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Tucker Carlson Reveals Democrats’ Biggest Fear: The “Other”

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson shined the light on the left’s biggest fear in his Thursday night opening monologue.

Absolutely everything upsets liberals, agitates them, and inflames their allergies. Nature itself is a terrifying experience for liberals because they can’t control it. It has all these sex differences and climate fluctuations. They’ll pass you on their bicycle, sporting their little paper obedience masks, struggling to breathe from oxygen deprivation, yet feeling virtuous and protected. And, of course, judging you for not wearing the uniform.

There’s nothing rational about that behavior, but you shouldn’t be surprised by it. Modern liberalism is not a coherent worldview, it’s a deeply unhappy, high-strung personality type. Wokeness is what you get when people are miserable inside.”

“When you’re a liberal, the world is a very scary place, but there is one fear that rises above all other fears in the liberal mind: The fear of ‘the other.’ Like all primitive cultures, modern liberalism is tribal. Liberals understand most of the American continent as a mysterious dark space, like a medieval map populated by drooling Trump voters and violent illiterates with extra chromosomes.

Liberals despise people like this, of course, and on some level, they know they’re hated right back. They worry that someday there will be a backlash against the people in charge, which, of course, is them. That’s their biggest fear, a peasant revolt.

In my eyes and in the eyes of many Trump supporters, the Democrats did not win the power they hold.

Although they act pretty comfortable with their newly found power, perhaps they haven’t fully convinced themselves that they came by it legitimately which is why they’re so worried it could be torn from them at any moment.

As they move forward with their plans, they know they must keep one eye on us, the peasants.

How far can we be pushed? Is there a point at which we will rise up against them? Knowing that many of us are armed, they have to worry about that.

Which may be why gun control is next on their agenda.

March 4 came and went…

So what happened? We didn’t see a single person insurrecting at the Capitol or anywhere else in the United States.

It was all just another lie, not so different from when they told us we would need troops to protect Joe Biden’s inauguration. Then, they said we would need soldiers to keep QAnon away from the impeachment trial. Then, there was today’s hysteria. Next, there will be something else. Capitol Police are now saying they will need soldiers in Washington for at least two more months.

The troops will never leave. As you probably figured out by now, the troops are in the Capitol for political reasons. They’re there to prop up the regime. If this were happening in Cameroon, our State Department would complain about it, call it “an offense against democracy.” But because it’s happening here in America, we have been slow to catch on.

This is very strange behavior for a democracy. In a democracy, leaders are supposed to rule with the consent of the governed. You would think that might have occurred to some people on Capitol Hill. If we’re this afraid of American voters, maybe something’s wrong. Maybe we’re not doing a very good job. Maybe we ought to shut up for a second and listen to the complaints of the people whose lives we control. Maybe then we wouldn’t need razor wire around the Capitol.

Apparently, no one in Washington has thought of this. Instead, they’ve convinced themselves that the only Americans who have a problem with the way things are currently going must have been brainwashed by QAnon.

Carlson tells viewers about a CBS News “60 Minutes” interview with QAnon’s spiritual leader, the fellow seen inside the Capitol building on Jan. 6 wearing the Viking horns. Carlson refers to him as “Chewbacca Guy.” His real name is Jake Angeli. He is currently being held without bail.

He was asked if he understood that his “actions on January 6 were an attack on this country,”

JAKE ANGELI: Ma’am, my actions were not an attack on this country. That is incorrect. That is inaccurate, entirely … I sang a song, and that’s a part of shamanism. It’s about creating positive vibrations in a sacred chamber. I also stopped people from stealing and vandalizing that sacred space, the Senate. I actually stopped somebody from stealing muffins out of the break room. I also said a prayer in that sacred chamber because it was my intention to bring divinity and to bring God back into the Senate.

The CBS correspondent then reminded him that, legally, he was “not allowed to be in what [he’s] calling the sacred chamber,” and asked if he considered himself a patriot.

ANGELI: That is the one very serious regret that I have, was believing that when we were waved in by police officers, that it was acceptable … I consider myself a lover of my country. I consider myself a believer in the Constitution. I consider myself a believer in truth and our founding principles. I consider myself a believer in God.

So, Chewbacca Guy sang a song, then he spread some good vibes, then he waved at the officers in the Capitol and they waved back. That is the kind of thing that can happen in a country where QAnon shamans are allowed to roam the streets.

Carlson then switches gears.

On MSNBC Wednesday, Joe Scarborough said, “We will get further and further away from this event, but it will never change the fact that Josh Hawley was responsible for these deaths that occurred on Capitol Hill, for this act of insurrection, the worst insurrection by domestic terrorists in U.S. history into our government.”

What did Josh Hawley do? Well, he voted, as senators sometimes do. It was amusing that this came from, of all people, Joe Scarborough. But it’s an age of irony. We’re used to it by now.

So, the peasants who support former President Donald Trump, Chewbacca Guy Jake Angeli, and Sen. Josh Hawley, the Republican senator from Missouri who doesn’t quite believe the election results and had hoped to verify them; we are all “the others.” It’s the great unwashed v. the liberal elite, the enlightened ones.

Watch the whole monologue.


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  1. No arms against “them.” It would take an inordinate amount of coordination and too many innocent lives as our last civil war proved. We bear arms today for personal and home security, and hunting to manage the animal populations for sustinance and the animals’ continuous health and provenance.
    Our foreign foes shudder at thought of millions of well armed Americans.
    The crazy commycrats have no fear. They’re just gaslighting to end the Second Amendment for one world order.
    Only their subjugates fire high powered weapons on innocent legislators and civilians.

  2. Yeah, maybe no. Tucker gets it right about 75% of the time…when he veers into populist rhetoric it can be a bit much. For example, this fear of “the other” is what libs hurl against everybody who they consider xenophobic in thought and action. He ended with the irony but it would have better to start with that point.

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