Biden Crashes and Burns as White House Faces Multiple Crises Foreign and Domestic

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A perfect storm is swirling around President Joe Biden at the moment as multiple crises, both foreign and domestic, have all struck at once. To make matters worse, some of them are the direct result of his own administration’s ill-advised policies. Is he even aware of them?

The problems began to snowball on Friday morning, when the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that only 266,000 jobs had been added to the economy in April. Wall Street had expected four times that number. The anemic jobs report reversed the string of steady declines in the unemployment rate, boosting it to 6.1 percent.

At the same time, the country is facing a serious labor shortage. “Help wanted” signs appear everywhere. In fact, the Bureau of Labor released new data on Tuesday which revealed “the number of job openings reached a series high of 8.1 million on the last business day of March.” But employers can’t fill positions because the Biden administration sees fit to pay many would-be workers more in unemployment benefits than they could earn at a job.

The government has created a disincentive to work.

Following the bleak employment report on Friday morning, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President and Chief Policy Officer Neil Bradley issued the following statement:

“The disappointing jobs report makes it clear that paying people not to work is dampening what should be a stronger jobs market. We need a comprehensive approach to dealing with our workforce issues and the very real threat unfilled positions poses to our economic recovery from the pandemic. One step policymakers should take now is ending the $300 weekly supplemental unemployment benefit. Based on the Chamber’s analysis, the $300 benefit results in approximately one in four recipients taking home more in unemployment than they earned working.”

Biden tried to put a positive spin on the story, “Today, there is more evidence our economy is moving in the right direction. This is progress. This is a testament to our new strategy. We’ve got work to do, to state the obvious, we have work to do.”

It certainly would appear so.

Fears that the Biden administration’s excessive spending would lead to high inflation were realized on Wednesday when the Labor Department reported that the Consumer Price Index in April had jumped 4.2 percent from a year earlier. According to CNBC, this was the largest year-over-year increase in inflation since September 2008, the start of the Great Recession.

On Saturday, Biden received the bad news that the Colonial Pipeline, which distributes close to 2.5 million barrels of fuel to states on the Eastern Seaboard, was forced to shut down after becoming the target of a ransomware cyber attack. Many states are experiencing severe gas shortages, causing long lines at the pumps and price increases.

Prior to the pipeline shutdown, gasoline prices were already up by an average of 75 cents per gallon since the Nov. 3 election. Forbes’ David Blackmon attributes this to the energy policies of the current administration.

“The markets clearly see the Biden/Harris administration as one that will work to inhibit U.S. oil production, which will also have the effect of tightening the global market, and traders have responded by driving up the price of crude oil,” Blackmon wrote.

How quickly the U.S. has gone from low gas prices and near energy independence to high prices and likely dependence on foreign oil.

The border crisis continues to spiral out of control. In April, 178,622 illegals were apprehended at the southern border, remaining at a 20-year-high.

Additionally, Palestinian militants in Gaza have fired over 1,000 rockets into Israel since Monday, according to a Wednesday BBC report:

“The deadly exchange of fire … has escalated significantly, with the UN fearing a ‘full-scale war.’ Israel has carried out hundreds of air strikes on Gaza, destroying three tower blocks and killing senior Hamas officials. At least 53 Palestinians and six Israelis have been killed since Monday,” the BBC reported.

Fox News senior editor Jeffrey Koffler reported that Biden is feeling the heat from both the left and the right over the conflict in Israel.

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This article was originally published by The Western Journal.

Biden Says He ‘Inherited One God-Awful Mess at the Border’

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During a Friday interview on NBC News’ “Today Show” with co-host Craig Melvin, President Joe Biden said his administration “inherited one God-awful mess at the border.” He blames it on “the failure to have a real transition — cooperation from the last administration, like every other administration has done.” I think even most Democrats realize the stunning dishonesty of these remarks.

“The two departments that didn’t give us access to virtually anything [during the transition] were the immigration and the Defense Department,” Biden told Melvin. “So we didn’t find out they had fired a whole lot of people, that they were understaffed considerably.”

Melvin pointed out that in April, 170,000 people had been apprehended at the border and that 22,000 unaccompanied minors are currently in the U.S. “That’s a record. That sounds to most folks like a crisis.”

“Well look, it’s way down now. We’ve now gotten control,” declared Biden. “For example, they didn’t plan for – it comes every year – this flow …  they didn’t have the beds that were available. They didn’t plan for the overflow. They didn’t plan for the Department of Health and Human Services to have places to take the kids …”

Not even Melvin appeared to be buying it.

