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Two Honest Aussies, and Now a Brit, Report What Our Own Media Will Not

Following President Joe Biden’s first primetime address to Americans on Thursday night, the conservative media pounced.

First, bloggers directed their criticism to the substance of the speech. Biden had cast blame on former President Donald Trump for his handling of the pandemic. He told Americans, “A year ago we were hit with a virus that was met with silence and spread unchecked. Denials for days, weeks, then months that led to more deaths, more infections, more stress, and more loneliness.”

Next, Biden claimed credit for the massive rollout of vaccinations, the plans for which had been put in place by the Trump Administration.

He even had the gall to tell us that if we behave, we might be allowed to get together with friends and family on the Fourth of July. Will anyone tell him we’ve been doing this for months?

Beyond the carefully prepared words he read from the teleprompter, conservative bloggers described the deadness in Biden’s eyes, the slowness of his gait and how quickly he appeared to tire by the end of the 20-minute talk.

The liberal media, on the other hand, praised the President:

The most cringeworthy response of all came from CNN’s S.E. Cupp:

Anyway, over the last week, I’ve posted two compelling monologues delivered separately by Sky News Australia anchors Alan Jones and Cory Bernardi. Both men delivered brutal, but accurate, assessments of Biden’s deteriorating cognitive abilities as well as his administration’s missteps. They each marveled at the U.S. media’s refusal to report on either issue.

This morning, Powerline’s Scott Johnson discovered another report, this one from the U.K.

In a post cleverly entitled, “But He Hasn’t Got Anything On,” Johnson writes that “the mainstream media are playing the part of the courtiers and townsfolk in ‘The emperor’s new clothes.’ Along comes historian and Spectator deputy editor Dominic Green to play the part of the little child in the Telegraph column “President Biden is crumbling before our eyes.”

Green’s article is hidden behind a paywall. I’ve printed a portion of it below:

Joe Biden’s decline has become so painful to see and so embarrassing to watch that it feels cruel to mention it. But it’s even more cruel that Biden’s team act as if it’s not happening, and most of America’s media look the other way.

On Thursday night, Biden marked the first anniversary of the Covid-19 shutdowns and his fiftieth day in the White House by giving the first televised address of his presidency. He hadn’t been seen in public for three days.

From the moment he wheezed up to the lectern and peered into the camera, you could tell Biden was on top form: croaky sentiment, sporadic belligerence, and only the occasional moment when he looked oddly distant and perplexed.

He got through twenty minutes, then tottered off without taking any questions. This is how low the bar now is for Biden. And we can see how hard Biden has to fight, and what a long run-up he requires, if he is to clear it.

We can see it in his struggle to follow the simple lines on his autocue, and in his bungling of the simplest ad-libs. We see it in the clips of his increasingly desperate handlers trying to block him from questions at his rare and carefully managed appearances before the cameras. Most of all, we see it in his eyes.

“What am I doing here?” Biden asked after fumbling his autocue lines in an address in Texas in late February. He reached for the cue cards that are now his constant companion. “I’m gonna lose track here.”

Biden’s supporters call him “gaffe-prone[.]” It’s true: he’s always thought with his mouth open. It’s also true that he bravely overcame a speech impediment in childhood, and that anxiety and age can cause a stutter to recur. But these aren’t gaffes or stutters.

Compare how he moves and sounds now to how he was a year ago, let alone five years ago. Biden looks and sounds frail. He seems visibly distressed at his inability to carry out the simplest requirements of office – and at a time when the requirements are simpler than usual.

Johnson notes that this article went viral in the U.K. on Friday.

If only we had an honest press. Instead, the U.S. media has aided and abetted a “Weekend at Bernie’s” presidency. And rather than being a comedy, it’s a national disgrace.

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  1. If You want an American lesson with entertainment: consider the 1972 (directors cut) “1776” musical. It’s not entirely historically correct. Yet in flavor, characters, American resolve; very just and entertaining.
    Want to feel Patriotic? Watch it. We are right now for the umpteenth time…
    From someone who has studied biographies, visited burial places and several of the Founder’s homes, churches, and work places; do Yourself a favor and visit this movie.
    Other movies also entreat rare American heart. But will leave this one alone, with You, for now. Few have time or resolve to read the volumes of biographies, letters, laws written by our founding mothers and fathers. It’s okay to start with movies like this, “1776.” Our children and grandchildren know this movie well.
    Happy is the person steeped in Real American History. You can quote me on that…

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