Biden: The Invisible Man or Where’s Waldo, part deux….


My morning caffeine injection was complimented by an article I found on Fox News.

“Biden hits 50-day milestone of going without a formal news conference as president”

The article details how “unusual” this is for a modern-era president:

President Biden has been in office for 50 days, but he has yet to schedule a formal press conference.  Former President Trump waited 28 days into his presidency to hold a press conference, former President Obama waited just 21 days before holding one, and former President George W. Bush waited 34 days before taking questions from the press in a formal setting.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has repeatedly covered for him and defended his lack of accessibility. Here’s what she told reporters on Monday:

The president takes questions several times a week. He took questions actually twice yesterday. We look forward to holding a full press conference. We’re working on setting a final date for that and as soon as we do we will let you all know.

This president came in during a historic crisis. I think the American people understand that his focus, energy and attention has been on ensuring we secure enough vaccines…and pushing for an American rescue plan.

Immediately after having snorted my remaining coffee through my nose I asked myself, seriously? Is the President really that busy with vaccine logistics? Don’t presidents have people to handle those things for them?

To any sentient American, if Biden were devoting that much time to “ensuring we secure enough vaccines,” it would clearly indicate he is nothing more than a ‘one-trick dog-faced pony soldier. Personally, I’d like to think that the leader of the free world is capable of focusing on more than one issue at a time.

So, I am not buying Psaki’s explanation. Why would anyone? Consider all of the initiatives that President Biden (I know, it pains me to write it) has presented to the American electorate in his first two months in office. C’mon man, he’s been a busy guy. Look at all of these “achievements.”

  • Essential re-opening our southern borders to COVID infected aliens (by limiting restrictions on illegal alien handling processes put in place by former President Trump.)
  • Killing high paying jobs in the oil/natural gas/pipeline industry. (Obama had hoped to kill this program and it’s finally dead. Oops, I said the quiet part out loud.)
  • Establishing a White House Gender Policy Council (yes, because it’s crucial that we determine how many genders there are and once we create that problem, we have to figure out what do to about it…government make-work at its finest.)
  • Expanding the U.S. Refugee Admission Program (more is always better, right?)

And that’s only a partial list of all the things he’s done…I could go on to list all 50 hits on the EO roster, but you get the idea.

Joey Robinette has been a busy little bird…unless…maybe he really wasn’t very busy at all.

Ask yourself this question. If one trick pony Joe has been so highly focused on ensuring we secure enough vaccines and pushing for an American rescue plan, then who’s been working on everything else?

Biden needs to show himself at pressers and start taking questions about things the American people find important. Otherwise, a rational person just might start thinking that old Joe really isn’t in charge of anything at all. That he has “delegated” the running of the country to (fill in the blank in the comments section with your best guess as to whom is actually in charge), all the while trying to remember Lloyd three sticks’ last name (apologies to General Austin).

If you think that an American president who isn’t in charge of the country is an American Crisis, then please leave a comment below.

—- Richard Edward Tracy