Here’s the reason why tens of thousands of illegal immigrants have flocked to our southern border, Mr. President. You invited them. In fact, this was a central issue in your campaign. Your formal invitation can be found on your campaign website and it’s called “The Biden Plan for Securing our Values as a Nation of Immigrants.”

One of the Biden Administration’s first moves was to end former President Donald Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy and to resurrect the Obama era policy of “catch and release.” Knowing that asylum seekers would be released into the U.S. after they’d been processed at the border to await their court dates was akin to putting up a large flashing neon invitation. “Come on over!”

No matter how hard the President tries to spin it, Americans know that Trump had this situation under control by the end of his term. All Biden had to do was maintain those policies.

Over the last several days, three Democratic senators have criticized Biden over the border crisis.

Following Biden’s State of the Union address, Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly said, “While I share President Biden’s urgency in fixing our broken immigration system, what I didn’t hear tonight was a plan to address the immediate crisis at the border, and I will continue holding this administration accountable to deliver the resources and staffing necessary for a humane, orderly process as we work to improve border security, support local economies, and fix our immigration system.”

In a statement to Fox News, Kelly’s colleague from Arizona, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s office wrote, “Sen. Sinema has been clear that she – along with Sen. Kelly – wants to see more action from the administration to address the border crisis and support Arizona border communities. She’s spoken directly with administration officials on this.”

Even Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii was forced to admit that Vice President Kamala Harris, whom Biden has tasked with leading the White House response to the “migration challenge,” needs to do more.

During an interview on PBS News’ “Firing Line,” host Margaret Hoover asked Hirono (whom she said was a “trailblazing lawmaker”), if she would urge Harris to visit the border.

“Of course,” Hirono replied.

Hoover asked why Harris hasn’t done so yet.

“I don’t know. Maybe — We have a few other things to deal with, like the pandemic and everything else, so I’m not going to point fingers at her in the sense of — I hope that she will go down to the border,” answered Hirono. “I hope that we can have a comprehensive, ‘whole of government’ approach to what we need to do to have a humane immigration system.”

“According to an ABC News poll, the majority of Americans actually disapprove of President Biden’s handling of the border,” noted Hoover. “Senator, why is it so difficult for some to call the situation at the border a crisis?”

“I think the President calls it a crisis. I would call it a crisis. We can call it a challenge. But we know what the factors are. We know what is happening. So whatever you call it, we’re going to need to deal with it. We’re going to need to address it in a humane way.”

So why will no one in the Biden Administration take action to end the border crisis? Conservative commentator Candace Owens provided the best answer I’ve ever heard during a March appearance on Fox News’ “Life, Liberty and Levin.” I posted about this interview here.

Owens begins with an explanation of how the Democratic Party, which claims to help blacks through all of their social programs, has actually suppressed them. While it may appear on the surface that Democrats have supported blacks by providing for them financially and rhetorically, their “largesse” has actually been a mechanism designed to hold them back, preventing them from taking the reins and succeeding, from breaking out of the cycle of poverty. Most blacks see only that Democrats are more generous than Republicans and have loyally supported them at the polls for decades. Many of us have known this for a long time.

Owens larger point, however, is that the black population has not grown fast enough for the Democrats. So, they are now “importing” a new class of voters. Democrats will ensure these people receive health care and that they are housed, fed and even educated. The party will see to it that the illegals now flooding into the U.S. from Central and South America in record numbers will become completely dependent on them for their survival.

Just as the majority of blacks continue to vote Democratic, so too will the Hispanics. The cycle of poverty will repeat itself.

“Everyone keeps calling this a border crisis Mark. This isn’t a border crisis, this is a border plan,” Owens tells Levin.

“They are trying to import a new class of voters. They are trying to say to the Mexican-Americans, to the South-Americans … ‘we will help you, we’ll give you free stuff like we gave black Americans free stuff after Jim Crow ended. We’re gonna welfare-ize you. We’re gonna give you handouts, we’re gonna marry you to the government like we married black Americans to the government.’ It’s pure evil.”

So, in response to Biden’s feeble attempt to blame the Trump Administration for the border crisis: Everyone knows the Biden Administration caused the border crisis. The policy changes were made to encourage large numbers of illegals to enter the U.S. All of this was intentional. And everything seems to be going according to plan.

Politico Orders Staff to ‘Avoid Referring’ to Border Crisis as a ‘Crisis’

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The Washington Examiner obtained an internal memo written by Politico’s deputy production director Maya Parthasarathy, in which she instructs staff members to stop calling the “present situation” at our southwestern border a crisis. Writers are still allowed to “quote others using that language while providing context.”

Parthasarathy writes: “While the sharp increase in the arrival of unaccompanied minors is a problem for border officials, a political challenge for the Biden administration and a dire situation for many migrants who make the journey, it does not fit the dictionary definition of a crisis. If using the word ‘crisis,’ we need to ask of what and to whom.”

