Throngs of Supporters Showed Up to Welcome Biden at First Stop of ‘Help is Here’ Tour


No, not really.

Biden arrived in Chester, Pennsylvania on Tuesday for the first stop on his “Help is Here” cross country tour to promote his $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief plan. In the video below, a group of approximately 30-40 supporters are shown waiting for the President’s arrival.

Inexplicably, The New York Times’ Jonathan Martin reports that Democrats believe this stimulus package is going to be so “transformational” for so many Americans that even Republicans and Independents will flock to Democratic candidates in 2022.

Martin argues:

Triumphant over the signing of their far-reaching $1.9 trillion stimulus package, Democrats are now starting to angle for a major political payoff that would defy history: Picking up House and Senate seats in the 2022 midterm elections, even though the party in power usually loses in the midterms.

Democratic leaders are making one of the biggest electoral bets in years — that the stimulus will be so transformational for Americans across party lines and demographic groups that Democrats will be able to wield it as a political weapon next year in elections against Republicans, who voted en masse against the package.

Martin writes that Democrats are a bit worried because of their party’s results in the 2010 midterms. Prior to the election, they held the presidency and both chambers of Congress, as they do today. The Obama Administration had rammed through a $787 billion stimulus plan and Obamacare. Consequently, Democrats lost 63 seats and their majority in the House. While they still held the majority in the Senate, they lost six seats. The loss of control in the House prevented them from enacting the rest of their agenda – fortunately.

Anyway, it appears that Democrats have taken the wrong lesson from their 2010 experience and they’re moving full-steam ahead. Martin tells his readers that, “It has become an article of faith in the party that Obama’s presidency was diminished because his two signature accomplishments, the stimulus bill and the Affordable Care Act, were not expansive enough and their pitch to the public on the benefits of both measures was lacking. By this logic, Democrats began losing elections and the full control of the government, until now, because of their initial compromises with Republicans and insufficient salesmanship.”

Recently, Martin notes, President Biden discussed the 2009 Recovery Act with House Democrats and said, “We didn’t adequately explain what we had done. Barack was so modest, he didn’t want to take, as he said, a ‘victory lap.’ ”

If you say so Joe.

Americans understood precisely what they had done in both cases and didn’t like it. And Barack Obama was not exactly a shrinking violet. He also had a stable of surrogates who were happy to shill on his behalf.

I hope Democrats do run on it. Most voters won’t see it as they do. Americans aren’t going to be so happy to learn they’re now on the hook for the financial mismanagement of Democrat-run cities and states and union pension funds. Moreover, much of the spending from this boondoggle of a plan won’t even begin until 2022 or later.

Democrats, perhaps knowing they may lose (at least) the House next year, want to ram through as much of their agenda as they can before the midterms. They can still do a lot of damage without control of Congress.

If the scant showing of support in Chester, PA is any indication for their excitement over the relief plan, I’d say that Jonathan Martin is likely wrong and they may not want to remind people of this misguided, one party, piece of legislation in 2022.

Read Martin’s article here.

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2 thoughts on “Throngs of Supporters Showed Up to Welcome Biden at First Stop of ‘Help is Here’ Tour”

  1. ‘Low information voters’ always need to be spoon-fed rationale for anything that the Party undertakes.

    I’ll say I am impressed that the Dems were able to conjure up such a creative excuse for having to sell the current bailout – ‘Barry O. was too modest to pat himself on the back and that’s why we lost midterms then, so we’re going to do a roadshow to make sure we inform everyone how absolutely wonderful we are now.’ Just Wow. Congenital liars on steroids.

    What I remember most about Barry O. (and his modesty) was the American Apology tour (he didn’t appear to be too modest to tell the world what he thought American faults were) and his anti-Christian rhetoric; the ‘America is no longer a Christian nation’ statement, his direction to NASA to forget space and focus on Muslim outreach and who could forget his admission to Jorge Fraudanopolois about his Muslim roots? Oh yea, and lets not forget those modest ‘mom jeans’. Even today, he hasn’t lost it…now he lives in a modest mansion in Martha’s Vineyard.

    Okay, okay, I’ve always wondered. Who is Martha and does she make any wines from her vineyard?

  2. Biden panderers will soon realize there is NO MORE MONEY coming from the Communist regime, just higher taxes, higher prices on everything we purchase, FOOD , GAS, ETC… and NO JOBS. Once this FACT settles into THE HEADS OF so many who cannot seem to read, write, think, walk and chew gum at the same time, will be enraged at…. White People and the Republican Party in general. We should initiate an ‘IGNORANT & STUPID’ TAX.

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