Will Biden Accept Xi Jinping’s Olive Branch or Will He Put America First?

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It appears that Chinese President Xi Jinping feels the chill.

Did it finally dawn on him that other countries got a little ruffled after China unleashed a pandemic on the world and then lied about it? They also got a little touchy when China sent an aircraft carrier task group and warplanes to simulate a siege on their mutual ally, Taiwan, in April and then forced an overhaul of Hong Kong’s electoral system. Perhaps they’re also upset about the human rights abuses against the Uyghurs and, of course, the theft of their valuable intellectual property.

And about a thousand other reasons.

Chinese state media outlet Xinhua News Agency reported that Xi would now like to project a “credible, lovable and respectable China” to the world.

In what the South China Morning Post called a “study session of the Politburo,” Xi told senior leaders the country needs to “make friends extensively, unite the majority and continuously expand its circle of friends with those who understand and are friendly to China.”

The Post acknowledges that “negative perceptions of China [are] at record high levels in many parts of the world” and says the Chinese President hopes “to repair the country’s coronavirus-hit image and win a battle of narratives with the US and its allies.”

The BBC reported that Xi called on the Communist Party news agencies to send the message that the government wanted “nothing but the Chinese people’s happiness and good fortune.”

The article noted that Xi’s remarks amount to a “rare admission of Beijing’s isolation.”

Perhaps the fact that the world has now opened their eyes to the lab leak theory has something to do with it. Because it may be impossible to ever prove that COVID originated from the lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology without China’s cooperation, their refusal to provide that information should prevent any country from trusting them again.

Does Xi believe that the world will instantly put aside the tremendous damage that China has caused in the last year and a half and the belligerence with which they have acted? Unfortunately, as far as the spineless, conflicted President Joe Biden is concerned, he may be right.

It will be hard to forget the defiant and cutting tone of the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian in the early months of the pandemic. Zhao was behind the conspiracy theory that the virus was brought to Wuhan by the U.S. Army when 300 soldiers traveled there in mid-October 2019 for the Military World Games. On March 12, 2020, Zhao sent the following tweet:

Or his sarcastic successor, Hua Chunying. Below, she taunts a State Department official on Twitter with a reference to George Floyd.

Or the unbelievably undiplomatic treatment of U.S. diplomats at the March meeting in Alaska by the Chinese Director of the Office of the Central Commission for Foreign Affairs Yang Jiechi.

Or top Chinese General Xu Qiliang’s refusal to acknowledge Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s three attempts to contact him in May.

The international friendships Xi claims to seek should only be possible after some form of amends. Perhaps some ownership of the pandemic, for starters.

However, some nations, dependent on China for trade, may accept his olive branch. Other nations, with weak, possibly compromised leaders like Joe Biden might also fall in line.

This is precisely the type of situation that many of us had feared prior to the election. We were concerned that his son’s, his brother James’ and possibly his own past business dealings with China would prevent him from putting America’s interests first, making him a national security risk.

Will Biden give China a pass? Unfortunately, he might.

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  1. What olive branch? Xi said China needs to prepare for a nuclear war with America. Over a COVID inspection.

  2. In what the South China Morning Post called a “study session of the Politburo,” Xi told senior leaders the country needs to “make friends extensively, unite the majority and continuously expand its circle of friends with those who understand and are friendly to China.”

    In other words, we need to update your education in deception and manipulation

  3. There’s no mention of an olive branch offered to Bidet. It talks of China re-gaining influence with nations that ARE NOT friendly with the US. The Chinese Communist Party remains a true enemy of the United States. The military alliance between the Chinese and the Russians is very dangerous, especially when America’s leadership is so very weak.

    I remain fearful for the future of my nation.

  4. Biden will do as he is told
    Nothing useful nothing bold

    Biden is just a place holder
    He’ll say what’s in the folder

    His lights are on but no one is home
    His brain is made from styrofoam

    • He’s a joke.
      I’m not blown’ smoke.

      It’s hard to believe that he’s the president.
      That he’s losing all his marbles is so evident.

      Jill Biden really wanted to be the First Lady of the land.
      She’ll soon realize the foundation’s made of sand.

      When the Maricopa audit turns up evidence
      Unwelcome litigation will certainly commence.


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