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Decision to Name Climate Change a National Security Threat is Itself a National Security Threat

As if Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin III didn’t already have his hands full with designing maternity flight suits and making women in the military feel more respected and included, he has a new security threat to cope with – climate change. Yes, the Biden Administration has named climate change a national security threat.

The United States is in crisis. Our country is reeling from the effects of a deadly virus that has claimed the lives of over half a million Americans and devastated the livelihoods of millions more. This black swan event was thrust upon us by China, an enemy who seeks to either kill us or dominate us.

Efforts to deal with the pandemic have exploded our national debt to dangerous levels and there appears to be no end in sight to the current administration’s spending plans.

Additionally, the chicanery which took place during the 2020 presidential election process has left Americans more divided than we’ve been in over 150 years.

It is under these perilous circumstances that President Joe Biden’s handlers have tasked the Pentagon with the responsibility of protecting Americans against this new threat to our national security.

You needn’t worry though, because Austin, a political animal if there ever was one, is on it.

The Hill reported that on March 9, Austin sent a memo to senior Pentagon leadership announcing the formation of a “Climate Change Working Group.”

Climate change presents a growing threat to U.S. national security interests and defense objectives. The changing climate is altering the global security and operating environments, impacting our missions, plans and installations…

We will incorporate climate risk analysis into all of our work from installation planning; to modeling, simulation, and war gaming; to the National Defense Strategy and all other relevant strategy, planning, and programming documents and processes including those supporting decision making in the Military Departments.

Whether it is increasing platform efficiency to improve freedom of action in contested logistics environments, or deploying new energy solutions to strengthen resilience of key capabilities at installations, our mission objectives are well aligned with our climate goals.

Does Austin, or any other member of the Biden Administration, truly believe that our greatest geopolitical foes, China, Russia and Iran, are concerned about the effects of their carbon footprints as they formulate their strategies to take down the U.S.?

Earlier this month, Fox News reported that China has allocated “$208.6 billion for military spending for 2022, a 6.8% increase” from 2021. I wonder how much of that budget they will devote to addressing climate change.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang announced they will “focus on bolstering the People’s Liberation Army and advance scientific, technological and industrial defense efforts in China’s next fiscal year.”

Concerned over China’s plans and the country’s increased aggression in the South China Sea and elsewhere, eight Republican members of the House Armed Services Committee wrote a letter to Biden requesting he “increase next year’s defense budget by three to five percent.”

The lawmakers wrote:

“Years of Budget Control Act (BCA) related defense cuts undermined military readiness, set back efforts to modernize the force, and gave our adversaries the time necessary to gain significant advantages that now jeopardize our military superiority. … The Chinese Communist Party increased its defense spending by over 75 percent in the last decade. If we do nothing, over the next decade, China will fully modernize its military, potentially bringing it into parity with our own.”

Tucker Carlson provided a glimpse of China’s effort’s over the last year to masculinize their military.


Not only will the Chinese military not prioritize the environmental implications of their actions, their carbon footprint will not even make the list of their concerns.

As I see it, this stupidity will waste the military’s time and a portion of their finite resources, and will also create an unnecessary distraction from their primary focus which is to protect the American people from our enemies who would like to see us dead or under their control.

This will place an obstacle in their path and will ultimately reduce U.S. national security.

If the administration is so anxious to achieve their climate change goals, they should allow the private sector to address them which can do so far more efficiently. Why don’t we let them?

It’s time for the Biden Administration to remove their rose-colored glasses and take a look at the clear and present threats facing our country or they will fail in what is or should be the primary responsibility of any government which is to keep its citizens safe.

“Wokeness” has no place in the U.S. military.

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