Thief Finds Out Fast What the Owner of the Car He’s Stealing Does for a Living

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The moral of the following story has to be, if you plan on stealing a car, you must first conduct due diligence. At a minimum, find out who owns the car.

In this case, the would be car thief found out the hard way that the SUV he was in the process of stealing belonged to UFC mixed martial artist Derrick Lewis. He is nicknamed “The Beast” for a reason.

Lewis was predictably angry as he approached his vehicle and realized what was happening. According to The Daily Caller, Lewis’ caption on an instagram post which has since been deleted read: “Mofo pick right/wrong car to break into. HE’S OK.”

After the incident, Lewis told ESPN’s Ariel Helwani that he knocked the man out.

In the video below, the suspect is seen being led to a police car with a bandaged head. It’s miraculous that he is still walking after his encounter with the UFC champ.

The camera shows a a large scratch on the driver’s side of the car.

Then it pans to Lewis, who tells a reporter, “Motha***** tried to break into my sh**.”

Just how dangerous is Derrick Lewis?

According to a February ESPN article, after Lewis had KO’d rival Curtis Blaydes in what the author calls the “biggest UFC main event upset in 5 years,” he was tied with “Vitor Belfort with the most knockouts in UFC history (12). Lewis also is now tied for the second-most wins in UFC heavyweight history (16) with Frank Mir. Andrei Arlovski is the all-time UFC heavyweight wins leader, with 19.”

The video below shows a series of Lewis’ top finishes so far.

This punk is lucky that Lewis had enough restraint to just knock him out.

Will he think twice the next time he decides to steal a car?

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    Knocking out crime, one punk at a time.

    Dudes lucky Mr. Beast didn’t try out a few of those submission holds instead…..while he waited for the police. (20 minutes with your joints bent the wrong way would REALLY suck…ya know?)
    And, hopefully, the trash talk that comes with that variety of ass whoopin’ might convince the criminal to seek out a different vocation.
    (I was a wrestler in school. …I liked to talk to them while I kicked their butts)

    Thanks for sharing the laugh.

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