There are Two Reasons Why Democrats Claim ID Requirement for Mail-in Voting Is Racist; Neither is Admirable

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Every politician, journalist and CEO who makes the claim that it’s racist for a state to require an ID from mail-in voters must answer the following question: HOW is it racist?

Affordability is not an option because most, if not all, states provide free photo IDs for any resident who requires one. So, what is the reason?

Do they believe that blacks and other minorities aren’t smart enough to figure out how to obtain an ID?

The position that requiring an ID in order to cast an absentee ballot is too onerous or too complicated for blacks and other minority groups to navigate is itself racist.

Am I wrong? Then please explain why I’m wrong.

The second, and far more likely reason, is that an ID requirement makes it more difficult to commit voter fraud. Each eligible voter receives one vote. Ineligible voters receive zero votes.

The provision of a state issued number on a ballot limits that voter to one vote, rather than two or more votes.

Many of us recall a video recorded late on Election Night at State Farm Arena in Fulton County, Georgia. After most of the poll workers had been dismissed for the night, a small group of workers are seen pulling cases of ballots out from under a table (with a floor-length tablecloth). This video went viral in early December.

Attempts by Democrats to debunk this video failed, but unfortunately, the issue faded from the news before it was ever resolved.

“At that time, Georgia State Republican Chairman David Shafer and President Donald Trump had filed a criminal complaint in state court regarding tens of thousands of votes that they say were fraudulent.

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway published a list of those problematic votes:

Trump and Shafer allege, for example, that votes came from:

  • 2,560 felons,
  • 66,247 underage registrants,
  • 2,423 people who were not on the state’s voter rolls,
  • 4,926 voters who had registered in another state after they registered in Georgia, making them ineligible,
  • 395 people who cast votes in another state for the same election,
  • 15,700 voters who had filed national change of address forms without re-registering,
  • 40,279 people who had moved counties without re-registering,
  • 1,043 people who claimed the physical impossibility of a P.O. Box as their address,
  • 98 people who registered after the deadline, and, among others,
  • 10,315 people who were deceased on election day (8,718 of whom had been registered as dead before their votes were accepted).”

Biden won the state of Georgia by just under 12,000 votes. It’s not crazy to think that, had voter ID laws been in place and/or not broken, that President Trump may have prevailed.

Issues over who was eligible to vote, and more importantly, who was not, arose in all of the swing states after the election.

Did these issues affect the final outcome of the National election? Very possibly.

For as long as the debate over voter-ID has persisted, Democrats have labeled those of us who believe every voter must show an ID as racists.

This week, the CEO of Delta Airlines offered his opinion on this issue. On Friday afternoon, American Airlines weighed in. Can we expect to hear from the CEO of United later today?

These men seem to think their opinion matters. If they feel the need to involve themselves in this debate, they too, should be asked to explain.

It’s not enough to declare that voter-ID laws are racist. The question is how are they racist?

And the answer boils down to one of two possibilities. Either they doubt the intelligence or the initiative of minority voters or because voter ID laws limit fraud. I am strongly convinced it’s the latter.

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  1. Oh, exactly. I think James O’Keefe (Project Veritas) should send a black person to an airport to board a flight without an ID. It would make for an entertaining video! It’s gone over the top. … Happy Easter Bill!

    • Rigged Elections behind closed doors

      The reason elections are supposed to be held on one day with a paper ballot is so elections can be observed with a valid paper trail for a recount. An election without a paper ballot is not worth the paper it is not written on.

      Those who steal elections design election systems to make sure the election can be stolen without being observed.

      Electronics are inserted into the voting process because electronics enable numbers to be changed on the fly without a paper trail.

      Electronic voting systems are used because software can be changed in an instant without any physical record so no one can observe the software change. Example: 2016 Iowa Caucus

      Electronic voting machines are used because people cannot observe what is going on inside an election machine. Voting machines were invented for the purpose of stealing elections.

      Early voting is used because an election carried out 24 hours a day for a week before election day cannot be observed.

      Mail in voting is used because what happens behind closed doors cannot be observed.

      Internet voting is used because what is done on the server behind closed doors cannot be observed.

      I remember when we had class elections in elementary school. We had a paper ballot and the election was observed by everyone. The paper ballots could be counted and recounted. Holding a free and fair election is easy.

      Holding a rigged election is difficult and complex. If you want to have rigged elections, you must make the election system as complicated as possible because otherwise the fraud will be obvious. Stealing elections is planned and legislated years in advance. They do this in plain sight. If they wanted to have free and fair elections, we would have an election system that would make it impossible to steal elections. But that would be too easy.

      You do not have to be a Sherlock Holmes to figure this out. It is not rocket science.

      Why do you think half the voters do not waste their time voting in these rigged charades called elections?
      Maryland 20-20 Watch

      • I’m keeping my fingers crossed that something comes out of the Arizona audit. It is far different than just recounting the ballots. I know Biden will still remain in the White House, but it would be great to show a discrepancy.

  2. Both reasons are intricately related. They call anything “Racist” that they want to stop. That’s why they shut down any questions about how it’s racist. They know it’s not but the charge of “Racist! Racist!” is their excuse for everything.

    Sadly, good and decent people are moved by that charge without asking if it is even remotely true It isn’t true. Unless you citizens start asking WHY, they’re never get to the second reason.

    • Last week, you may have heard about Rita Hart, the Democratic candidate for the IA-02 seat who lost by 6 votes after a month of recounts. She should have gone through the Iowa court system to appeal the decision, but instead went to the House Administrative Committee to have the election overturned. Nancy Pelosi supported her. Hart was trying to effectively steal the seat and Pelosi thought it was a great idea…Anyway, Republicans and the conservative media made such a fuss about it that Hart gave up her fight last week blaming it on disinformation from the right…But that shows that when Republicans don’t back down and keep putting it out there again and again, it has an effect…Having learned that, we need to keep doing it. Just keep getting into their faces with the truth. Or we’ll lose the country. That’s not hyperbole, unfortunately.

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