Much of the language in the Politico memo is identical to that contained in an Associated Press blog post published in late March by their Vice President for Standards John Daniszewski. He explains: “There could be a humanitarian crisis if the numbers grow so large that officials cannot house the migrants safely or in sanitary conditions. Migrants may face humanitarian crises in their home countries. In theory, there could be a security or a border crisis if officials lose control of the border, allowing people to enter unencumbered in large numbers. But, in general, avoid hyperbole in calling anything a crisis or an emergency.”

“Because migration is such a hot-button issue, we also should try to avoid imagery conjuring war or natural disaster, which could portray migrants as a negative, harmful influence,” he tells readers.

Imagine portraying the invasion of illegals as a negative, harmful influence.

He continues:

Avoid emotive words like onslaught, tidal wave, flood, inundation, surge, invasion, army, march, sneak and stealth.

Rather, let’s be as neutral as possible while backing up our characterizations with numbers and facts. So, for example, Biden is contending with the largest number of migrant encounters at the border since a four-month streak in 2019. It is the among the largest number of unaccompanied children encountered at the border on record. Overcrowded detention facilities that have sent U.S. authorities scrambling for space and prompted the administration to dispatch FEMA to the border.

We should explore widely all perspectives on this controversial issue. At the same time, we should be mindful of misinformation and think through which quotes we are using to ensure that we are not repeating factual misinformation in quotes and provide fact checking as part of the story.

The Examiner contacted Politico for a comment on this memo. A spokesperson told them, “This wasn’t a company-wide memo — it was an email to relevant employees sharing AP style guidance — the industry standard — which you can find here.”

Actually, Biden himself referred to the crisis as a “crisis” in March. He told reporters, “We’re going to increase the number. The problem was that the refugee part was working on the crisis that ended up on the border with young people. We couldn’t do two things at once, but now, we are going to increase the number.”

I don’t understand it either. But he used the word “crisis” and White House Jen Psaki was ready for reporters who questioned her on it.

“The president does not feel children coming to our border, seeking refuge from violence, economic hardships, and other dire circumstances, is a crisis,” she explained. “He does feel that the crisis in Central America, the direct circumstances that people are fleeing from, that that is a situation we need to spend our time, our effort on, and we need to address it if we are going to prevent more of an influx of migrants from coming in years to come.”

Sorry Politico, but when 171,000 enter the U.S. illegally in one month, and we know that number does not include the estimated tens of thousands whose crossings were undetected by officials, it’s a crisis.

How much longer must we pretend that this parsing of words to describe what is most definitely a crisis is reasonable?

Nancy Pelosi Tells a Whopper About Who’s Responsible for the Border Crisis

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

We’ve come to expect hearing lies when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi opens her mouth. But even for Pelosi, her latest assessment of conditions at our southwest border was a whopper.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Pelosi had this to say about the largest influx of illegal immigrants flooding into the country in over 20 years. “I’m glad you asked that question in a larger sense instead of quoting the ridiculousness of the Republicans in the Congress. The fact is – is that we’re on a good path at the border under the leadership of President Biden. … It’s about restructuring how we do what is happening there because we were in a very bad situation under the Trump Administration. It’s about a refugee plan. …”

The fact is, Nancy Pelosi, that you are lying through your teeth. And it says everything about the press in America today that not one reporter had the courage to stand up and tell her so.

Even Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, who voted against President Trump in the second impeachment trial, told Fox News’ Chris Wallace last month that “You can’t help but notice that the administration changes and there is a surge.”

According to The Washington Post, “U.S. agents took more than 171,000 migrants into custody” in March.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson noted that’s a 418 percent increase from March 2020.

A guest on Carlson’s program pointed out that if U.S. agents took 171,000 illegals into custody, the true figure of individuals coming into the country is even higher. This data doesn’t account for the “gotaways,” those who are not detected by U.S. officials.

No one knows the true number of illegals who are currently living in America. For years, we’ve been told it’s 11 million. Funny how that figure hasn’t changed in 20 years, isn’t it?

I’ve heard estimates of 22 million and even 29 million. And 2 million more will likely be added in 2021.

Carlson addressed this issue in his opening monolog on Tuesday: “How high is the actual figure? It’s high enough to change this country forever in every conceivable way. It’s high enough to devalue your political power as a voter. It’s high enough to subvert democracy itself. It’s high enough to make this country a different place. But again, we don’t know the number. We absolutely have the right to know. We should demand to know.”

