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Schumer To MLB: Move the All-Star Game to New York Where the Voting Laws are…Stricter?

Photo Credit: Dr. Joel Holmes

Democrats came down especially hard on Georgia for passing the “Election Integrity Act of 2021,” a voting reform package designed to reduce election fraud. Although the left’s ostensible concerns centered on whether or not voters would have enough water to drink or if polling hours were sufficient, their real concern was the legislation’s requirement that applicants for absentee ballots provide their state ID number.

A voter requesting an absentee ballot will be asked for their state ID number. In order to verify their ballots, voters must furnish either their state ID number or the last four digits of their Social Security number.

The new law will remove the Grand Canyon-sized opportunity for absentee ballot fraud that may have cost former President Donald Trump the state in the November election.

One of the biggest liars about the bill was our “good and decent” President Joe Biden. His remarks were so outrageous that The Washington Post, which has shilled for him repeatedly, was forced to issue a “Four Pinocchio” rating.

On Friday, after Biden had said he would “strongly support” such a move, Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred announced his decision to pull the league’s All-Star game out of Atlanta, Georgia in protest of the state’s new voting reform legislation.

The next day, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer made a play for the game to be moved to New York. In the tweet below, Schumer writes that “racist voter suppression laws are now hurting Georgia’s voters AND its economy. Georgia Republicans should be ashamed.” He then invites @MLB to play the All-Star Game in his state.

Rarely does karma come so quickly to those who deserve it.

Unfortunately for Chuck, he forgot to check the voting laws in New York, which as it turns out, are more restrictive than Georgia’s new laws.

The Peach State’s governor, Brian Kemp, was only too happy to point out this inconvenient truth:

So were former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and conservative writer Guy Benson:

Nice try Chuck!

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