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Ted Cruz: Biden Sent DC Political Operative to Block Lawmakers’ Cameras During Border Visit [Video]

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During his interview with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Fox News Sunday, anti-Trumper Chris Wallace comes to the realization that the Biden Administration is less transparent than the Trump Administration. I posted about this here.

The video posted below by Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, proves that Wallace was right.

Last week, a delegation of 18 senators, led by Cruz, traveled to the southwest U.S. border to witness the severity of the crisis.

As lawmakers toured the Donna, Texas Customs and Border Patrol facility, several of them tried to take photographs and videos for the American people to see, especially because the Biden Administration will not allow members of the press inside.

According to Cruz, “Biden sent a political operative from DC to block our cameras and even threatened another senator to obstruct legitimate congressional oversight.”

In the video, this operative is telling Cruz to “please give dignity to the people.”

To his credit, he is not having it. As Cruz speaks, this woman keeps repeating, “please give dignity to the people, please respect the people, the rules.” She tells him, “This is not a zoo.”

Cruz questions her. “So, you work for the Commissioner. You’re a senior adviser. You were hired two weeks ago and you were instructed to ask us to not have any pictures taken here because the political leadership at DHS does not want the American people to know it.”

“You keep standing in front of the pictures, so you don’t want the pictures taken. The rules are arbitrary and they’re designed to keep the American people in the dark.”

“Is this dignify and respect? Look at these people. There’s a pandemic. Let me ask you. There’s a pandemic. Is this respecting the rights of these kids?”

“You’re right. This is a dangerous place. And your policies, unfortunately, are trying to hide them. I understand you were instructed when 18 senators came down here…”

“I respect them and I want to fix this situation and the administration you’re working for is responsible for these conditions.”

“And I ask you to respect the people as well. This is not respect. This is not respect.”

In a post about this video, Powerline’s John Hinderaker told readers: “The Biden party line – that no one should take pictures of people suffering in Biden’s cages in order to ‘respect their dignity’ would be funny if it were not so sad. Let’s recall all the times when the Democrats tried to suppress pictures and videos of problems at the border during the Trump administration in order to respect the dignity of the illegal immigrants. Oh, yeah…never mind.”

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