The Washington Post reports:

Last month, CBP took in more than 18,800 unaccompanied minors, a 99 percent increase from February and a figure far above the previous one-month high of 11,861 in May 2019. The jump in the number of migrants arriving as part of family groups was even steeper last month, soaring to more than 53,000, up from 19,246 in February and 7,294 in January, the preliminary figures show.

Suffice it to say, Pelosi’s claims to reporters were undeniably false.

But the lying didn’t end there. In the clip below, she tells a second lie to the same group about the Trump Administration’s handling of COVID. This is fodder for a later post.

America truly is in crisis.

Candace Owens: For the Biden Administration, It’s Not a Border Crisis, But a Border Plan

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President Joe Biden’s refusal to call the debacle which is unfolding on our southwest border a crisis has been an outrage. Despite the photos, the recordings and the reports that come to us on an hourly basis, neither he nor his lady in waiting, Vice President Kamala Harris, have visited to see firsthand the misery their policies have led to. But what if, rather than a denial that the crisis exists, it’s all part of the administration’s plan to import a new class of voters?

An examination of the Democrats’ historical strategy with black Americans provides a clue into their current objectives.

Conservative commentator Candace Owens joined Fox News’ Mark Levin to discuss the Democratic Party’s total betrayal of America and the strategy behind it. (This episode of Life, Liberty and Levin originally aired on March 28. It can be viewed below. Owen’s segment begins at 17:30.)

Owens begins with an explanation of how the Democratic Party, which claims to help blacks through all of their social programs, has actually suppressed them. While it may appear on the surface that Democrats have supported blacks by providing for them financially and rhetorically, their “largesse” has actually been a mechanism designed to hold them back, preventing them from taking the reins and succeeding, from breaking out of the cycle of poverty. Most blacks see only that Democrats are more generous than Republicans and have loyally supported them at the polls for decades. Many of us have known this for a long time.

Owens larger point, however, is that the black population has not grown fast enough for the Democrats. So, they are now “importing” a new class of voters. Democrats will ensure these people receive health care and that they are housed, fed and even educated. The party will see to it that the illegals now flooding into the U.S. from Central and South America in record numbers will become completely dependent on them for their survival.

Just as the majority of blacks continue to vote Democratic, so too will the Hispanics. The cycle of poverty will repeat itself.

“Everyone keeps calling this a border crisis Mark. This isn’t a border crisis, this is a border plan,” Owens tells Levin.

“They are trying to import a new class of voters. They are trying to say to the Mexican-Americans, to the South-Americans … ‘we will help you, we’ll give you free stuff like we gave black Americans free stuff after Jim Crow ended. We’re gonna welfare-ize you. We’re gonna give you handouts, we’re gonna marry you to the government like we married black Americans to the government.’ It’s pure evil.”

Levin spoke about the media’s coverage of the recent mass shooting in Atlanta, Georgia, that left eight people dead (including six Asians) and the Boulder, Colorado grocery store shooting that left 10 ten dead. In each case, the media racialized the stories. Levin says, “They’re racializing these issues. Of course, they’re only racializing it in one direction. These people in the media, these people in the Democrat Party are tearing this country apart, don’t you think?”

“With intention, with pure evil intention, they are tearing this country apart because they realize that race gives them power. Because people get emotional about race, right? They don’t even know the facts of the story, but if they say, ‘this was a white supremacist attack,’ they know that black Americans will instantly get angry and that’s how they need them. They rely on emotion, because it suspends rationality,” replied Owens.

“They don’t want people thinking rationally, they don’t want them thinking clearly, they don’t want them actually pursuing the facts,” she said. “They don’t want them looking at the data.”

This culture of racism, Owens explained, “was not created by black Americans, that culture was created by Democrats. Systematically created by Democrats – by Lyndon Baines Johnson who is hailed as a hero in textbooks when he was anything but. He was an avowed racist who sought to make sure that black Americans were programmed, that their families were destroyed and that they turned to the government for every single answer. And that is why we have a rotten culture in black America today. It was orchestrated by the people that always were the racists and continue today to be the racists and that is the Democrat Party.”

Biden and Harris are very well aware of conditions at the border. From their perspective, everything is moving ahead according to plan. They knew it would be a little “messy” in the beginning. But as always with Democrats, and this is especially true for today’s Democrats, the end justifies the means. The (roughly) two million illegal immigrants who will likely flow into our country this year will be added to the millions more who preceded them.

(Note: No one knows how many illegals are currently residing in America. I have seen figures ranging from 11 million to 29 million. My guess is the true number is closer to the latter,)

Democrats are hoping to preside over a repeat of the same cycle of dependency that worked so well for them with black Americans from the 1960s on. They will meet their every need and taxpayers will foot the bill. They will grant amnesty and provide a path to citizenship for them.

