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Please send submissions or any questions you may have to: Elizabeth@TheAmericanCrisis.org

Submissions should be sent as Word attachments and be no longer than 1,200 words. 

Technical guidelines: 

  • Single space the text. 
  • Include a suggested headline at the top, with an alternative headline or subhead beneath.
  • Put the author’s name below the suggested headlines.
  • Include a brief (two-sentence) bio line at the bottom.
  • Use a coherent and clear essay structure.
  • Make sure you have checked for spelling errors and proofread for grammar mistakes.
  • Let your article sit for 15 minutes after writing, then proofread before sending a single final version.
  • Embed links over the relevant text. Claims of disputed, little-known, surprising, or domain-specific facts should be linked to credible sources.

Overall guidelines: We’re looking for your take on stories that are driving the current news cycle or about important public issues from a conservative perspective. Feel free to include items from social media, tweets and videos in your submissions.