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Goodbye Columbus, Hello ‘Oracle’! Have You Seen the New Statue at Rockefeller Center in NYC?

Photo Credit: Image by Vinzenz Lorenz M from Pixabay

Oh no!

Last week, a new “work of art” was unveiled at New York City’s famous Rockefeller Center. Ladies and gentlemen, in the video below, you can watch as workers pull the covering off of ‘Oracle,’ the new 25-foot tall bronze sculpture that adorns one of Manhattan’s most famous addresses.

According to Reuters, the massive statue with “a huge head joins murals, flags and videos at the venue, all created by Sanford Biggers, whose artwork also includes music and performance.”

Reuters reports that “The seated figure is part of the Harlem-based artist’s Chimera series of sculptures that combine African masks and European figures to explore mythologies of those cultures.”

In a statement, the artist wrote, “I’ve always been intrigued by Rockefeller Center for its architectural history and mythological references” making it “an ideal context for myth creation.”

Eurweb reported on the statue as well:

This spring, multiple disciplinary artist Sanford Biggers will transform Rockefeller Center with several public art exhibitions, including the highly anticipated monumental Oracle sculpture. Presented by ART PRODUCTION FUND and ROCKEFELLER CENTER, in partnership with MARIANNE BOESKY GALLERY, and several years in the making, Biggers will be the first artist invited by Rockefeller Center for a multimedia survey exhibition campus-wide from May 5 to June 29, 2021.

Yes, it certainly does transform Roc Center. In fact, it dominates Roc Center.

Can we expect similar works to spring up in cities throughout the country in the future?

On June 29, ‘Oracle’ will be starting a tour. We wonder if he’ll be coming back “home” when it’s over.

Readers, please tell us your reaction to this statue in the comment section below.

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  1. Is that statue really Elmer Fudd in a toga? (‘Wascally WOracle.) Give me 24 hours to let the anti-inflammatory fully work and I’ll take a chance on looking at it again. In the meanwhile, is there a second prize for looking at something else this artist has created? I wonder if a resident of the city can sue for a public display of ugly?

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