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Steve Bannon Asks When the Transition from Biden to Harris Will Begin

In a podcast last week, The War Room’s Steve Bannon discussed Biden’s cognitive condition with Mike McCormick, who served as then-Vice President Joe Biden’s White House stenographer for six years, and Raheem Kassam, the editor of The National Pulse.

Bannon stated the obvious, that President Joe Biden’s decline is real and that the time has come for the transition of power to Vice President Kamala Harris.

He noted that Harris has been filling in for Biden in roles normally reserved for the commander-in-chief, even holding conversations with heads of state.

Kassam observed, “She’s [Harris] living at Blair House which is super close to the White House. She’s not up at the Naval Observatory. The excuse is it’s under renovations. … She’s right there. She’s following him around. And she’s not following him around like a puppy. She’s stalking him like the grim reaper.”

“Joe Biden is lost in the White House,” said McCormick. “I just have this vision of him shuffling around in the residence in a bathrobe and slippers when he should be doing his job.”

In April 2019, Biden returned to the national stage to launch his presidential campaign. We hadn’t seen him since the final days of the Obama Administration, two years earlier. Time had taken its toll on Biden. Although it may have been difficult at that point to say that he was slipping into dementia, it was clear that something was amiss with the man who would become the U.S. president.

Another two years have passed since that time and his cognitive decline is obvious to everyone except, of course, those who have a vested interest in maintaining the lie.

Joe Biden is not okay. Watch the clip below from his remarks following the passage of the COVID-19 relief bill on Saturday.

Coincidentally, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, a Republican, joined Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on her Sunday program.

Bartiromo asked Gaetz if a transition may already be in progress. “What is going on? Are we getting ready for some kind of a transition?”

Gaetz replied, “You have to wonder whether or not the transition to Harris has already begun. Joe Biden’s had more nap time than he’s had questions from reporters…”

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  1. We’ve had many frauds perpetuated upon the American people and oftentimes, each one seems to be more egregious than the last. The latest in the chain of fraud is Scarecrow (if I only had a brain) Joe Bided and his body double, Kamala Harris.

    I used to wonder my so many of my countrymen believed in conspiracy theories. I don’t wonder anymore. Is this really happening to us? I wear my own tinfoil hat indoors now, too.

    My lifetime list of the worst frauds put upon America, in no particular order:

    The Bush family
    Bill and Hillary Clinton
    Ocean’s 11, 12 and 13
    United Nations
    Liberation Theology (shot) + Pope Francis (chaser)
    US Dollar replacing gold
    Global Warming, Global Cooling, Anthropogenic Climate Change, Al Gore
    Barry Sotero + administration
    COVID 19 and lockdowns
    Jim and Tammy Faye Baker
    Epstein’s suicide
    Al Sharpton / Jesse Jackson / BLM / Jussie Smollet / Kim Fox / Muriel Bowser / Rachel Dozel
    Windows 8
    Hamilton (the play)
    Al Franken
    Pinot Noir
    Critical Rate Theory
    Tony Fauci, Tony Soprano, Tony the Tiger
    The Impossible Burger
    Anyone in the public eye whose last name is Cuomo
    The FBI
    Bill Gates

    I could go on, but we all have lives to try and live and I think I made my point. (well, if not, at least I feel better).

    Kamala Harris may turn out to be the worst fraud on the list, but I see it as just a continuation of Barry Obama and his desire to ruin America, changing it into some warped, red-diaper vision he was taught as a child.

  2. As soon as it became apparent that Joe was taking the office, I figured that the Over/Under betting Line on Harris becoming President was June 2021. I picked Harris as the DNC favorite two years ago, as she checks the race and gender boxes simultaneously. I was surprised that her candidacy flamed out so quickly, but the players behind the scenes found a stealthy way to get her in without requiring the consent of those pesky voters.

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