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The Mexican Cartels Have Evolved Over the Last Decade; Border Crisis Deniers Near to Hear the Grim Reality

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Political analyst Robert Reich, a former Clinton Administration Cabinet secretary, wrote an article which surprisingly spent the day at the top of RealClearPolitcs’ trending list. The piece is entitled, “Republicans are fabricating the border crisis.” He writes: “Republicans are outraged — outraged! — at the surge of migrants on the southern border.”

After mocking the reactions of several prominent Republicans, Reich declares, “In fact, there’s no surge of migrants at the border. … The ‘surge’ has been fabricated by Republicans in order to stoke fear.”

A little further down the list was an article about AOC’s viral rebuke of anyone calling the surge at our southern border, a surge. “She tells us: “Anyone who is using the term ‘surge’ around you consciously is trying to invoke a militaristic frame. … This is not a surge. These are children and they are not insurgents.”

On Thursday, she continues even further down denial river and says: “What is happening here is not the same as what happened during the Trump administration, where they took babies out of the arms of their mothers.”

Both clips can be viewed below.

She might be surprised to hear that an infant was flung from a boat into the Rio Grande this week, and men were photographed tossing two toddlers, aged three and five, over the border wall and abandoned.

In the meantime, neither our feeble President Joe Biden (it still pains me to write that), nor his heir apparent, will admit that a crisis exists.

Fox News contributor Lara Logan, who is deeply familiar with the disaster unfolding on our southwest border, joined Sean Hannity on Wednesday night to inject some sanity into the conversation. Her remarks provide a glimpse into what’s happening on the other side of the border. This is the reality. (The segment can be viewed here.)

Logan finds Ocasio-Cortez’ remarks disturbing and fundamentally dishonest and she believes it’s meant to distract from “the real national security threat” at the border. Logan told Hannity:

Starting in around 2006, that was when the cartels in Mexico really transitioned from drug cartels … into an actual insurgency. If AOC knew anything about the history of Mexico and the cartels – at all – she wouldn’t throw that language around. Because there was a real insurgency in Mexico when President Calderón declared the war on drugs and war on the cartels. And in 2009, they [the cartels] transitioned to terrorism and that’s what they’ve been using ever since. That was when Los Zetas, a faction of the Gulf cartel, they broke off and established their own cartel. And one of the first things that they did, Sean, is massacre 72 illegal immigrants who were in a stash house in Mexico. And the next thing they did was kill over 300 Mexican civilians in the Allende Massacre. And the next great flashpoint that the U.S. failed to pay attention to was in 2015 when a new cartel, Jalisco New Generation, shot a Mexican military helicopter out of the sky.

These organizations have gone from drug organizations to insurgents to terrorists and they are now a parallel shadow government in Mexico. They’re the ones calling the shots and what you observe on the border is these cartels do not fear the U.S. government and they do not have to fear the Mexican government because they are calling the shots in Mexico…

They’re pushing as many people across as they want. It’s unbelievable numbers. You can call it whatever you like, but when four or five rafts are coming across at the same time and they are packed with people, and the smugglers are telling everyone hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, and they’re yelling out to people on the U.S. side that they’ve got 50 more, 100 more they’ve got to get back and that includes 23-day-old babies. You’ve got agents holding back because they don’t want these cartels to toss these kids into the river and kill them which is what they’ll do in a heartbeat. You’ve got agents who’ve rescued women who are being raped…

You’ve got kids with no shoes, many of them have never seen a doctor in their lives, some of them don’t even speak Spanish. They’ve come through a COVID hot spot.

And Sean, the numbers that we’re talking about, those are just the apprehensions, those aren’t the gotaways. Over 34,000 gotaways in the last month alone. Those are people who have just vanished, gone.

People have been coming across with little cards, and they have a routing number, an account number written there and that’s what the cartels were giving them to make sure that they get paid. One thing you can be sure of Sean, they will get paid. Now they have wristbands with a number that corresponds to a data base in Mexico. And they know everything about you. They can track you and they will hunt you down if you don’t pay them. They’ll cut their hearts out and eat them while they’re alive Sean. That’s the kind of thing they do. Cut their hearts out and eat it – and laugh – on tape.

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  1. It’s a sickening situation in so many respects, and all the more so in that it could have easily been avoided.

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