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Remember the Alamo? Biden Administration Fires the Opening Salvo in its Hit on Texas

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The Biden Administration has moved on from its assault on Georgia to Texas. Its decision to rescind a Medicaid Waiver Extension which had been granted by the Trump Administration and scheduled to run through 2030, will impact the health care of many uninsured Texas residents. Consider this the opening salvo in the administration’s battle to prevent the state from adopting tighter voter ID laws.

As the administration continues to spend millions of taxpayer dollars to house, feed and provide healthcare for the throngs of illegal immigrants flooding into our country unlawfully, it is withholding critically needed funds to care for Americans.

Democrats have another 18 months before the 2022 midterms and pretty sure they’ll lose their lock on power, they’re making the most of it. They’ll use this time to try to beat state legislatures into submission. Although they control the presidency and both chambers of Congress (albeit by the slimmest of margins), they don’t control the states. Since Republicans control the majority of state legislatures, they’ll use tactics like this.

One of my readers from the great state of Texas sent me this statement from Republican Gov. Greg Abbott. He wrote: “Biden’s disregard for Texas will ensure it remains Red for the foreseeable future. Now we need to get rid of Sheila Jackson Lee…”

Biden and his henchmen would do well to remember that Texans don’t like heavy handed tactics.

Governor Abbott Statement On Biden Administration Reversal Of 1115 Medicaid Waiver Extension: April 16, 2021

AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott today issued a statement after the Biden administration rescinded a 10-year 1115 Medicaid waiver extension that was granted by the previous administration. This extension, which was scheduled to run through 2030, would have provided critical healthcare funding, including funds for uncompensated care.

“By rescinding this waiver extension, the Biden administration is obstructing healthcare access for vulnerable Texans and taking away crucial resources for rural hospitals in Texas,” said Governor Abbott. “The State of Texas spent months negotiating this agreement with the federal government to ensure vital funds for hospitals, nursing homes, and mental health resources for Texans who are uninsured. With this action, the Biden administration is deliberately betraying Texans who depend on the resources made possible through this waiver.”

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