasion faster and easier.

This is precisely what Democrats have been doing for years now. Well aware that their goal of one-party rule was just a pipe dream even ten years ago, they have worked systematically to soften the U.S.

Rather than airstrikes, their weapons have been propaganda and the fraud that was made possible through propaganda. The unholy alliance of the Democratic Party, Big Tech and the establishment media has weakened us, exposed our vulnerabilities.

Now that Democrats control the White House and both chambers of Congress, they are preparing for the final invasion which they expect will be fast and easy due to the years they’ve spent softening the target.

In fact, the only obstacle that stands between Democrats and the realization of their ultimate goal is the legislative filibuster.

The Democrats have become more and more brazen in the last five years. They no longer even try to hide their agenda, no matter how ridiculous they look.

As the truth about their coordinated effort to frame then-President Donald Trump for colluding with the Russians to win the election began to trickle out, we learned that Democrats deliberately tried to sabotage a U.S. president through a fraudulent scheme and that they were all in on it.

Former President Obama, then-FBI Director James Comey, then-CIA Director John Brennan and so many more all knew that Hillary Clinton had hired an opposition research firm to create a fraudulent dossier about then-candidate Donald Trump to hurt his campaign and to distract voters from her growing email scandal. When you delete 33,000 emails that were under subpoena, you’ve got to do something drastic.

Even President Joe Biden was in on it. He was the one who recommended charging Gen. Michael Flynn for violating the Logan Act, a law under which no one has ever been convicted.

Evidence surfaced of a meeting during which top FBI officials brainstormed about the best way to set a perjury trap for Flynn.

Corruption, right?

But, after the whole fraud was exposed, only one low-level FBI attorney was convicted of a crime and even he didn’t serve a day in jail.

That’s when it became clear the Democrats controlled Washington. They tried to set up the President of the United States of America and no one paid a price.

No one was held responsible for the biggest political hoax in America’s history.

Democrats learned they could get away with anything. They didn’t even have to worry about creating an elaborate scheme. Consider the ease with which House Democrats were able to impeach President Trump – twice. They knew the media would have their backs.

Next, they used the pandemic to force states to adopt mail-in voting and other practices which swayed the election to a man whose campaign had been on life support, who came in fifth in the New Hampshire Democratic primary, who needs to be propped up by his handlers before he can appear in public.

Rothkopf is correct. America has declined. If Democrats find a way to abolish the filibuster, America will be in freefall which will make us a soft target indeed.

The country is facing an existential crisis. And it’s every bit as serious as our fight against Nazi Germany and radical extremism.

This time, however, the enemy comes from within. And currently this enemy has the power to set policy, tax us, spend our money and take away our civil liberties.

If Republicans fail to act, America’s time as a democratic republic will be over.

That would please Mr. Rothkopf. It’s what he’s hoped for all along, isn’t it?

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  1. Wow! Well said with obvious political knowledge and experience/insight.
    First of all, Mr Redhead, kiss my jingoistic Freedom to carry a defensive weapon found NO where in your other nine freest nation’s or for that matter any known place on Earth!
    Add to that Toby Keith a righteous loving American of Southern decent more of a man and true Patriot of Americana than you’ll ever imagine (hence your illusion of elf’s, fairies and dwarfs ruling the world). And, “…count your manhood cheap, whilst any speaks, that fought with us…”
    Elizabeth nails the “softening” of our culture and society through Marxist’s/Machiavellian followers steeled in evil, graft and corruption to solidify one global government they can control.
    Extremely well said synopsis of our current crisis born out of tolerating evil idiots for too long…

  2. I actually went to that disgusting site mentioned above and am now nauseous. Mr Redhead has so many elite globalist credentials, money pouring in. Has to be credible? Right? No f**king way!
    The beast was started by a Vanity Fair fly during Obama’s coming into power, 2008. If memory serves, a prominent Clintonista joined its editorial staff, Paul Begala?
    They have, after 13 years a whopping (their surely inflated numbers) 1MM readers. Based outta NY, say no more…

    Way past time for truth, justice and the American Way media.
    Please look for the Trump news Network this summer. I’m joining the subscription.

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