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Economist/YouGov Poll Reveals Kamala Harris’ Serious Unpopularity; Problematic for Dems Chances in 2024

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An Economist/You Gov poll conducted in early May shows that Vice President Kamala Harris, whose failure to gain traction in the 2020 Democratic primary forced her to drop out of the race ahead of the Iowa caucuses, remains deeply unpopular.

The results show that 48 percent of U.S. adults hold a very or somewhat unfavorable opinion of Harris, 41 percent have a very or somewhat favorable opinion, and 10 percent don’t know.

As one would expect, a whopping 84 percent of Republicans view the Vice President unfavorably, 12 percent favorably and 4 percent are unsure.

The real problems for Harris are revealed by the numbers from Independents and Democrats. Nearly three out of five Independents, or 57 percent, regard her unfavorably and just 32 percent view her favorably. Eleven percent don’t know.

Among Democrats, 74 percent hold a favorable opinion, 19 percent unfavorable and eight percent don’t know. That one out of every five Democrats view the Vice President negatively, especially this early on in the administration, is problematic.

Although President Joe Biden says he will run in 2024, it’s a pretty sure bet he will be incapable of doing so. Due to the pandemic, he was able to run his 2020 campaign from his basement. Had COVID-19 not been a factor and he had been forced to run a traditional presidential campaign, he likely would have lost the race. As Biden’s cognitive decline continues to deteriorate, a conventional campaign, which would start two years from now, is inconceivable.

Harris very possibly may be the president by that time which is why her unpopularity matters.

Except for that one brief moment of glory during a Democratic presidential debate when Harris performed her well-rehearsed takedown of then-rival Joe Biden over busing and segregation, her numbers languished in the low single digits until she was forced to end her campaign in December 2019.

Harris’ popularity soared to 16 percent after her ambush on then-former Vice President Biden – only to fall back into the low single digits after she was dealt a fatal blow by rival Tulsi Gabbard, the former Democratic congresswoman from Hawaii.

Note too that, at the time of this debate in June 2019, Biden was still able to hold his own in the public arena. He wasn’t quite his old self, however, he spoke with relative ease and was able to recall legislation he had worked on. Now, two years later, he lapses into gibberish at times and his handlers must orchestrate each of his public appearances. Two years from now, the differences will be stark.

In the video below, Gabbard torches Harris’ record as the attorney general of California. Harris’ support never recovered from that exchange. (Gabbard’s remarks come at 4:00 and 5:40 in the video below.)

Harris is unquestionably a bright, accomplished woman, but she is unlikable and appears to be completely out of touch with ordinary Americans.

Aside from her reputation as a politician who will say or do whatever is necessary to achieve her goals, many find her habit of nervous laughter to be disconcerting.

For example, in March, a reporter asked Harris if she had plans to visit the southwestern border,

Initially, she appeared to be stunned by the question. Collecting herself, she replied, Uh … Um … Not today.” This was followed by laughter. How is that humorous?

Turning serious, she said, “I have before and I’m sure I will again. Yeah.”

I don’t think the Vice President actually finds the growing disaster funny. Her cackle, in my opinion, is a defense mechanism. When she is nervous, when she wants to deflect from an uncomfortable topic, she laughs. The reporter had obviously hit a nerve.

After Biden announced Harris as his running mate last summer, the dutiful media put on a full court press to revamp her image.

Even with all of the positive news coverage that ensued, Harris still remains unpopular. The majority of Americans simply don’t like her. This, combined with the Biden Administration’s radical transformation of America, will be a major challenge for Democrats going forward.

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  1. Unpopular during the primary and unpopular now, after the election. Gee, I wonder what changed? Oh wait, I know…. nothing. So strange that the dems have the knack of picking unpopular candidates to run? I truly wonder what prompted them to pick Harris, knowing her numbers with voters were dismal? Maybe they think her time as VP will somehow rehabilitate her image, or the fact that she is a POC will overcome all of her negatives with voters? Maybe they just hate America and want everyone to suffer under the unpopular fool-as-leader politician? Maybe they apply the GUE theory for political candidates who are considered to be on the rise in their careers…. “Go Unpopular Early”.

  2. “As one would expect, a whopping 84 percent of Republicans view the Vice President unfavorably, 12 percent favorably and 4 percent are unsure.”

    Who are the 12%? Please identify yourselves – I have a Blithering Idiot tee shirt you can have and wear proudly.
    Even in Clueless California, they know who she is and wouldn’t support her.

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