Pelosi Cancels House Session on Thursday to Reinforce Bogus Narrative that Trump Supporters Are Domestic Terrorists

The corruption in the U.S. government runs deep. Yet at least 50 percent of Americans are either okay with it or simply oblivious to it.

It continues to amaze me that, with the full knowledge and cooperation of the government’s most revered intelligence agencies, top Democrats were able to advance a bogus story to try to eliminate an opposition candidate they felt threatened by. Moreover, once this candidate won the presidency despite their best efforts, they kept this fraud alive for over two years. Worse, when it was finally discredited and its fraudulent origins exposed, no one was prosecuted.

Unable to achieve their goal on their first try, Democrats used the second-hand complaint of an anonymous whistleblower to impeach the President.

Always ready to exploit a crisis, they turned the great gift of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot into an opportunity to impeach him for a second time (with one week left in his term) and to try to prevent him from running for public office in the future.

Because a group of Trump supporters managed to breach the Capitol on that date, Democrats are portraying all 74 million Trump voters as domestic terrorists who must be monitored. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has nurtured this new narrative in several ways.

The large number of National Guard troops surrounding the Capitol building, both unnecessary and unprecedented, serve as a constant reminder of the danger she’d like you to believe that members of Congress are facing. Her periodic extensions of how long these troops will be needed reinforces this fiction.

She has erected an eight-foot-tall, three-mile-long security fence complete with coils of concertina wire around the perimeter of the Capitol. This serves the same purpose as the troop presence.

She plants stories of new threats against the Capitol from militia groups, all of whom, of course, support the former president.

Last week, acting U.S. Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman testified before members of the House Appropriations Committee that militias tied to the Jan. 6 incursion “have stated their desire to blow up the Capitol” and kill as many people as possible when Joe Biden delivers his State of the Union Address.

She told lawmakers:

We know that members of the militia groups that were present on January 6th have stated their desires that they want to blow up the Capitol and kill as many members as possible with a direct nexus to the State of the Union – which we know that date has not been identified. So based on the information, we think that it’s prudent that Capitol Police maintain its enhanced and robust security posture until we address those vulnerabilities moving forward.

On Tuesday, the Capitol Police posted the following tweet about the latest threat from domestic terrorists who support Trump.

“Two sources” told FOX 5 that the Capitol Police “received an intelligence bulletin warning of a militia plot to breach the Capitol this Thursday, March 4…[I]t specifically names the militia group the Three Percenters. Members of the group are accused in the Capitol riot on Jan. 6.”

Fox News’ Chad Pergram explained that March 4 was the original day on which the U.S. inaugurated presidents.

QAnon loyalists to former President Trump believe that the 45th commander in chief is slated to rally and return to the scene to be sworn in on March 4. … This alternative mythology is pushed by the sovereign citizen movement. Many don’t recognize American laws nor federal currency. There is also some chatter about March 20, the day the Republican party came to life in 1834. And, there’s even some noise about April 15: federal income tax day.

A memo obtained by Fox News from acting House Sergeant at Arms Timothy Blodgett indicates that some threat for March 4 has diminished.

On Wednesday, the House canceled Thursday’s session over another “possible plot” to breach the Capitol.

According to USA Today:

Senate Judiciary Chairman Dick Durbin, D-Ill., told reporters he had heard “rumors” about March 4 but had not been briefed on threats. “In light of what we went through on Jan. 6, it’s understandable that people are concerned,” he said.

Though the decisions in both chambers might appear to be contradictory, “I’m not going to second-guess Speaker Pelosi,” he said. “At this point, Sen. Schumer has not released the same conclusion.”

That’s three reminders in one week.

So, what’s it all about Nancy?

This one is actually a twofer. It serves Pelosi’s narrative that Trump supporters are dangerous, so much so that they are causing the disruption of government activities.

And, coincidentally, it comes just before the House takes up debate on gun control legislation introduced, or I should say reintroduced by members of the Democratic causcus, earlier this week.

I seriously doubt the Speaker canceled Thursday’s session over a security threat.

This is nothing more than Pelosi trying to lend legitimacy to her latest hoax.

God help us.

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  1. I wonder how Pelosi would react if anything she spews about this had even a scintilla of truth? My guess is she would be so paralyzed with fear it would be a one way plane ride behind her walls in SFO and the rest of the country be damned….. I never ceased to be amazed at the level of EVIL of Pelosi and her immediate circle of cronies.

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