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‘Taliban Workplace Accident’: 30 Fighters Killed in Bomb-Making Class Mishap

Reminiscing about the life of his friend Rush Limbaugh on Tucker Carlson’s program, Mark Steyn who often guest-hosted for Limbaugh said that he liked to include several stories that appeared to be unimportant, “yet there was some little aspect of it that reflected on the grand comedy of life.”

When Steyn filled in for Rush the day before his death, this particular story. which Steyn calls a “Taliban Workplace Accident,” was on the schedule.

Here’s the brief story as told by The Defense Post:

Thirty Taliban militants were killed when a bomb exploded during a bomb-making class at a mosque in Afghanistan’s Balkh province.

Six of the dead were foreigners who were “expert mine makers,” The Khaama Press News Agency reported, citing military officials.

The mosque is situated in a village in Dowlatabad district, where the group had gathered to be trained in making bombs and improvised explosive devices (IED).

A representative of the Afghan Army’s 209th Shaheen Corps said in a statement Saturday that only 24 bodies of the deceased, who were from Afghanistan, have been identified.

The Taliban often use IEDs to target government and foreign forces in the war-torn country. Thousands of civilians have also been killed as “collateral damage.”


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