Hillary Clinton Laments the Death of Adam Toledo, AKA ‘Lil’ Homicide’; ‘Another Child Killed by Police’

Photo Credit: Image by 3D Animation Production Company from Pixabay

Hillary Clinton expressed sadness over the death of Adam Toledo, “another child killed by police.” Yes, Hillary, a child who was affectionately remembered by his pals from the gang with two heartwarming nicknames, ‘Lil’ Homicide’ and ‘Bvby Diablo’. A child who was armed with a gun and playing a deadly game in the middle of the night in a dangerous city.

Here’s how a writer from The Independent portrayed Adam Toledo. “Toledo was a child in crisis who needed support from his community, not a criminal mastermind or a gang leader. He was an at-risk youth who could have been introduced to programs, to therapy, to help. As a society, we are supposed to acknowledge this: He was well below the age of criminal responsibility. Instead, he was robbed of the chance to turn his life around before it even really started.”

“Adam will never get to go to prom, to go to high school, to know the small joys of growing up,” she adds. “He was just a baby who got involved with a bad crowd. And he wasn’t afforded the benefit of the doubt.”

Yup, that’s all. Pretty soon, he’ll be inducted into the George Floyd Hall of Fame, right after Daunte Wright.

Liberals are tying themselves up in knots trying to spin this story to fit their narrative. Below, The Washington Examiner’s Jerry Dunleavy shares a video which shows how CBS News “edited” out the edges of the police officer’s footage, thus, viewers would not see the gun in Toledo’s hand.

Liberals are casting blame on the police officer who was doing his job.

On Thursday, the Chicago Police Department released a photo with “an arrow pointing to what appeared to be a handgun in Toledo’s right hand before Stillman opened fire” according to report in Reuters. The caption said, “838 milliseconds between gun shown in hand and single shot.”

John Catanzara, president of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police, told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that “the officer had only eight-tenths of a second to make the decision whether to shoot and his actions were justified.”

None of that will stop the liberals who will continue to beat the drum for gun control legislation.

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  1. Where oh where did I first read this young man’s bio….. “Austere teenage community youth-club member….”?

    Tragic? Yes, on every front. Running the streets at 13, carrying a weapon, isn’t a formula for life success. Should not be much argument about that from any side of this story. I feel as bad for the cop who shot the kid as I do for the kid. This officer will live the rest of his own life knowing that he took a life. I would not want that.

    Someone that officer is chasing pulls out a firearm – is that an immediate threat, requiring / justifying deadly use of force? My past training says yes, however tragic the outcome. I am betting that officer’s training is much the same as mine was. The officer relied upon his training to save his own life and perhaps, lives of others.

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