Street Justice: Man Trying to Block Car at Antifa ‘Abolish the Police’ Protest Gets a Rude Awakening


Photo Credit: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Antifa held an “Abolish the Police” protest in Portland on Thursday which blocked an intersection. As one car followed a truck through the crowd, a protestor tried to punch the driver through his open window.

Another, carrying an umbrella which said “Abolish the Police,” stood in front of the vehicle – which kept going. He wound up on the hood of the car, momentarily, until falling off. The driver then accelerates leaving behind an angry group. One female protestor is heard yelling, “Get it, get it, get it.”

Street justice.

An independent reporter covering the protest took the side of Antifa.

Hey Maranie, maybe people are enraged because they’re tired of being held hostage by antifa groups and others like them. Maybe people have decided it’s time to take our country back.

Additionally, maybe it’s not a good idea to try to punch a driver or stand in front his car to force to him to stop so a bunch of thugs can beat him to a bloody pulp.

Has this reporter’s common sense left her as it has the rest of the Democratic Party?

What will Antifa do? Report this driver to the police they’re trying to abolish? ‘We tried to punch him, damage his car and block him officer. But he kept moving. We were in danger.’



H/T: Town Hall

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  1. So glad to see this – thanks EV!

    Per Maranie the Dufus: “The group of approx. 25 temporarily occupied an intersection…”. More guys like this, and “temporarily occupied” might begin to have meaning again.
    Or even “Deferred Action”, as in Childhood Arrivals.
    I’d like to buy him a beer!

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