They expect members of this demographic group to become loyal Democratic voters who will help cement their power for as long as possible. In the end, the story may play out differently with Hispanics than it did for blacks, but that’s fodder for a different post. The point is that the Democrats are not in denial, it’s all part of their larger strategy to ensure one-party rule in America for generations to come.

April 7: Video taken down by Youtube. It can be viewed here.

The Mexican Cartels Have Evolved Over the Last Decade; Border Crisis Deniers Near to Hear the Grim Reality

Photo Credit: Image by S K from Pixabay

Political analyst Robert Reich, a former Clinton Administration Cabinet secretary, wrote an article which surprisingly spent the day at the top of RealClearPolitcs’ trending list. The piece is entitled, “Republicans are fabricating the border crisis.” He writes: “Republicans are outraged — outraged! — at the surge of migrants on the southern border.”

After mocking the reactions of several prominent Republicans, Reich declares, “In fact, there’s no surge of migrants at the border. … The ‘surge’ has been fabricated by Republicans in order to stoke fear.”

A little further down the list was an article about AOC’s viral rebuke of anyone calling the surge at our southern border, a surge. “She tells us: “Anyone who is using the term ‘surge’ around you consciously is trying to invoke a militaristic frame. … This is not a surge. These are children and they are not insurgents.”

On Thursday, she continues even further down denial river and says: “What is happening here is not the same as what happened during the Trump administration, where they took babies out of the arms of their mothers.”

Both clips can be viewed below.

She might be surprised to hear that an infant was flung from a boat into the Rio Grande this week, and men were photographed tossing two toddlers, aged three and five, over the border wall and abandoned.

In the meantime, neither our feeble President Joe Biden (it still pains me to write that), nor his heir apparent, will admit that a crisis exists.

Fox News contributor Lara Logan, who is deeply familiar with the disaster unfolding on our southwest border, joined Sean Hannity on Wednesday night to inject some sanity into the conversation. Her remarks provide a glimpse into what’s happening on the other side of the border. This is the reality. (The segment can be viewed here.)

Logan finds Ocasio-Cortez’ remarks disturbing and fundamentally dishonest and she believes it’s meant to distract from “the real national security threat” at the border. Logan told Hannity:

Starting in around 2006, that was when the cartels in Mexico really transitioned from drug cartels … into an actual insurgency. If AOC knew anything about the history of Mexico and the cartels – at all – she wouldn’t throw that language around. Because there was a real insurgency in Mexico when President Calderón declared the war on drugs and war on the cartels. And in 2009, they [the cartels] transitioned to terrorism and that’s what they’ve been using ever since. That was when Los Zetas, a faction of the Gulf cartel, they broke off and established their own cartel. And one of the first things that they did, Sean, is massacre 72 illegal immigrants who were in a stash house in Mexico. And the next thing they did was kill over 300 Mexican civilians in the Allende Massacre. And the next great flashpoint that the U.S. failed to pay attention to was in 2015 when a new cartel, Jalisco New Generation, shot a Mexican military helicopter out of the sky.

These organizations have gone from drug organizations to insurgents to terrorists and they are now a parallel shadow government in Mexico. They’re the ones calling the shots and what you observe on the border is these cartels do not fear the U.S. government and they do not have to fear the Mexican government because they are calling the shots in Mexico…

They’re pushing as many people across as they want. It’s unbelievable numbers. You can call it whatever you like, but when four or five rafts are coming across at the same time and they are packed with people, and the smugglers are telling everyone hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, and they’re yelling out to people on the U.S. side that they’ve got 50 more, 100 more they’ve got to get back and that includes 23-day-old babies. You’ve got agents holding back because they don’t want these cartels to toss these kids into the river and kill them which is what they’ll do in a heartbeat. You’ve got agents who’ve rescued women who are being raped…

You’ve got kids with no shoes, many of them have never seen a doctor in their lives, some of them don’t even speak Spanish. They’ve come through a COVID hot spot.

And Sean, the numbers that we’re talking about, those are just the apprehensions, those aren’t the gotaways. Over 34,000 gotaways in the last month alone. Those are people who have just vanished, gone.

People have been coming across with little cards, and they have a routing number, an account number written there and that’s what the cartels were giving them to make sure that they get paid. One thing you can be sure of Sean, they will get paid. Now they have wristbands with a number that corresponds to a data base in Mexico. And they know everything about you. They can track you and they will hunt you down if you don’t pay them. They’ll cut their hearts out and eat them while they’re alive Sean. That’s the kind of thing they do. Cut their hearts out and eat it – and laugh – on tape.

