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Rep. Crenshaw Responds with Class After Sick Comment on Eye Injury From His 2020 Opponent

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Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw, a Republican, replied to an absurd tweet from Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts on Monday in which she disparaged the Republicans refusal to support the unconstitutional For the People Act.

“Republicans have decided that the only way they can win is by preventing American citizens from voting. That should shock every American. But we can’t just sit back and watch their power grab. We have to fight back for our democracy by passing the #ForThePeopleAct,” Warren wrote.

Crenshaw responded to Warren by calling her words “a blatant lie.”

His November 2020 opponent, Elisa Cardnell, a Democrat, decided to interject herself into this debate and sent off a nasty tweet to Crenshaw: “The GOP has been singlemindedly chipping away at democracy for months. The reason you can’t see the objective truth isn’t because of your eyes; it’s because of how far you have your nose up your Dear Leader’s a$$.”

(Note: Cardnell has since switched her Twitter account to private. The Daily Wire provided screenshots of her messages.)

This was a rather low blow because Crenshaw lost his right eye in an IED attack while deployed to Afghanistan’s Helmand Province in 2012.  He was recently forced to take a month’s leave of absence from Congress to undergo surgery on his left eye.

Still, he responded to Cardnell with humor rather than anger, which she really didn’t deserve. He wrote: “Actually it’s just ‘eye,’ singular.”

Crenshaw once again reacted with grace: “Bless your heart. Please pray for this woman.”

It’s not surprising that Crenshaw handled his former opponent’s comments so tactfully. Shortly before Election Day in 2018, Crenshaw’s grace endeared him to a nation. The Washington Post tells the story.

A couple of weeks before the election, Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson held up a photo of Crenshaw wearing an eyepatch and joked, “You may be surprised to hear he’s a congressional candidate from Texas and not a hit-man in a porno movie. I’m sorry, I know he lost his eye in war or whatever.”

The show’s creator, Lorne Michaels, called Crenshaw afterward to apologize and to invite him to come on the next show which he did, reluctantly.

Sitting next to Davidson the following weekend, he told viewers, “But, seriously, there’s a lot of lessons to learn here. Not just that the left and right can still agree on some things but also this: Americans can forgive one another. We can remember what brings us together as a country.”

Crenshaw told Americans that rather thanking a member of the military for their service, say “Never forget.”

According to the Post, “On June 15, 2012, when Crenshaw was 28, he and his platoon helicoptered into Helmand province on a last-minute mission to support a Marine Special Operations unit. At the time, Helmand was littered with improvised explosive devices. Bombs were so present in some areas that it was safer to crouch in place during oncoming fire — and wager on a sniper’s uncertain aim — than to dive for cover onto uncertain ground.”

The report said, “While Crenshaw’s platoon moved to secure a compound, an Afghan interpreter named Raqman, who wanted to become a Navy SEAL himself, responded to a call and crossed in front of Crenshaw. Raqman stepped on a pressure plate, triggering 15 pounds of explosives and suffering fatal injuries. Crenshaw, who was a couple of paces back, said he felt like he was hit by a truck while a firing squad shot at him. He was on the ground and his eyes were numb. The rest of his body screamed like it had been scratched open and doused in Tabasco. He reached down and felt his legs. Good sign. He had no vision, but assumed his eyes were just filled with dirt.”

While a medic was assessing the his injuries, Crenshaw said, “Dude, don’t ever get blown up. It really sucks.”

Considered a rising star in the Republican Party, Crenshaw first won his seat representing Texas’ 2nd congressional district in November 2018. He defeated seven opponents during the Republican primary, “then squashed a state legislator in a runoff.” Crenshaw won a second term in November.

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A previous version of this article was published by The Western Journal.

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