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Huge ‘Trump Won – Save America’ Flag Displayed at Yankee Stadium … Briefly

Photo Credit: Image by StudioLabs from Pixabay

Two men displayed an oversize flag from the second deck at New York’s Yankee Stadium which said, “Trump Won – Save America” on Thursday night.

A pretty audacious thing to do, I would say!

Unfortunately, the shining moment didn’t last long. According to a report in The New York Post, many in the crowd reacted with boos and security guards were seen escorting the men out of the stadium, one of them in handcuffs.

I wonder if, just as those who dared to mention the Wuhan lab leak “theory” were labeled as conspiracy theorists until about a week ago, those who talk about the “Big Lie” will be vindicated one day. It’s looking more possible by the day.


In the Facebook video below, the crowd is shown cheering as the men were escorted out of the stadium.

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