Ted Cruz: Biden Sent DC Political Operative to Block Lawmakers’ Cameras During Border Visit [Video]

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

During his interview with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Fox News Sunday, anti-Trumper Chris Wallace comes to the realization that the Biden Administration is less transparent than the Trump Administration. I posted about this here.

The video posted below by Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, proves that Wallace was right.

Last week, a delegation of 18 senators, led by Cruz, traveled to the southwest U.S. border to witness the severity of the crisis.

As lawmakers toured the Donna, Texas Customs and Border Patrol facility, several of them tried to take photographs and videos for the American people to see, especially because the Biden Administration will not allow members of the press inside.

According to Cruz, “Biden sent a political operative from DC to block our cameras and even threatened another senator to obstruct legitimate congressional oversight.”

In the video, this operative is telling Cruz to “please give dignity to the people.”

To his credit, he is not having it. As Cruz speaks, this woman keeps repeating, “please give dignity to the people, please respect the people, the rules.” She tells him, “This is not a zoo.”

Cruz questions her. “So, you work for the Commissioner. You’re a senior adviser. You were hired two weeks ago and you were instructed to ask us to not have any pictures taken here because the political leadership at DHS does not want the American people to know it.”

“You keep standing in front of the pictures, so you don’t want the pictures taken. The rules are arbitrary and they’re designed to keep the American people in the dark.”

“Is this dignify and respect? Look at these people. There’s a pandemic. Let me ask you. There’s a pandemic. Is this respecting the rights of these kids?”

“You’re right. This is a dangerous place. And your policies, unfortunately, are trying to hide them. I understand you were instructed when 18 senators came down here…”

“I respect them and I want to fix this situation and the administration you’re working for is responsible for these conditions.”

“And I ask you to respect the people as well. This is not respect. This is not respect.”

In a post about this video, Powerline’s John Hinderaker told readers: “The Biden party line – that no one should take pictures of people suffering in Biden’s cages in order to ‘respect their dignity’ would be funny if it were not so sad. Let’s recall all the times when the Democrats tried to suppress pictures and videos of problems at the border during the Trump administration in order to respect the dignity of the illegal immigrants. Oh, yeah…never mind.”

Chris Wallace Makes an Astute Observation as Psaki Stonewalls Him: ‘You Are Being Less Transparent Than the Trump Administration’

Photo Credit: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The Trump administration was often painted as doing nefarious things just out of the media’s eye despite the press being given access to many areas and events. The Biden administration is actively blocking reporters from covering the border crisis in person and stonewalling every attempt by journalists to get answers for the American people.

It took about a nanosecond for Fox News host Chris Wallace to realize that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was not going to answer his questions either, prompting him to say, “You are being less transparent than the Trump Administration.”

Wallace opened the interview with a quote from President Joe Biden on the border crisis. Last week, Biden insisted, “Nothing has changed. … It happens every year.”

Wallace then read a comment from Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas who said, “We are on pace to encounter more individuals on the southwest border than we have in the last 20 years.”

“So, who’s wrong,” he asked. “The DHS Secretary or the President?”

When Psaki begins an answer with “Well, first factually,” one knows that what follows will be a whopper and it was.

“There was an increase of about 31 percent of people coming to the border during the final months of the Trump Administration. It’s been about a 29 percent increase since Biden took office. But our focus is on solutions,” Psaki told him. Dodging the question, she then went on to enumerate all of the steps they are taking to protect children.

Well aware that immigrants likely began planning their journeys on Nov. 4, and the 31 percent figure Psaki quoted belonged to Biden, Wallace said, “You can play with percentages, but in absolute numbers, these are record numbers. There are now 18,000 unaccompanied minors in U.S. custody. …”

“Well, Chris. Our objective is to take a different approach from the last administration,” Psaki replied. “We are not going to send children under the age of 18, kids under the age of 18 back on this treacherous journey. They are fleeing challenging economic circumstances, hurricanes, prosecution in some scenarios. It does not mean they get to stay in the United States. It means their cases are adjudicated. …”

Pivoting to the administration’s pledges of transparency, Wallace played a clip of Biden at last Thursday’s press conference. “You’ll have full access to everything once we get this thing moving.” Asked how soon that would be, Biden said, “I don’t know.”

He then showed a series of photos taken last week by members of Congress who had traveled to the border. “Jen, these kids are living in these conditions now. They’re not living in these conditions some indeterminate time from now when the President says everything will be fixed, so why not allow reporters and camera crews in, on a pool basis, safely to take pictures and show the American people what’s happening in those border patrol facilities right now.”

