VA High School Teacher Rebukes Student Who Refused to See Race in a Photo; Doesn’t End Well for the Teacher

Photo Credit: Image by Hatice EROL from Pixabay

A high school teacher held up a photograph of two girls standing back to back, one of whom was white and the other black. The caption on the photo asks, “What is race?”

He asks his students what they see in the picture. The exchange that follows took place in an advanced English classroom in the very affluent town of Ashburn, Virginia.  It was caught on video and published by Fox News.

One boy replies, “Just two people chillin’.”

“Right, just two people,” the teacher says. “Nothing more to that picture?”

“Nah, not really. Just two people chillin’.”

“I don’t believe that you believe that. I don’t believe that you look at this as just two people,” the teacher tells him.

“It truly is just two people though, is it not?”

“I think you’re being intentionally coy about what this is a picture of,” the teacher replies.

This continues and finally the student says, “I’m confused on what you would like me to speak on…”

I don’t think you are, I don’t know why you do this…You act as if there’s noting noticeable about this apart from the fact there are two people.”

“Well, I’m confused. Are you trying to get me to say that there are two different races in this picture?” the student asks.

“Yes, I am asking you to say that,” the teacher says.

“Well, at the end of the day, wouldn’t that just be feeding into the problem of looking at race instead of just acknowledging them as two normal people?”

“No, it’s not because you can’t look at the people and not acknowledge that there are racial differences, right?

“But, if we’re looking for equality within all this, then why would we need to point out things such as that?

“Because those differences are real things.”


My parent’s generation was very cognizant of race. But as each new generation followed, race gradually began to recede into the background.

When my own children were going through school in the 2000s and beyond, I can honestly say it wasn’t an issue, at least from our perspective.

America had made great strides toward equality and I can’t think of a country in the world that offered greater opportunities to blacks and other minority groups than the U.S. If I’m wrong, please enlighten me.

It was when Democrats decided to use race as a political weapon against former President Donald Trump, and ultimately against anyone who supported him, that it exploded as an issue.

And now everything is racist – from the books we read to our children to the pancake syrup we use.

The teacher in this video is the problem. ‘How can this boy not see what I see? He must be lying.’

‘One girl is white and one is black, see, see!’

Sorry $#&^$%#, he doesn’t see.

The racial divide in America was closing up until liberals took a chisel and pried it open again.

This is on them.

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  1. And yet, Darling Elizabeth, liberals helped found this new nation!
    As much as I love Rush (brilliant man) and poor Sean (talks over people and too repetitive) Hannity, modern liberals are pretty much hippies begging for attention.
    I’ve had an awakening to appreciative liberal arts, literature, music (ala Beethoven), architecture and even their honest behest for human rights. However, vulgar and sadistic images, rap crap, mixing genders, killing family and good religion for political gains is neither liberal nor conservative.
    It is simply evil. It is Marxism, phony science, fear, race baiting; super insecurity imposed upon liberal and conservative AMERICAN alike.
    Purge them! The idolaters of power over Liberty, Freedom and pursuers of Happiness.
    The bond between liberal and demoncrat has been broken.
    Conservatives show more love (albeit tough love sometimes) than hippies ever understand. Show love and support for honest liberals, birthed from the beginning of our nation. Loath and purge the commycrats that pretend a liberal mantel, simply using them to overthrow the greatest, most tolerant, most loving nation for one world government.
    And detest, purge the puke phony RINOs even more.

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