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Nancy Pelosi Tells a Whopper About Who’s Responsible for the Border Crisis

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We’ve come to expect hearing lies when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi opens her mouth. But even for Pelosi, her latest assessment of conditions at our southwest border was a whopper.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Pelosi had this to say about the largest influx of illegal immigrants flooding into the country in over 20 years. “I’m glad you asked that question in a larger sense instead of quoting the ridiculousness of the Republicans in the Congress. The fact is – is that we’re on a good path at the border under the leadership of President Biden. … It’s about restructuring how we do what is happening there because we were in a very bad situation under the Trump Administration. It’s about a refugee plan. …”

The fact is, Nancy Pelosi, that you are lying through your teeth. And it says everything about the press in America today that not one reporter had the courage to stand up and tell her so.

Even Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, who voted against President Trump in the second impeachment trial, told Fox News’ Chris Wallace last month that “You can’t help but notice that the administration changes and there is a surge.”

According to The Washington Post, “U.S. agents took more than 171,000 migrants into custody” in March.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson noted that’s a 418 percent increase from March 2020.

A guest on Carlson’s program pointed out that if U.S. agents took 171,000 illegals into custody, the true figure of individuals coming into the country is even higher. This data doesn’t account for the “gotaways,” those who are not detected by U.S. officials.

No one knows the true number of illegals who are currently living in America. For years, we’ve been told it’s 11 million. Funny how that figure hasn’t changed in 20 years, isn’t it?

I’ve heard estimates of 22 million and even 29 million. And 2 million more will likely be added in 2021.

Carlson addressed this issue in his opening monolog on Tuesday: “How high is the actual figure? It’s high enough to change this country forever in every conceivable way. It’s high enough to devalue your political power as a voter. It’s high enough to subvert democracy itself. It’s high enough to make this country a different place. But again, we don’t know the number. We absolutely have the right to know. We should demand to know.”

The Washington Post reports:

Last month, CBP took in more than 18,800 unaccompanied minors, a 99 percent increase from February and a figure far above the previous one-month high of 11,861 in May 2019. The jump in the number of migrants arriving as part of family groups was even steeper last month, soaring to more than 53,000, up from 19,246 in February and 7,294 in January, the preliminary figures show.

Suffice it to say, Pelosi’s claims to reporters were undeniably false.

But the lying didn’t end there. In the clip below, she tells a second lie to the same group about the Trump Administration’s handling of COVID. This is fodder for a later post.

America truly is in crisis.

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