“Chris, we are absolutely committed to that. The President is committed to that. I’m committed to that. Secretary Mayorkas is committed to that,” she insisted. “Just last week we had a pool camera providing footage to Fox News, just last week into the shelters. We want to provide access into the Border Patrol facilities. We are mindful of the fact that we are in the middle of a pandemic. We want to keep these kids safe, keep the staff safe. We are absolutely committed to transparency and providing access to media … and we’re working to get that done as soon as we can.”

Wallace wasn’t going to let Psaki’s disingenuous statement slide. “Just to clarify Jen. You allowed a camera crew in to see the HHS facilities. What we’re talking about here are the border patrol facilities, the detention cells. … There is a law – let me just finish – that they are not allowed to be there for more than 72 hours. Many of them are there for ten days. At this point, in terms of allowing access to border patrol facilities for reporters, you are being less transparent than the Trump Administration.”

“The Trump administration was turning away kids at the border and sending them back on the treacherous journey, or they were ripping kids from the arms of their parents. We’re not doing that. We are committed to allowing cameras into the border patrol facilities, absolutely. We are committed to solutions.” Psaki said.

However, according to a March 17 report, two CBP officials told The Washington Examiner that “Biden Homeland Security officials have muzzled spokespersons and top officials at the Customs and Border Protection agency from speaking with the media about the situation on the border. … Officials have been placed under a sort of “gag order,” and they said they were told verbally not to communicate with media beyond statements approved from the top.”

Switching gears, Wallace said, “The president has come out strongly for the voting rights bill that has passed the House and is now being deliberated by the Senate. But look at some of the things that are in H.R. 1, the House voting rights bill. It creates public financing of congressional campaigns. It takes redistricting away from state legislatures and it opens the door to D.C. becoming a state.”

He asks Psaki, “Now, you can argue whether these are good ideas or bad ideas, but to get bipartisan agreement, to get compromise with Republicans, would the president consider supporting, taking some of those elements out and focusing just on voting rights?”

The press secretary delivers another non-answer. “Well, the president is absolutely open to the idea from Republicans, from Democrats, to make any piece of legislation better and stronger. But what he is not going to allow for is efforts to make it more difficult and harder to vote. And efforts to do that, people should question whether they have – why they would be doing that? If they have the best ideas, they should make it easier for people to vote. But you know, this is the process of a bill becoming a law – .”

“Chris, if Republicans want to come to the table have a discussion about what kind of package they can support to make voting more easy, easier and more accessible, the president is absolutely open to having that discussion.”

Wallace moved on to the filibuster. He noted that some Democrats were trying to convince Biden “to push to kill the Senate filibuster in order to pass legislation to protect voting rights.”

He played a clip of Biden from his press conference. “If there’s complete lockdown and chaos as a consequence of the filibuster, then we’ll have to go beyond what I’m talking about.”

Referencing Biden’s current characterization of the filibuster as “a relic of the Jim Crow era,” Wallace played a clip of Sen. Joe Biden when he supported the measure.

Biden said, “At its core, the filibuster is not about stopping a nominee or a bill. It’s about compromise and moderation.”

Pressing further, Wallace reminded Psaki that, “Just last year, Kamala Harris, when she was in the Senate, led the filibuster against Republican Senator Tim Scott, an African American, his plan for police reform. So, is the filibuster racist? Is it wrong?”

Psaki replied, “As the president said just last week, Chris, it’s been abused, and in the first 50 years of the filibuster being around, it was used about 50 times. It was used five times that many last year. The president doesn’t think that’s how the filibuster should be used.”

The Democrats often used the filibuster to block civil rights legislation. But no one is supposed to remind them of those days. Regarding its frequent use last year, it looks like Psaki forgot which party was in the minority.

Psaki continued with her deflection. “There’s an easy solution here, though, which the president would certainly advocate for, which is Democrats and Republicans, Republicans coming to the table with a willingness and an openness to discussing how we get things done. They want to come the table and talk about how to make voting easier, more accessible, let’s have that conversation. The president is eager to have it.”

“He’s not eager to move with destroying the filibuster,” she added. “He’s eager to get things done for the American people, but he’s also not going to stand by and prevent forward moving progress from happening. So that’s what people heard from him last week.”

Wallace rightly points out the obvious, “If you’re talking about abuse of the filibuster over the last two years, the Democrats were in the minority, so they were the ones abusing it.”

Could it be that the radical transformation of the U.S. government under the Biden Administration has become too much even for anti-Trumper Chris Wallace?

We learned nothing from this interview. From the get-go, Psaki was in defense mode. She struggled to provide cover for an administration whose real motive is to amass power for the Democratic Party and make it difficult for Republicans to ever win another presidential election.

