Except for the Left’s Mockery of OAN’s Disclaimer, Mike Lindell’s Documentary is Met with Bipartisan Radio Silence; It Shouldn’t Be

Prior to airing Mike Lindell’s controversial documentary on alleged fraud in the 2020 presidential election on Friday, One America News Network issued a comprehensive “90 second” disclaimer, which given the seriousness of the allegations made in the film, strikes me as prudent.

The left collectively pounced on OAN’s statement, making it the takeaway in virtually every story.

Conservative outlets, for the most part, ignored it.

The film, entitled “Absolute Proof,” which was taken down by YouTube and Vimeo, can be viewed here.

The My Pillow CEO teased us earlier this week with claims he had found “absolute proof” the election was stolen from former President Donald Trump. And if the documents he presented in the two-hour film are authentic, he certainly delivered. 

Lindell starts with an overview of the fraud that allegedly occurred on the local level such as ballots cast by illegal aliens, underage and dead voters as well as individuals who also had voted in another state. 

In Nevada, Lindell claims that more than 42,000 residents voted twice. If true, that alone would be enough to overturn the results of the election.

Those of us who’ve listened to the testimonies of election observers have heard most of this information before. 

But fasten your seat belts because what comes next is stunning.

A spreadsheet is revealed that reportedly provides a forensic footprint of foreigners, including the Chinese and the Iranians, hacking into U.S. voting systems and manipulating results. (1:36 in the video.)

The data shows thousands of electronic “foreign intrusions” that occurred on and after Election Day and includes timestamps, the specific IP address of each source computer, the name of the network as well as the ID number of the specific computer used in the cyberattack. Likewise, it displays the IP address of the target computer, and the state and county of the target. It also indicates if the target was hacked through the use of credentials, by breaching a firewall or by both methods. And it shows whether or not a particular attempt was successful.

The final column shows the number of votes that were changed. The intelligence official tells us that over 66 percent of these intrusions came from China. 

This spreadsheet lists 2,995 intrusions in our election.

If this information is correct, and frankly, I don’t know why Lindell would risk his reputation by putting forth false documents, then I understand why the left spent so much energy drawing reader’s attention to the disclaimer and off of the story.

What would explain the lack of conservative media attention to the documentary? It might be the fear of being labeled as a conspiracy theorist. I thought twice before writing about it.

Having found Lindell’s evidence to be highly credible, I wanted others to see it. At the very least, I highly recommend going to 1:36 in the video and watching for ten minutes.

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