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Second Australian Anchor Smokes the U.S. Media’s ‘Errant Hypocrisy’ Regarding Biden; Biden Just ‘Blunders On’

This is the second time in two weeks an Australian anchor has stated the obvious about President Joe Biden. In a four minute monologue, Sky News Australia’s Alan Jones calls it as he sees it. He asks if these people are “dumb or duplicitous.” They’re definitely duplicitous Alan.

“How does the western world survive and democracy thrive if there’s not honest, objective assessment of this already flawed president?” he asks rhetorically.

Jones tell viewers that Biden has allowed “tens of thousands of illegal immigrants to flood over the border, but Biden would have you believe he’s trying to stop the spread of coronavirus…The contradictions are everywhere.”

“This bloke Biden walks on both sides of the road. As I keep asking, are some of these politicians dumb or duplicitous, or both? He upholds the values of America, but lets in illegal immigrants. He’ll create jobs but destroys thousands in shutting down a pipeline. He hates cultural norms but accepts that China’s brutality is a consequence of different norms in each country. He’s going to be the leader of the global warming crusade ‘net zero carbon dioxide emissions’, but he loves the fire in the Oval Office and sometimes adds a log himself, thereby producing the carbon dioxide on which he recons he’ll spend trillions to reduce. Many people would say, the biggest log is the one not going on the fire.”

Then he starts in on Gov. Andrew “Q-omo.”

Watch the clip:


In the following post, written on Feb. 20, an Australian Anchor denounces the US Media for ignoring Biden’s obvious decline in mental cognition. Here is the link: Australian TV Host Delivers Brutally Honest Report on Biden’s Dementia: Calls Out US Media for ‘Biden Protection Racket’.

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  1. Mr. Jones needs to be offered a spot at the head of the immigration line to the US. He may not want the spot, but we sure could use someone with his forthright take on our current president to move here, balance out the left wing sycophants that cover for the dems every move (sorry, every mistake). I am having a difficult time with my spelling today. So few in the American press call it like they see it….

    Where in the blazes is Clark Kent, intrepid reporter for the Daily Planet, when you need him…..?

    The only improvement Mr. Jones might consider in his reporting is using a Roget’s….. “contradictions”? Okay, I understand. He is the professional, and it is a much kinder and gentler word than “BeeSsst”.

  2. I find it hard to believe that Biden has anything to say that’s off script. There are enough gaffs on YouTube that show he can’t put a coherent sentence together. Biden has cognitive problems. The people who collaborated to get this man into the Oval Office are now claiming their pound of flesh. Hopefully history will shame them one day.

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