New Poll Reveals Top Three Concerns of Democratic Voters; They Might Surprise You

If I had to list my top three political concerns, they would be America’s slide into socialism, election fraud and the national debt.

Yours might be different, but there would likely be some overlap.

I’d be willing to bet, however, that not too many readers of this blog would choose at least the first two of the Democrats’ top three concerns.

  1. Donald Trump’s supporters.
  2. White nationalism.
  3. Systemic racism.


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  1. I doubt any non Democrat would ever choose any of those three. The rest of the country, and it is a overwhelming majority, not what showed up in November, have a priority called living and just being decent folks. The left, as they continually expose themselves, are a heartless crowd, and spend too much time worrying about other peoples’ attitude and business, than to deal with their own issues.
    Most people want to just get on with their lives, which does not include socialism, white nationalism, systemic racism and Trump supporters, because none of those “things” are real, nor are they problems, except to the people still living in the gutter of hoping for utopia. The rest of us already figured out that utopia was only fiction/fantasy in a book.

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