First Transgender to Win Miss Silver State Title: ‘This Is a Celebration of Womanhood’ [Video]

Photo Credit: Image by mmi9 from Pixabay

Fox 5 Las Vegas reports that a transgender, Kataluna Enriquez, was crowned Miss Silver State USA for the first time in the competition’s history.

This is a feeder contest for the Miss Nevada USA title, the winner of which will represent the state in the Miss USA pageant.

Fox reports that Enriquez has won transgender and also cisgender contests before, “but this is a monumental win.”

“Miss Silver was a great experience to me,” Enriquez told Fox. “It was honestly a celebration of womanhood and diversity and a celebration of being your true self.”

The reporter tells viewers that in another contest, which she refused to name, “when organizers found out she was trans, everything changed.”

Enriquez says she was asked to provide documents from a doctor to certify that she was female which she considered to be invasive. This was not required of anyone else in the pageant. She also complained that everyone was assigned a roommate except for her.

Frankly, I find both of those measures to be reasonable.

One has to wonder if perhaps the fact that Enriquez is a transgender had something to do with her victory. Just asking.

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  1. I know I’ve fallen asleep and soon I’ll wake up; this trans madness will be over, people will revert back to using proper, gendered pronouns saving what’s left of the English language (science, too) and gender dysphoria will be returned as a genuine psychiatric illness in the DSM-5.

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