We are witnessing the most flagrant power grab by a political party in American history. The Trump years left the Democrats emboldened. They paid no consequences for perpetrating a plot to frame then-President Donald Trump for crimes they knew were false, two bogus impeachments and so much more. Now that they control the White House and both chambers of Congress, they’re looking to consolidate that power so they can control the U.S. for generations to come.

Kamala Is Asked If She Plans to Visit the Border; She Responds with … Laughter?

Photo Credit: Image by Please Don’t sell My Artwork AS IS from Pixabay

As the situation at the border reaches crisis levels, neither President Joe Biden nor Vice President Kamala Harris have felt the necessity of traveling there to assess conditions. Perhaps doing so would be an admission that the crisis exists.

Whatever the reason, in the video below, Harris reacted rather strangely when a reporter asked her if she had plans to visit the border.

Initially, she appeared to be stunned by the question. Collecting herself, she replied, Uh … Um … Not today.” This was followed by laughter. Turning serious, she said, “I have before and I’m sure I will again. Yeah.”

I don’t think the Vice President actually finds the growing disaster funny. Her cackle, in my opinion, is a defense mechanism. When she is nervous, when she wants to deflect from an uncomfortable topic, she laughs. The reporter had obviously hit a nerve.

She has much to be defensive about. Former President Donald Trump had put in place smart policies to bring the situation under control and to keep it that way. This mess belongs to Biden and Harris. Surprisingly, many Democrats are now blaming them for the disaster that is unfolding before Americans’ eyes. Reports over the weekend from The Washington Post and CNN were very critical of the Biden Administration.

On Monday, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas sent a letter to Biden. Cruz and 14 of his senate colleagues will be traveling to the border to assess conditions and had asked the administration to grant press access to the reporters who will be joining them. This request was denied. Here are several excerpts from the letter:

There is a crisis at our southern border caused by your administration’s radical immigration policies. In 2019, former Obama DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson said, “I know that 1,000 [apprehensions per day] overwhelms the system and I cannot begin to imagine what 4,000 a day looks like.” But in response to your administration’s policies and rhetoric promising exceedingly lax enforcement and a path to citizenship for every illegal alien, Border Patrol agents are reportedly apprehending 4,500 to 6,000 illegal aliens per day.

Despite your administration’s refusal to admit that this is a crisis, the American people are beginning to understand the gravity of the situation.

But it is not enough for members of the Senate to see what is happening—the American people must see. That is why I requested that members of the media be allowed to join us. But your administration clearly and emphatically refused to offer press access. This is outrageous and hypocritical.

Denying the press the ability to observe, film, and report on the conditions at the border is not openness or transparency — it is hiding the truth from the American people. The press and the American people deserve more than denials and excuses from a podium.


On Monday, Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar, whose district sits on the U.S./Mexico border, published photos of a packed migrant facility in Donna, Texas.

Cuellar’s photos can be viewed here.

Reporter Asks Psaki Why They’re Spending $86 Million to Put Illegals in Hotels When National Guard Troops Slept in Parking Garages

Photo Credit: Image by Jim Black from Pixabay

On Sunday, Fox News reported that the Biden Administration spent $86 million to house illegal immigrants who broke the law to enter the U.S.

The Biden administration has awarded ICE an $86.9 million contract for hotel rooms near the border to provide temporary shelter and processing services for families who have not been expelled from the United States but have been placed in immigration proceedings for their removal.

The contract, through Texas-based nonprofit Endeavors, provides 1,239 beds and “other necessary services.” The families will receive a comprehensive health assessment, including COVID-19 testing. The announcement comes days after White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters on Thursday that the White House planned to provide 2.5 million doses of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine to Mexico.

That’s a pretty eye-popping sum of tax payer money to spend on people who shouldn’t be here in the first place.

It is especially egregious after the manner in which this administration treated vast numbers of National Guard troops who deployed to Washington, D.C. in the days following the Capitol riot.

The Democrats used these soldiers as props to bolster their false narrative that Trump supporting extremists posed a threat to their safety. When it came to arranging proper accommodations for these men, however, they couldn’t be bothered.

Large numbers of men were forced to sleep in a cold parking garage. In addition, it was widely reported several weeks ago that troops were receiving insufficient, undercooked and even contaminated food.

At Monday’s White House press briefing, press secretary Jennifer Psaki was questioned about this unequal treatment.

Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson brought up the $86 million payment and asked Psaki, “How can you square that with the National Guard troops, who were sleeping in parking garages … some of them got sick from having contaminated food. That’s a disparity a lot of people are pointing out. That our National Guard was treated one way and then the illegal immigrants are going to be put in hotel rooms.

Psaki, of course, said that when they became aware of the conditions, the President addressed the situation right away. Watch her try to defend the indefensible in the clip below.

Does she really believe she’s fooling anyone?