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Truth and (Unintended) Consequences: New York State Legislature Plans to Give $20,000 Checks to Illegals and Ex-Convicts

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I am diligently ingesting my daily intake of news, and what passes for news, in 2021 America. Since January 20, the range of news stories seems to have broadened from the simple, ‘Its Trump’s Fault’ to ‘Why everything bad that is happening now originated with Trump.’

Leaning back in my office chair, I close my eyes and let them rest, taking a momentary reprieve from the hard-news assault on my delicate, pearl-clutching conservative sensibilities.

Okay Richard Edward, back to work. You have a responsibility to stay informed and up to date on the issues of the day. My eyes land on a story in The Western Journal, a potpourri of news and information. The following headline stops me in my tracks. State Finalizing Plan to Immediately Give Illegal Immigrants Checks of Over $20,000. Have lawmakers in the New York State Legislature lost their minds?

I read the headline again and immediately check my calendar.

Mr. Narrator (interrupts): “I know Richard Edward, it’s April Fool’s Day, but this is real.”

Richard Edward: “It can’t be Mr. Narrator. I am reading a headline that absolutely must be from the Babylon Bee or it’s someone’s idea of a grotesque April-fool joke. No sane governmental entity in the US would simply hand cash out to illegal aliens, more money than most of our homeless non-criminal citizens collect in a year, would they?”

Mr. Narrator: “Before you completely lose it Richard Edward, try reading the remainder of the article.”

Okay, a deep breath and I begin to let my eyes and brain start down the page, left to right, just like they taught me in school.

Democrats in New York are working on creating a fund that would give some illegal aliens and ex-convicts more than $27,000 apiece in direct payments for financial hardships related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Again, I am stopped in my intellectual tracks.  Illegal aliens AND ex-convicts? Why, what the…..? Another deep breath.

Richard Edward: “Why? What could these folks possibly have in common and what makes them so special that they deserve this much of our tax dollars?”

Mr. Narrator: “Richard Edward, Democrats posit that these folks have been adversely impacted by the pandemic. What do they have in common?  All of them have broken the laws of the USA; the illegal aliens in arriving here and the ex-convicts when it was convenient for them to do so.”

Mr. Narrator points to the apologetic, outlined in the article, for the proposed law:

Under the state Senate’s plan, illegal immigrants and people who have been released from prison since October 2019 would be eligible for the big payouts, as Democratic lawmakers believe these individuals were not able to establish a requisite work history that would make them eligible for unemployment benefits.

Some illegal immigrants and ex-convicts could see an immediate payment of $20,700, with an additional $6,600 coming later.

Vanessa Agudelo of the New York Immigration Coalition praised the proposition.

“This level of investment is absolutely historic for our communities,” Agudelo told Politico. “It’s the biggest investment any state has made to provide this level of relief to those workers who have been excluded from those unemployment benefits as well as what’s been passed in the stimulus package.”

Richard Edward: “Mr. Narrator, Agudelo called them ‘workers’, but then goes on to say they weren’t working and that’s why the need help. Even if they did work, they (or their employers) didn’t pay into the unemployment system. What about those folks who lost their legitimate jobs or who had to quit because their kids had to stay home from school?”

Mr. Narrator: “Richard Edward, don’t you understand anything about woke politics? Illegals and ex-cons will someday be granted the right to vote, such laws to be passed and forced down the collective throat of the residents of NY by that state’s majority Democratic Party. Those ‘new’ votes will keep the Democrats in office. What a great narrative, right? The disenfranchised, unprivileged and rehabilitated given the same rights as law abiding citizens. What a winning narrative! And what about those real, normal, law abiding New Yorkers who lost their jobs or had to quit cause their kids couldn’t go to school? Dude, they got a $600 or $1200 check here and there. At least some of them did. Like they should be bold enough to ask for more?”

I am stunned. Hardworking American citizens are intermittently getting Nancy Pelosi’s ‘crumbs’ and those who came here sans invitation, worked (maybe) in an underground economy, most likely have taken advantage of Medicaid, SNAP, Section 8 and other government handouts are now hitting the NY State Democrat Lotto?  Oh yes, accompanied by those who have been felonious enough in their own neighborhoods to have served time….

Mr. Narrator (interrupts again): “Richard Edward, now that you’ve been enlightened, tell the folks about the Democrats’ new gameshow, “Truth and Unintended Consequences.”

Richard Edward (reverting to gameshow mode): “With pleasure. Well Mr. and Mrs. New  York, where do we begin? This is a simple game. You just give away large sums of citizens tax dollars to people who have not earned them, and then wait and see what happens. What could be more fun? What if anything, could possibly go wrong?

“Let’s start with the unintended consequence of these hand-outs. How much will even stay in NY, let alone the USA? Can’t you just imagine the rush at the Western Union counter when the checks arrive, all those overseas money transfers made to the mother countries of origin? Any bets on how much local, struggling New York businesses will benefit?”

“Yes, Mr. Narrator, we realize not everyone getting a large check will send it overseas, in fact, some of our lucky recipients will most assuredly cash that check and re-invest it back into the same criminal enterprises that landed then in jail in the first place. C’mon man, what’s more American than giving back?”

“Speaking of (not) giving back, let’s speculate on what could have been done if that much money were directed into the unemployment system, where tax paying citizens may have gotten some additional, much needed assistance, too.”

“And of course, let’s not forget the psychological and emotional consequences to the unfortunate, the homeless, the poor American citizens. Nothing like a good slap in the face when they see illegals and ex-cons with ‘walking-around money,’ flush with government fiat, right Mr. and Mrs. New York?”

Mr. Narrator:  “Thanks Richard Edward. You do sound like you feel a little bitter, a little racist and a little America first-ish. But that may become an unintended consequence of how many New York citizens might start to feel, too.”

If you think government handouts to illegal aliens and recently released convicts could become an American Crisis (or at least a NY State crisis), please leave a comment for us to ponder.

— Richard Edward Tracy

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