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Newt Gingrich: ‘In My Mind There Was No Question’ the Close Battleground States Were Stolen

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Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich joined Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on her show “Sunday Morning Futures.” (Their discussion can be viewed in the video below.)

Bartiromo noted that Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis had signed a voting reform bill into law last Thursday and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, also a Republican, is expected to sign a bill this coming week to toughen voting laws in his state. She asked Gingrich to weigh in.

“Well, I think we learned in 2020 and earlier that we have elections that are too easy to steal.”

“For example, you can actually buy an official Georgia presidential ballot on eBay. And, you can also buy a number of states [ballots],” Gingrich said. So when they tell you they were controlling the ballots, it’s just not true. This was a very open system. It was a system where people could cheat, and did. And without getting into an argument about how big the cheating was, it was large enough that every American should expect that they have the right to vote, that they have the right to have their vote counted, they have a right to have their vote held legally and accurately, and they shouldn’t have their vote canceled by someone who’s cheating. And that’s exactly what’s been going on.”

Bartiromo showed a clip from her interview last weekend with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton who told her that mail-in ballots were the key piece to the 2020 election. I wrote about their discussion in The Western Journal here.

When Bartiromo asked Paxton if he believed that fraud had occurred in November, he replied, “Absolutely, there was fraud.”

Gingrich was in complete agreement. He said, “In a number of states, the Republicans were just plain outlawyered. The other side did a better job. They set the rules of the game. The rules of the game were designed to do exactly what he said. Figure out how many votes the Republicans have, and then hold the ballots open until you can get enough votes to beat him.”

“In every one of the states that was really close that Trump lost, you had those kind of shenanigans and you had state law violated in every single one of those states. In my mind there was no question that those states were, in effect, stolen. That doesn’t make the national media happy but I think as a historian people are gonna find it’s absolutely true.”

Unfortunately, fraud is very difficult to prove. That said, the Arizona state Senate, which is controlled by Republicans, is about two weeks into a comprehensive forensic audit of 2.1 million ballots cast in Maricopa County, where over 60 percent of the state’s voters reside. Biden won the state by just over 10,000 votes in November.

The state Senate has tried to conduct this audit since that time and each attempt was blocked by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. When they finally received the green light to start the audit, the Democrats sent a large group of lawyers to stop it.

Following months of obstruction via bogus lawsuits and a full-court press from heavyweight Washington lawyer Marc Elias (who commissioned the Steele dossier) and his many minions, influential Democrat-run organizations appealed to the Department of Justice by letter about ten days ago. The organizations behind this eight-page missive include The Brennan Center for Justice (as in Obama CIA Director John Brennan), Protect Democracy and The Leadership Conference.

These “election experts” are “very concerned that the auditors are engaged in ongoing and imminent violations of federal voting and election laws.” Their efforts have born fruit. According to KNXV-TV, the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ has decided to get involved in some capacity in the matter.

Democrats efforts to derail the audit have now reached obsession territory. It’s almost as if they’re afraid of what might turn up.

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  1. Wasn’t the Steele dossier was proven to be false? So how is someone who commissioned it allowed to practice law?

  2. Simply put…… (D) !!

    It’s not “what you did”….. it’s “who you know and/or support”, that decides guilt and the level of outrage.

    We have a 3 tiered justice system. …
    On top….Dems…. they can get away with murder (some people will argue thats literally as well as figuratively)
    Tier 2…. GOP establishment. … the squishes like Cheney that the lunatic fringe uses when convenient.
    And in the basement. …. us peon, commoners.
    We’re lucky to escape a speeding ticket.

    But yes, I agree with you…. how these people can
    Still practice law is a disgrace.

    My question is…… how can they escape charges?
    Again… (D).
    And we had a waste of space as the AG.

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